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Albertsons Complaints & Reviews

Albertsons - Louisiana, Baton Rouge / Seafood manager

Reviewer76064 on 2015-10-29
Every time I come to the seafood dept. The woman manager always ignore customers and instruct her co-workers to get the customers and to me that's a poor example of being a leader. She needs to be removed with someone who's more into helping customers and her co-workers

Albertsons On Flamingo / Bad meat more than once

Reviewer68228 on 2015-08-18
I've had to return meat at Albertsons 3 times already(milk as well). I'm not about to have to return meat they gave me last week in exchange for the bad meat the week b4. Why are stores allowed to sell bad meat time and time again? I can not be the only person that this happens to.They are close is only I have to go there. 8/18/15

Albertsons.com / They didn’t send info about the cakes

Umerr on 2015-07-02
We have ordered 5 cakes from the website www.albertsons.com. When we placed the order, we have chosen the service, where we could track the cakes. At the beginning, we tracked the order and everything was ok. But two days ago, we checked the tracking number and it showed completely...

Albertsons (fresh market) - Utah, West Valley City / Night Manager

Csaxton on 2013-09-03
I was grocery shopping in this albertsons which they now call fresh market here..and I was about to pay when I realized I forgot my wallet at home!! I live litterally 2 min away from the store so I went out to my car to check for my wallet not there..so I call into the store and say Im...

Albertsons Store #00928 - New Mexico, Albuquerque / Poor business practices/customer service

D Romero on 2013-01-09
Albertsons Store #00928 Lomas and Juan Tabo, Albuquerque, NM 87112 My complaint is not about a specific person but about: Misleading ads, relabeling meat with extended expiration date after expires & recent promotion of pots and pans. Misleading Ads: Recently you had coupons for Oroweat...

Albertsons / My sister's employment

Pat Moyer on 2011-12-14
My sister I look up to her, she is 7 years older than I am. She works at Albertson's and she barely gets enough money to pay her bills. Her shopping day is Wednesday and she shops at Kmart every Wednesday. She has to go around the store looking for sale items. That is bad enough...

Albertsons / Rotten Ham

kimert on 2011-08-31
Alberton’s, Washington, Utah…I bought a ham at Alberton’s and when I opened it, it was rancid. I took it back as asked for my money back…if fact I would have been okay with a store credit, but NO..I had to have a receipt. I expect my groceries to be fresh and...

Albertsons - Texas, Midland / cheating wife

mike ortega on 2011-06-01
wife was hitting on yong employee and called complaint in they basically laughed at me shes manager in service deli manager covered her lieing ass they suk wont ever shop there again female employee so much for being family store with morals fuk them ill hate uall 4 ever were getting...

Albertsons - Montana, Cut Bank / Fraud-Scan guarntee

ob12 on 2011-04-04
I do my food shopping reguarly at the cut bank Alberstons because it is the "ONLY" food store within 40 miles of where I live.I have rarely had any indifference with the store, except for their high prices, or their personel except for today.I was at the register and I had bought several...

Albertsons / They don't care

Upsetevenmore on 2011-01-31
I recently bought a bag of shredded cheese at Albertsons supermarket in Durango, Colorado. As I was cooking dinner for my family and opened the new bag of cheese I noticed it had a black stinking mass in the cheese. I almost threw up. It ruined our entire dinner as my wife and family were...

Albertsons / Dont shop

Lexi on 2011-01-27
If you shop at this Albertsons, don't go through Marilyn G. Line...she is a horrible person, and checker! My husband and I shopped there, she talked with her winey voice (I could smell alcohol on her breath) she would talk and talk and it took forever! I asked her where peanut butter...

Albertsons / Rude and noisy

JimH on 2011-01-25
The Port Angeles, WA Albertsons is a nightmare neighbor. They run the parking lot cleaning truck at ten pm on a weeknight. If not that then a snow or leaf blower. They allow noisy teenagers to hang out in the parking lot, playing very loud music. They allow delivery trucks to idle for long...

Albertsons / Cashier kept my change

Kim K on 2011-01-24
Last night I purchased one item from the deli and was owed $4 the cashier was so busy talking she neglected to give me my change, when I pointed that out to her she snapped "I laid it on the shelf" (used to write checks) which made no sense change is placed in the customers hand along with...

Albertsons / Bad service

Errot on
Parked a refrigerated trailer behind their store to warehouse more thanksgiving goods in. Reefer unit is way to loud, it actually vibrates my house everytime it comes on. Been there for 12 days now, Have called store manager twice, both times he promised something would be done right away...

Albertsons / Bad ham and management

Dale on
Alberton's, Washington, Utah...I bought a ham at Alberton's and when I opened it, it was rancid. I took it back as asked for my money back...if fact I would have been okay with a store credit, but NO..I had to have a receipt. I don't save my receipts, I expect my groceries to...

Albertsons Grocery - Florida, Venice / false advertising

I received my ad on Tuesday and they had great meat deals buy 1 get one so I decided to go to south Venice to buy my groceries which is 15 miles out of my way. I get there and yes they had buy 1 get one but they jacked up the price to 6.98 a pound (for chicken breast) if you purchased it...

Albertsons - California, Costa Mesa / Bad and slow service

I have been shopping on Albertsons store on Harbor str. for few months and every time I tell to myself that I will never go back. The service is just awful. No matter how busy the store is, they only have two cashiers working and most of the time they are the same people, an old lady and...

Albertsons / Seems like albertsons doesn't want me shopping there

I shop at the albertson on 720 3rd ave. in Chula Vista, Ca. store #is:06757. The store is now remodeled. Looks nice. Too bad you eliminated some products(liquid simmering incense annd stick incense) I now have to make a trip further out to K-Mart to finish my shopping. I was at albertson...

Albertsons, San diego, university & mississippi - California, San Diego / low deli quality

seafox on
Well, the Last stand Albertsons has reached a new LOW in its deli/hot food department. At 6:30 pm on a friday the hot food section which usually stocks an astounding 4 choices (sarcasm), hit a new low by having the entire racks cleaned out with the exeption of a few scraps of dried chicken...

Albertsons - Montana, Kalispell / rotten produce

I shopped there about a month ago and bought about 30$ worth of fruits and vegies. Within two days they were all rotten. E-mail the company, the manager called and made it all better. So I thought I'll give them another chance. So I bought a medium size container of strawberry'...

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