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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. / Lawn mower

Rfrman on Dec 1, 2016
Store 301, I purchased a lawn mower in 2014 and in 2 years failed to start. I purchased the Walmart extended warranty with the item. The cashier told me if I have a problem with the mower to "bring it back to the store". I also read online about the warranty. "3-day Service Guaranteed, or your...

Walmart Canada, Carleton Place / Some rude cashiers, unbelievable in, carleton place ontario

badcashier on Nov 27, 2016
There are a few of rude cashiers at Walmart in Carleton Place, Ontario. I am so polite when conducting business and expect the same. Manners are important. Walmart must vet and monitor cashier customer treatment. Swearing and talking under one s breathe is common among some of the...

Walmart.com / Dyson v6 slim vacuum

maurosandrade on Nov 26, 2016
I purchased a Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum during Black Friday thru Walmart online store. I received a purchase confirmation within minutes after the purchase as well as an email telling me that the item would be ready for pickup at the store within the same day. The item was not...

Walmart / Do not apply at walmart as a cart pusher and do not work at walmart as a cart pusher

Rennard Cotton on Nov 24, 2016
Do not apply and work at Walmart as a cart pusher, because female customers lie on cart pushers!!! When you do customer carryout customers get smart and talk crazy on cart pushers.Female customers lie to store management about cart pushers harrassing them and the store management believe...

Walmart Branchburg, NJ / Falsely accused of stealing

ypl102 on Nov 22, 2016
I went in last night to return a battery charger in a Walmart plastic bag. Seeing there's line at the returns desk I went to walk around the store for 20 minutes to pick up any items I may need. I picked up 3 items. Initially just 2 items carrying them in my hand. Then I got tired and...

Walmart / Huggies diapers size 6

Waste of money 1 on Nov 17, 2016
Hi, I am complaining about your huggies size 6 diapers. I bought the mega box from Walmart about a month ago & some were fine then the rest the tabs on the sides were stuck to the diaper so badly you had to rip the diaper to pull the tab and this would rip the tab making for a usele...

Walmart / Product

Cindy59 on Nov 17, 2016
I shopped Walmart Groceries the other day in fact I am a frequent shopper but it's getting to where I am fixing to shop somewhere else for my groceries. The lack of products, the products are diminishing or being discontinued that I usually buy. Each time I shop I ask where a product is that...

Walmart / Lunchables

Mike Felts on Nov 11, 2016
Hi let me tell you what happened to me after buying a bunch of lunchables at our local walmart market not a complaint just wanted to let you know i got about a dozen or so lunchables last week and when i opened one to eat it i noticed there were no crackers I'm just glad the Oreo...

Walmart / Pepsi cola 2-liter bottles

Tammylynn Collins on Nov 2, 2016
I bought ( 6 ) 2 - Liter Bottles of pepsi products ( 3 ) Pepsi's ( 2 ) Mountain Dew's ( 1 ) Dr. Pepper from the Walmart near my house in Salisbury Md 21801 this is the only the 2nd time i have shopped there because i just moved to on October 1 2016 .the first time i shopped...

Walmart / the case of. coke that I purchased was flat in taste

Tammylynn Collins on Oct 26, 2016
I bought a case of coke for my sons birthday party and the whole case of can sodas were flat in taste no fizz at all . i am very disappointed Was wondering if you might be able to make this right I buy come products all the time but i have never had this happen and it was basically an...

Walmart Canada / Women's clothing

alicjapearls on Oct 21, 2016
Why you guys discontinued woman's clothing, that we customers where very happy about. It looks like walmart's fashion section for woman's it's going to die soon. Horrible colors. Only black, dark grey and dark brown, very, very few brighter colors. It use to be so nice to buy everything in...

Walmart / Pricing with tire bait and switch poor customer service

Ripped off Mike on Oct 19, 2016
I’m writing about a purchase i made at the walmart™ in elverson, pa. I always had a good experience at that store till this purchase I stop to check on prices of tires at a person at the tire department stated if you buy four you get one free. I stop back a few days later to make a...

Walmart / Never received order

Bilish on Oct 19, 2016
I have no idea why so many people like Walmart! Yes, there are a lot of interesting things there, prices are also great, but they also have terrible customer service and they are highly unprofessional. I heard a lot about Walmart and decided to try it. Since so many people ordered from thi...

Certagy / Walmart / Moneygram check denied

Melissa Campfield on Oct 17, 2016
You would think that a place that distributes moneygram would cash a check from moneygram. Wal-Mart even called to verify this was a legit check and still certagy denied it. I waisted time that I do not have for this and came back empty handed and embarrassed. Poor business and customer service.

Walmart Neighborhood Market / Employee hitting my car with the carts

Glinda Yount on Oct 6, 2016
10-05--2016 pulled into the parking lot seen a young man working for Walmart pushing a string of carts toward the front of the building. I seen him so I came to a complete stop. He just kept coming and hit by passenger front side with all the carts. Chipped the paint all he could say wa...

Walmart Vision Center / Eyeglass and contact exam

War Melissa on Oct 3, 2016
My daughter is 13. I took her to the Walmart vision center in Reidsville NC in May 2016 Dr J.E Hannon said that my Daughters vision was the same as it was in 2015. He gave her the same glasses and contact prescription as he did last year. It cost me close to $200 because her contacts were...

Walmart Money Card / Debit card

Kimberly Gayle Hall on Oct 1, 2016
My Walmart Debit Card was set to expire on September 30th, 2016 and knowing that I should have received another card before this card expired, I called several days before the expiration date. Every single time I called I got an individual that could barley speak English, which also...

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. / Old milwaukee beer — red cans

Beer Product on Sep 26, 2016
I have Asked over & Over for them to please stock Old Milwaukee Beer ( Red Can) at 2120 US Hwy. 92 Auburndale Fla. They did it for about 3 weeks then quit--This beer always sells out so I don't understand why they wont keep it in stock. I have asked a dozen or more times with NO results. Please help.

Walmart Equate / Shaving cream that imitates edge shave

danairozo992 on Sep 19, 2016
The cap malfunctioned and all the contents came oozing out...all over the place...Don't buy Equate Shave Gel with the orange top. Much better to go to Walgreens and spend a little more on a can of Gillette Foamy. I once had this problem with a can of Barbasol too...thinking it was a good deal...

Walmart / Android cell phone

Nasr Misak on Sep 16, 2016
Dear Sir, On 8-18-2016, I bought a new android cell phone from Walmart, Columbus, OH. The phone number is 614-441-3034, its serial number is 014 389 007 201 586 and its sim card number is 890 141 042 790 258 422 04. It was activated on the same day. After using it for awhile, a friend told...

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