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Dollar Tree Complaints & Reviews

Dollar Tree - Nevada, Las Vegas / customer service

lindseyinlasvegas on 2016-02-06
The dollar tree off lake mead and Simmons the cashier was extremely rude had only one and there at least 20 people in line. Another employee cut in front of me in line. And I complained to security when I entered the store about the man asking for money in front if there store he didn't even respond to me. I will never go back to that store.

Dollar Tree / Unethical Behavior and abuse towards employees.

Reviewer98850 on 2016-01-01
Itzamar Gonzales 9567391543 To whom it might concern, I'm notifying you the unethical behavior, abuse of authority, the abuse of making employees go to work without being clock in. Evidently Mr. Trinity is aware and hasn't taking any actions. Unfortunately, I have been present where thi...

Dollar Tree - Mississippi, Vicksburg / Store Manager very rude and loud with associates

Mary_59 on 2015-12-26
12 -23-15 as I was picking up a few stocking stuffers in the toy area of the store I could hear the store manager hollering at one of her associates, I was not shocked because that lady is ALWAYS loud talking her associates and her managers. I think that's why no one has been employed...

Dollar Tree - California, Inglewood / Manager

Reviewer19587 on 2015-12-17
I went to the store just to buy a few things like stocking stuffers and gift bags, liquid detergent, things of that nature. When all of a sudden a man appears and grabs my bags from my hand, and proceeds to take them to the counter and says to me are you paying cash or credit, and I wa...

Deals - Illinois, Oak Lawn / Abusive Management

Reviewer38313 on 2015-12-13
I was shopping in the Deals store at 10550 S Cicero Ave store 3500. I was having a very friendly conversation with the cashier Patti. When I witnessed the most deplorable humiliating and degrading conversation I have ever heard in public between a member of management and an employee. The...

Dollar Tree - Michigan, Hazel Park / Unethical behavior

calebmerritt89 on 2015-12-09
This passed Saturday (December 5th) I was working the mid shift at Dollar tree. I am a cashier, and my shift was from 12:30 to 5:30. My boss(Store Manager Norma Collins) made a false accusation toward my work performance, and I disagreed with her. Now keep in mind she has gotten almost...

Dollar Tree / About another employee

shaniquabriscoe on 2015-12-07
I have been working at dollar tree since june 30 and I have been haven problems the asst. manager dustie Shaffer she has cursed at me around other customers and has made threats that she gone to write me up for picking heavy things up because I'm pregnant and telling customers the...

Dollartree - California, Sacramento / Unethical behavior

Reviewer79820 on 2015-11-30
Customer service is not what it use to be...I'm a customer and this was my second time going to this dollar tree on my side town. I usually go to the one on Northgate. I was at the check out counter when Chris said I could only use 4 of my 5 coupon which had no limit. He said it wa...

Dollar Tree - Texas, Amarillo / Disrespectful Employees

Reviewer63029 on 2015-11-25
I am Christy Suttle, 806.440.5225 and I shopped in the Dollar Store on Coulter Ave. in Amarillo, Texas 79109 yesterday, November 24, 2015. On walking in to the store to retrieve a basket, I heard a cashier say, "I thought I get off at 2:30. I just looked at it wrong and I just knew I get...

Dollar Tree - Arkansas, Russellville / District Manager breaking policy

Reviewer33533 on 2015-11-15
If Dollar Tree is going to hold store personnel to crazy policy's. And fire them for first offense. Then there District Managers should be held to the same standers. There is a policy that new Assistant Managers have to go through and pass a 2 week training course. After they pass they can...

Dollar Tree - South Carolina, Aiken / Employee

Dicks on 2015-10-27
A guy that works at dollar tree in aiken sc, every time i see him he makes me feel very uncomfortable and im not the only customer he has hit on. I also talked to some employees who said he does the same to them.please fix this, i love shopping there but he is ruining my experience. Hes name is moses.

Dollar Tree - North Carolina, Plymouth / Complaint on an assistant manager, Dollar Tree Plymouth NC

Samerian Davis on 2015-10-27
The manager that was on duty told me that there were too many coupons being used, and she explained that Andy was supposed to be coming because of this matter. She was just telling me about this matter on today 10/27/2015, and wrote me up on a matter that she claimed happened over a week...

Dollar Tree - Illinois, Chicago / Race and disabity Discrimination

Faith fay jones on 2015-10-16
I am a cashier at the dollar tree in Chicago ill on Howard and western wear the store manger is Timothy Powell is the store manger I have being complaining about race discrimination and discrimination against my disability sense the end of July I contacted the corporate office nothing wa...

Dollar Tree - Washington, Tacoma / Freight workers

Reviewer29178 on 2015-10-14
I hated working at the dollartree. they treat their employees. like trash; I wouldn't ever work for them, ever again.. they use people, like toilet paper. once they wipe their butts, they throw you away..My advice, to anyone who applies for them, save your energy, for a place, that doesn't use people, but truly wants you.

Dollar Tree - California, King City / Manager

concern coustomer on 2015-09-28
So I happened to go to the store and the employees were working. Their was one that was stocking the shelf's and the Manager ( Art) was their. I didn't hear the employee say anything bad just giving some suggestions about some items to the manager ( Art). Like wouldn't thi...

Dollar Tree - California, Fullerton / popcorn

Reviewer24815 on 2015-09-25
I bought some popcorn, on sept 18th, 2015 and when I opened the bag it was stale, when I looked at the date it said open before sept 5th, I took it back and was told since it was open they couldn't take it back So I went to the back of the store and they still had the same bags as mine...

Dollar Tree / Workers on personal phone while working

Reviewer83083 on 2015-09-08
You have workers on personal phones while working at store #2217. The store was dirty and very untidy. Plus the 2 workers there was outside and no none was mending the register open. We stood there a good time then I hollered out we needed someone at register and no one came and when they...

Dollar Tree - Indiana, Connersville / Short changed by Cashier, Refund due

Reviewer73849 on 2015-09-01
On September 1, 2015, approximately at 1:30, afternoon, I purchased a box of peppermint candy for $1.07 cents .I gave the cashier a twenty dollar bill. She counted out the change at thirteen dollars and 93 cents. I realized when I went out it should have been $18.93 cents. I went back in...

Dollar Tree - Michigan, muskegon / Assistant manager, Shantel Laskowski

review0882 on 2015-08-25
Dangerous employees The dollar tree hires people convicted of felony drug addicted and retail theft to work at the register. this lady doing methadone and weeds every day. I am scare when she get withdrawal distress. she kick the police last yr when she arrested. I heard she kick out PIZZA...

Dollar Tree - Texas, fort Worth / My Manager is rude.

Reviewer26405 on 2015-08-25
Two days ago on August 23rd of 2015, I asked my manager a question for one customer and then she answered with the worst attitude. Then the second customer had a return and she came up behind me, pushed me and loudly and rudely said MOVE. In front of customers. I just moved aside and wa...

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