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Walmart Complaints & Reviews

WalMart / Straight Talk - Florida, Zephyrhills / Straight talk prepaid cards

mcbillyd on Aug 21, 2016
Went into Wal Mart and bought a 1500 minute card for $30 plus tax. Came home and scratched off the PIN # field, went to Straight Talk site and tried to activate my phone. It said this card is not compatible with your Smart Phone. Chatted on the site and the rep told me Wal Mart should...

Walmart - Florida, Jacksonville / Huggies little snugglers

Jbozeman82 on Aug 20, 2016
I bought a box little snuggler size 1 diapers and a case of huggies wipes.. The wipes are great we haven't had a problem with them. The diapers on the other hand everytime he goes number2 which is quite often seeing how she is breast feeding it blows out the sides .. I don't believe there...

Walmart - Texas, Dallas / Breakfast bowls

Cherrie Herron on Aug 20, 2016
You increased the price while you changed the shredded mild cheddar cheese to cheese spread/American Cheese which greatly altered the taste. The breakfast bowls no longer taste good. I am very disappointed because I ate them for breakfast every morning.

Walmart - Colorado, Fort Morgan / Hanes boy cut underwear

Marci Lynn on Aug 19, 2016
Your product is terrible I bought 8 pair pack of boy cut underwear and not 30 min of putting on a fresh washed pair and they are so loose and baggy as if you have cut out the good stretchy fabric that conforms to the body cheap terrible fabric that you use sucks it wont keep its shape and...

Walmart / Bad service

Robin987 on Aug 16, 2016
Ok we were in the check out line and my mom could not find one item on her list which was butane she asked the lady that was checking us out well come to found out she had to ask someone else, no problem well it was in with the camping stuff????odd ok anyway my mom or I could not make it...

Walmart - Kansas, Salina / Mainstays brand washcloths

wash cloths on Aug 12, 2016
I bought these mainstays brand cloths only to find out they repel moisture rather than absorb it. no matter what detergent or fabric softener I use or how often they're washed I still have the same problem and would never buy or recommend any mainstays products, the cloths are now used a...

Walmart - Arkansas, Bryant / Money Card

Cookbrit on Aug 9, 2016
Today, August 9th, I checked my statements online. On July 26, it stated I had 0.33. I added $297, on July 29th. After I added the money, it showed my balance to be $109.20. How is that possible?? I called customer service. I could barely understand the lady. She told me that the system...

Walmart - Georgia, Buford / Product protection plan.

cmickler on Aug 1, 2016
I purchased a Snapper lawn mower from Walmart in Buford Ga. on March 25, 2015 and bought a 3 year product service plan from them. This past July 27, 2016 the mower failed to start. I contacted the protection plan company, which is Asurion. They took my complaint on that day ; I also filled...

Walmart - Colorado, Longmont / SmartStyle

mr123zuniga on Jul 24, 2016
On Sunday July 24th I went to SmartStyle for a haircut and redeem a coupon for a $9.99 price haircut of my choice from bank receipt I got. At first I was told by cashier that the coupon was not being take at this time. Then she told me that the coupon was expired, and the coupon had no...

Walmart - Oregon, Medford / Cell Phone protection plan

Rena Mullins on Jul 20, 2016
I purchased the Walmart cell phone protection plan. My cell phone's screen cracked. I submitted a claim, then sent me a label for UPS and told me that as soon as they get notification from UPS that it was shipped back to them, that they would send an ecard. It was shipped on a Tuesday...

Walmart / Management abusing employees

Darren Barr/ Adriana Barr on Jul 18, 2016
Darren Barr 678-698-3120/ barr50@hotmail.com My name is Darren Barr. I am writing to you about my wife Adriana Barr. She is employed by Walmart at store #1314 in Buford Georgia. Adriana is Peruvian and speaks Spanish and English fluently. She is 1 of only a couple of cashiers that...

Walmart.com - Ohio, Dayton / customer service

Judy Williams on Jul 7, 2016
I called the walmart store in Dayton, Ohio. I was on the phone for almost 20 minutes waiting for customer service to pick up. I then hung up and called back and asked or customer service and the person who answered the phone.They said they would have to page them. I waited again for...

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. - Georgia, Kennesaw / Horrible Cashier Experience

Electronic Dudes on Jul 7, 2016
I visited the Walmart at 3015 Cobb Pkwy in Kennesaw Ga. As a small business owner and mother, alongside groceries I bought a number of boxes for shipping purchases; and I had my kids with me. As the cashier was checking out my items, she stopped when it came to my boxes and asked me if...

Walmart - Florida, Homestead / Online order - refund without notifying me

JessieJess on Jun 28, 2016
Sadly, I would never order anything online with Wal Mart again. I ordered a pool that could be picked up at the store because it was in stock (according to the website). It said that it would let me know when my order was ready for pick up. A couple hours later I received an email saying...

Walmart / online ordering

dairgilles on Jun 28, 2016
Moral of the following story - don’t order online from Walmart!--unless you don’t want the item. It won’t necessarily arrive when Walmart says. In fact, it may not arrive at all. And it will cost you time and aggravation to find out you’re not getting your item. That’s what happened to me...

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. - Indiana, Schererville / Texas steer steel toe boots

Kraig63 on Jun 23, 2016
Bought these shoes at wal mart. After 6 weeks the soles collapsed and injured my feet. I now need surgery. These shoes had labels affixed to them saying they meet or exceed OSHA standards. Ruined my career as I work on an assembly line. I'm thinking class action.

Walmart - Ontario, Belleville / Turtle beach headset

Catherine Ferguson on Jun 14, 2016
I purchased the walmart extended warranty for my headset and it broke within 8mths, i paid for the extra warranty, so i took the headset back to napanee walmart courtesy desk, she said sorry i cant help you, i asked why, she said i had to get a hold of the company for turtle beach, what, i...

Walmart - Tennessee, Smyrna / Extended warranties

Christopher Ruprecht on Jun 11, 2016
I bought an extended warranty from Wal-Mart when I purchased a phone from them. The phone is not working properly anymore. When I called in the warranty they informed me that I will be charged an additional fee. I spent good money for my warranty and this was not the agreement. Not happy...

Walmart - California, Riverside / Over charge on reciept and money not refunded

Misses Brown on Jun 11, 2016
I keep all my receipts do to government funding we look over all sale purchases made off card issued to us I realize that I have been charged double on two receipts from the same Walmart I took the receipt to Walmart and was told I can't get my money back because it was more than 7 days it...

Walmart - South Dakota, Yankton / Customer Service // Wrongful Accusations

Dr. Az on Jun 5, 2016
Okay, so it's getting about that time of the year which I'll be getting my nice little tax return, and I decide I want to purchase a laptop from Walmart since there's not another store in town besides them that actually sells the stuff. I told them 6 months beforehand, "Hey, these three...

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