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Dollar Tree Complaints & Reviews

Dollar Tree - New Jersey, Clifton / Rude and unprofessional behavior of the supervisor, Diane of Dollar Tree, #4666, 34 Main Ave., Clifton, NJ 07014

Woodrow S. Carmona on 2016-05-26
At about 8:20 PM, Thursday, May 26, 2016 at the Dollar Tree store #4666, Clifton, NJ, my wife and I were shopping were acosted by the supervisor Diane, an older female and she started yelling at the my wife who has physically disabled. My wife decided not to buy a certain item and left...

Dollar Tree / An employee at the Dollar Tree

Hovermary7@mail on 2016-05-16
I use to go to the dollar tree in Palo Cedro, Ca, 96073 Store #4797 in tell your employee name Angela R. She is so rude I have been in the store when she is the only one in front and ask her for help she told me "There is nothing that can help my old and fat ass" I haven't been...

Dollar Tree / Employees

SamStar on 2016-05-07
I had been into that store many times and all the cashiers and even the manager were very rude. The only reason I go there because it is the closest store to my house, and every time I go there I think it is probably only this cashier who's rude, but it keeps on happening every time...

Dollar Tree - New York, Rensselaer / 600 Northgreenbush store

sherry 7866 on 2016-04-01
I was at your East greenbush store near Wal marts on the First of April was not very Happy about how Donna had treated and older lady...the lady had told her EBT and she talked down to this lady. I turned around so i would not be rude to this lady and making her feel like a heel. When the...

Dollar Tree - South Carolina, Myrtle Beach / Unethical Behavior

WJo on 2016-04-01
This happened on sat afternoon march 26th. There was two cashiers and the store manager. Both cashiers had a line of customers when the phone started ringing. It kept ringing, like no one could answer it. The store manager yelled across the store telling the cashiers to answer the phone...

Dollar Tree - Indiana, Indianapolis / Poor customer service from leadership

dt27 on 2016-03-31
on 3/22/16 at 11:32 am I went into store # 4822 located 5926 e 10th street Indianapolis, in 46219-5404 Attempting to purchase items, candy, and wrapping paper for Easter baskets there were around 8-10 employees working the floors and conversing amongst each other. After proceeding to check out...

Dollar Tree - Florida, Longwood / Rudeness/ Lying/unethical behavior.,

Joel Kane on 2016-03-29
My wife and I went to Store # 5994 at 872 Longwood, Florida at 7:30 0n 3/28/16. We bought 2 cards which came out to $1.07 in Cash. She piid with a $10 bill and 7 cents. She started talking to the clerk who was also a Redhead. In the process no change was given. We then went over to the...

Dollar Tree / Mgr on duty

Reviewer69326 on 2016-02-26
I was at the dollar tree on alexis and lewis on feb 23, 2016 in toledo oh and their phone # is 419-478-7295 with my mother-in-law and children in which there was a mgr on duty that i have never seen before she had all of her tattoos showing as well as an open shirt with her chest hanging...

Dollar Tree / Poor professionalism from DM'S and managers

Reviewer27595 on 2016-02-22
I work for dollar tree for 4yrs already. Let me tell you, when/where I applied was the best yr there and fun and exciting. They decided to transfer me to a store with a store manager I didn't want to and now I'm miserable. The only reason why I've put up all these yrs is cause I have a...

Dollar Tree - California, El Monte / Register clerk

Hate$tree on 2016-02-21
As a former manager of Dollar Tree on McHenry Illinois I was trained to treat my customers with the upmost respect. However Dollar Tree in El Monte California on Valley and Garvey show no such skill whatsoever. I was standing outside with my small little Chiwawa and I had to run inside to...

Dollar Tree - Maryland, Baltimore / Store Condition-Management

Roland Moskal on 2016-02-18
Store # 2219 - 8659 Philadelphia RD in Baltimore County Maryland- My Trace # 182129/00269819 This is not the first Dollar Tree I've shopped at but it is by far the worst. In short - it is a disaster! Not one aisle ( NOT ONE AISLE) is straight...everywhere that there can be products thrown all...

Dollar Tree / Employee

Reviewer29895 on 2016-02-16
I have a complaint to report involving a employee from the Brookings SD dollar tree. I understand that there are kids in and out of the store making messes and running around. I know I am not the only parent with kids that do run with excitement to the toy aisle. Myself & my husband and...

Dollar Tree - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / My employment

Reviewer31329 on 2016-02-11
I have been an associate and assistant manager of the Jacaranda 4850 store since 2013. I have never had a problem, except that a cashier got rude with a customer and wanted to fight the customer. The manager and myself intervened, while the manager took the cashier to her office I took...

Dollar Tree - Nevada, Las Vegas / customer service

lindseyinlasvegas on 2016-02-06
The dollar tree off lake mead and Simmons the cashier was extremely rude had only one and there at least 20 people in line. Another employee cut in front of me in line. And I complained to security when I entered the store about the man asking for money in front if there store he didn't even respond to me. I will never go back to that store.

Dollar Tree / Unethical Behavior and abuse towards employees.

Reviewer98850 on 2016-01-01
Itzamar Gonzales 9567391543 To whom it might concern, I'm notifying you the unethical behavior, abuse of authority, the abuse of making employees go to work without being clock in. Evidently Mr. Trinity is aware and hasn't taking any actions. Unfortunately, I have been present where thi...

Dollar Tree - Mississippi, Vicksburg / Store Manager very rude and loud with associates

Mary_59 on 2015-12-26
12 -23-15 as I was picking up a few stocking stuffers in the toy area of the store I could hear the store manager hollering at one of her associates, I was not shocked because that lady is ALWAYS loud talking her associates and her managers. I think that's why no one has been employed...

Dollar Tree - California, Inglewood / Manager

Reviewer19587 on 2015-12-17
I went to the store just to buy a few things like stocking stuffers and gift bags, liquid detergent, things of that nature. When all of a sudden a man appears and grabs my bags from my hand, and proceeds to take them to the counter and says to me are you paying cash or credit, and I wa...

Deals - Illinois, Oak Lawn / Abusive Management

Reviewer38313 on 2015-12-13
I was shopping in the Deals store at 10550 S Cicero Ave store 3500. I was having a very friendly conversation with the cashier Patti. When I witnessed the most deplorable humiliating and degrading conversation I have ever heard in public between a member of management and an employee. The...

Dollar Tree - Michigan, Hazel Park / Unethical behavior

calebmerritt89 on 2015-12-09
This passed Saturday (December 5th) I was working the mid shift at Dollar tree. I am a cashier, and my shift was from 12:30 to 5:30. My boss(Store Manager Norma Collins) made a false accusation toward my work performance, and I disagreed with her. Now keep in mind she has gotten almost...

Dollar Tree / About another employee

shaniquabriscoe on 2015-12-07
I have been working at dollar tree since june 30 and I have been haven problems the asst. manager dustie Shaffer she has cursed at me around other customers and has made threats that she gone to write me up for picking heavy things up because I'm pregnant and telling customers the...

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