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Sono Bello Complaints & Reviews

Sono Bello - Maryland, California / Commercials

Vicki Grimm on 2016-05-24
Again, I am writing to tell you that you are traumatizing the public with your commercial in Ohio. We are sick and tired of this "Gabble-Gabble" woman being abused by her neighbor playing with her skin issues... I would never think about your company with the commercials and the...

Sono Bello - Florida, Orlando / My Surgery

Yelena G on 2016-05-09
I had liposaction surgery in Orlando clinic, in 2013y and had been treated five areas in two times between in one week. Both of surgery pass successful. I was happy! But later around ten month I start notice my upper abdomen start become as before, especially on left side... I told nurse about...

Sono Bello / Face Lifts

LindyNJ on 2016-04-14
I have been following the TV ads for SonoBello and I am amazed at their "facelifts". I have no idea how long these "facelifts" will last but I recently had a full facelift with a reputable Board Certified Plastic surgeon. It was extremely painful and took six months to really totally heal...

Sono Bello - Pennsylvania, King of Prussia / 56 hundred worth of useless procedure

Micki Al's Daughter on 2016-03-15
when I went for a free consultation, I was told I had to have all 4 procedures done as they did not want to waste their time with me coming back a second time..I also had to order a body suite...I wanted to order it myself as I could get it direct from the company, but they lied and said...

Sono Bello - Arizona, Phoenix / Liposuction - Disappointed and Disfigurement

Walesca on 2016-02-24
2-3 years ago, I visit Sonobello facility at Scottsdale for a procedure. The worked areas was the following; hip, upper abs, lower abs. I get disappointed after I saw the 6-12 months results. Dr. Devine was the doctor that work in the areas mentioned above and my complaint is; he...

Sono Bello / Lower Abs and Hip laser lipo

Reviewer82413 on 2016-02-16
Garfield Heights Ohio office. I am in day 4 after procedure and have already contacted Personal Injury lawyers. Wish I had found this site before doing procedure. They rush you through the sign up and into surgery. Paperwork says that the garment is to be worn no later than Day 3. They...

Sono Bello - Oregon, Portland / Unethical Medical Misrepresentation and Behavior

Reviewer10014 on 2016-02-14
On October 11, 2014, I had laser surgery done at Sonobello by Dr. Alexander Sobel in the Portland, Oregon office. I paid $5000 cash for the procedure to be completed on three areas that included my stomach and left and right lower abdomen. I was also assured that if I was not happy with...

Sono Bello - Oregon, Portland / laser liposuction

Reviewer64200 on 2016-02-06
I had my upper and lower stomach done my love handles and my arms done paid $7, 000 for it they told me it will take at least a year to see results a year later did not see no result at all so I went back they said they could only do a little more on my stomach so I had another surgery...

Sono Bello - California, Beverly Hills / Liposuction to upper and lower abs, waist, hips, bra rolls

Reviewer38470 on 2016-02-05
Beware about Sono Bello Beverly Hills! False advertisement, I was told $1295.00 per area over phone when scheduled a consultation. Consultation was done by Ashley Agahi who is a secretary not a doctor, she pressured me to pay now and book the liposuction. I didn't get to pick a Dr. They...

Sono Bello / I still look the same or worse

Reviewer14011 on 2015-12-23
Had my procedure done in may 2015, i also got checked by a male dr. And on my day of surgery, it was a woman, i dont have a problem with that but i only received i follow up and never heard from them again. No phone call or nothing, after the six months passed, i started to receive email...

Sono Bello - Arizona, Scottsdale / Doctor would not perform service

Lisa1313 on 2015-09-15
I went in for my procedure Monday, having been checked through pre-op by the Dr. who was going to perform my procedure. My Blood pressure was low as it always is, and was during the pre-op check in. Doctor arrived, looked at the BP, stated he could not perform procedure. I wa...

Sonobello.com / Their advertisement about consultation was fake

DupaSzara on 2015-08-07
People, be careful with the company www.sonobello.com. I filled the form for free consultation, but the company turned to be very unprofessional and dishonest. I came to so-called free consultation, but the staff asked to pay the half sum for the procedure in advance and they told me that...

Sono Bello / It did not work for me

S. Evans on 2015-01-05
My overall experience with the staff was a pleasant and professional one. I have no complaints when in comes to the customer service they provide. However, there are a couple of concerns that I do have. 1. I am very new to this process, and was not quite sure the questions to ask. I was clear...

Sono Bello Body Contour - Georgia, Atlanta / I came to their office, but it was closed and no one appeared

Safur on 2014-04-18
I want to warn all people that the company Sono Bello Body Contour is total scam. I made the appointment and came at the estimated day, but their office was shut. No lights, no cars. I dialled the number, which was indicated in my email, but of course no one replied. After 30 minutes I saw...

Sono Bello - Florida, orlando / sono bello care

Hawkeye 007 on 2014-02-01
Sono Bello It has been one of the most uncomfortable experiences in my life. The after care was terrible. I never did get a call from the doctor to enquire as to how I was doing. Even my dentist does that! I found that the facility had an unprofessional assembly line atmosphere. My love...

Sonobello / disfigurement

Tanya Gall on 2014-01-29
It has been two years since I was at Sonobello. The last time I was there I was upset because the doctor disfigured my sides and I am still having side effects. I was told that I was still in recovery mode and to give my body time to heal. Well I have and now I cannot where a bikini top...

Sono Bello / I paid thousand for nothing

Jisseke on 2012-08-30
I visited Sono Bello a little over a year ago to discuss laser liposuction for my trouble areas. Everyone was friendly and eager to please however; like so many other complaints I have read, the office manager who handled my consultation was a mirror image of a Barbie doll who told me...

Sono Bello - Utah, Murrary / Bad results; unprofessional service

Daphne Moon on 2012-04-15
I had my procedure six months ago. The recovery was horrible. I was told that most people could go to work the next day. I could barely move for a week. They also say there would be a little bruising. I was bruised from my knees to my ribs. I had my legs, hips and lower stomach done. The...

Sono Bello - Arizona, Scottsdale / malpractice

Faye Bond on 2012-01-24
First, the doctor I chose when I booked what was supposed to be 'Smart Lipo' was not the doctor that was there to perform it. The front desk girls assured me he was good. Then they were running behind schedule because the girl before me was having a bad reaction to the drug...

Sonobello Murray Utah - Utah, Murray / procedure gone bad

Tbonnema on 2011-11-03
Aug 24, 2011 – Jun 7, 2011. by by visions at Citysearch. 1 Year out Sono Bello - Murray. So it's been a year since I had my procedure ! @ 6 months office followup. I was very happy but I still had a lot of swelling I figured going through winter and see how it goes another 6...

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