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Walmart Complaints & Reviews

Walmart MoneyCard / Withholding money

Reviewer89513 on 2016-02-11
I made a return from an online purchase I made with the card, I returned item in store in person, walmart money card customer service told me that my card was blocked because they need proof I bought what was returned with said card which I did but was months ago and after the return I...

Walmart / swim bottoms

Reviewer76863 on 2016-02-10
i bought a bathing suit bottom piece from walmart and when i used it for the very first time in an indoor pool i realized something wasnt right when i was swimming and once in the shallow end i reached down to discover that i was hanging out of the front as the bottoms fell apart and i...

Walmart.com - California, San Bruno / Disappointed with Walmart service

Inese on 2016-02-02
I've tried to order something from Walmart two times and twice it become a real nightmare. Both times my orders were rejected for no reason. I contacted Walmart customer care and they refused to explain what was the reason. The first time they told that is was my bank who rejected my...

Walmart - Oregon, Coos Bay / Calorie Countdown 2% milk

Reviewer20302 on 2016-01-28
Walmart stopped carrying this product and no other store in my zip code area, 97420 Coos Bay Or has it .. No other stores in the area carry it either. We need this product back on the Walmart shelves please. It is unfair to give us a rare product and than take it away, this is bad business. Lois Williams

Walmart / Visa money card

Reviewer11349 on 2016-01-26
I bought my daughter a Walmart visa money card. and now the company wont let her activate it without her giving them her social security number. the people don't speak good English, and my daughter has been warned not to give out her social security number to anyone she don't...

Walmart - Montana, Bozeman / Tires

Jeff Cee on 2016-01-23
2016/01/23_Bozeman, MT 59715 i ordered tires from our local Walmart store. After the installation I checked the car and found where there were 2 points where the paint was chipped down to metal, one on drivers door, and one at right rear quarter panel at wheel well. These were...

Walmart.com - California, San Bruno / Stay away!

Smith on 2016-01-19
I purchased a TV from Walmart back in July 2015, and it is now January 2016! Like only 6 months passed and it is not working already! I try to turn in on, but it just doesn’t work. I even unplugged it and waited a few seconds and when I plugged it up again, some strange noise came from...

Walmart - Texas, Tomball / Toaster oven

Reviewer23917 on 2016-01-17
A product, a toaster oven, on the shelf at Walmart store in Tomball, TX was priced at 1 cent. It was a display item and there were no others like it in stock. There were 5 or 6 other brands priced the same way. There were no other toaster ovens on display the color and size I needed for my...

Walmart.com - California, San Bruno / Lousy service

Chezzz on 2016-01-14
I purchased something on December 11, 2015. It is now January 14, but I haven't received anything yet! I haven't even received a confirmation email that the item has shipped. I called Walmart many times and every time they promised to send me an email and my tracking number. But still...

Walmart - Georgia, Alpharetta / security managment and shift managment

tessashay1994 on 2016-01-11
On the night of January 9th around 9:30 at night I was at the WalMart on Windward Parkway in Alpharetta picking up diapers on the way home from work. While walking around I noticed a man following me and approached him asking that he stop and why in fact he was following me to begin with...

Walmart - Michigan, Bay City / Trs recovery services

Reviewer54608 on 2016-01-07
I was told by Wal-mart when I tried to go through the service department to exchange some curtains my wife got for Christmas because they are the wrong size. Couldn't find any in the same price range so I got more expensive ones and since I didn't have a receipt they asked for my DL and...

Walmart.com - California, San Bruno / Very strange!

Lisa on 2016-01-06
I purchased a ps3 and extra controller several months ago. I also paid extra money to have it delivered sooner. Few months passed and It did not arrive, so I contacted Walmart to see what was going on. I was told they had some problems, so I decided to give them some additional time. As an...

Walmart / Repeatedly denying purchase attempts

Reviewer58785 on 2016-01-06
I have had purchases declined numerous times. This is embarrassing. I have gone thru the prompts and addressed the last 5 purchase attempts, as instructed. The nice recording assures me this is for my protection, and my card is now good to go. After a couple of days of use, I start getting...

Walmart / Service

Reviewer61461 on 2016-01-04
I thought all businesses are to provide for the disabled. Older blind people must not be disabled, because the Walmart in Mt. Pocono PA only has motorized scooters. HAHA can you imagine a blind person with a scooter? It is like giving your car keys to them. Would you like to be in that...

Walmart.com - Arkansas, Bentonville / Gift Card

Reviewer87558 on 2015-12-29
Contact information: 702 Sw 8th St Bentonville, Arkansas United States walmart.com I received a Walmart Gift Card and made a small purchase on it. When I went to spend the balance, a few weeks later, I was advised by the Walmart website that my balance was redeemed in a Walmart in Houston...

Walmart Pharmacy / Service

Traci Rose on 2015-12-27
This location has the most professional and rude staff. Attempted to pick up monthly blood pressure Rx. Upon arrival I learned though i picked up another Rx last week they have no patient or insurance info on file for me. It seems they are not on line with the many Walmarts in Phoenix AND...

Walmart / Money Card (Green Dot Bank) - Impossible to register or use

Laurie Wood on 2015-12-23
My mother purchased a Walmart Visa Card for me for Christmas. I am sure she meant to get me a gift card, but she sent this instead. I tried to set it up online per the instructions. First the web registration form would not accept my address. It kept trying to give me a different town and...

Walmart - New Jersey, Clarksboro / Greeter

Reviewer84581 on 2015-12-23
At the Denver Walmart on Federal and Evans, on 12/22/15 around 3PM, I was actively harassed by the greeter, coming and going. She is a short ugly old woman, with longer-than-shoulder-length gray hair, around 5' 5", and an extraordinarily ugly face. I'm not complaining because...

Walmart.com - California, San Bruno / I'm very upset!

Sarah33 on 2015-12-21
Ordered two LEGO's on November 20. They promised my items to be delivered within two weeks. Today is December 21, but still nothing. I called them many times, yesterdays I left them 10 messages! But today I received an email stating my order was shipped out on November 21 and is delivered...

Walmart - New Mexico, Albuquerque / General complaints about prices and unsanitary conditions

Reviewer54850 on 2015-12-20
Firstly, I apologize for this being so long, but I want to tell you about how much Walmart lies and mistreats customers. I was WM's customer since 1972, but I don't go to them any more. I'm disabled and need store scooters, and WM usually doesn't have seating where we can wait for a...

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