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Intoxalock Complaints & Reviews

Intoxalock - Texas, San Antonio / Ignition interlock

Karis Huot on 2016-04-03
The customer service representative verbally abused me and refused to help. He told me I had poor reading comprehension and should blame myself for not reordering my calibration in time, since I had not due to an expired lease. My lease was supposed to be 12 months but expired after 11...

Intoxalock - Iowa, Des Moines / Interlock device (legacy) 2016

Robert Sytsma on 2016-02-17
Date: Feb 17th 2016 Client#342346 Driving home from installation of product by interlock installer... Device had to be blown into to start, , then 5 minutes later rolling re=blow, then less than 10 minutes 2nd blow/exhale, then a 3rd one before coming home after only going 9 miles away...

Intoxalock / Intoxalock

Reviewer69544 on 2016-01-16
From the moment this device was installed My life has been in danger. It's definitely less dangerous to drink and drive than it is to use this device. However, if you try to have it taken out early, they tell you they will charge you for the whole year because it's in the contract. If you...

Intoxalock - Kansas, Wichita / Interlock device (NEVER USE)

Reviewer93387 on 2016-01-04
Worst Interlock device ever. First off, they had me install a camera, when my state never designated one. This included 3 hug wires hanging everywhere in my car, with a camera glued under your review mirror, along with the largest interlock device i've ever seen. This thing drains your...

Intoxalock / Causing Engine Problems

jessgr on 2015-12-31
I recently had the Intoxalock system installed in my 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis. My car ran fine until about a week after having it installed. First, it drained my battery because I was waiting for the state to issue my limited license. I decided that was my fault as I had it installed too...

Intoxalock / Incorrect Readings- Money Gauging- No communication available!

Reviewer24342 on 2015-10-04
10-01-15 This device went into some mode telling me I was about to be locked out in 4 days. I have not had a drink in 8 months and I never use the device after just eating ... I even started skipping mouthwash simply because this thing cannot be trusted. After having the device installed...

Intoxalock / Bad customer service problems with intoxalock

Gloria Roman on 2015-08-19
I had the intoxalock device five months every time I called for anything it was an hour wait on the phone I payed monthly the service plus u have to pay $20 every time you get the calibration service fee they don't tell you that so I payed $67.99 every time it was time for my...

Intoxalock / Theives!

Reviewer77757 on 2015-08-18
I had this installed on to my daughter's car voluntarily as a safety measure for her. It was installed one month ago and she has been stuck on the road numerous times due to the unit DRAINING the battery. The other day, she had to pay $100 to get the car jumped. This is a new car! When I...

Intoxalock / Bad business practices

Angry customer916 on 2014-09-05
The process and cost of installing a intoxalock is horrible. From installers, customer service reps, sales reps and Intoxalock company itself. Why is that once you have your intoxalock installed the company itself can't send your paper work to DMV automatically? When we get our car...

Intoxalock - Wisconsin, Merrillan / do not sign the agreement

sickjewelry on 2013-07-17
I totally agree with the person that wrote about someone being killed due to a "Rolling Blow" There were many times that I merged into traffic while blowing into it. It is even worse when you're driving in the snow & it does a "Rolling Blow" I would go into a panic mode :( When I wa...

Intoxalock Device - Wisconsin / Rolling Requests

Todski1968 on 2011-08-27
I was driving my vehicle the other day and I usually put the device box on the console between the drivers seat and the passenger seat. Well, I was driving my vehicle down the road when suddenly it wanted me to do a rolling request. I reached for the device box and I dropped it. My light...

CTS Intoxalock - Wyoming, Casper / Failed reading no alcohol on breath

chancem78 on 2011-05-09
I was driving to pick up my daughter from school and had to complete a rolling test, while providing this test it had said failed. Prior to providing the test I had put a pinch of Cope in and it had failed. I do believe that this had something to do with the fail. I redid the test with/out...

Intoxalock - Iowa, Des Moines / Hidden Fees

On Aug.30th 2010 an Intoxalock device was installed in my vehicle. Today is Dec.12th. Since the first day of installtion I have had 5 of the devices installed in my vehicle. I pay a leasing fee of $65 dollars each month and each time they send me a new device they expect me to pay aprox...

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