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I recived a lotto winning check in the amount of $4, 875.00 from a company called Zenith Finacial & Trust, For DE-LOTTO AMERICAN SHOPPERS LOTTERY .That was " held on Sept 25th 2008 stateing that i had won in the total amount of $125.000.00 . BEWARE IT'S ALL FAKE! The first clue was I never enter lotto's, the second clue was no return address... Don't take just my word for it, read others commplaint


  • Ip
    Ipo Nov 30, 2010

    thanks for the info, i received a check in the amount of $4, 800.00 telling me it was to help pay for the taxes and the total $480, 220.00 will be sent once i contact Bob Stevens @ [protected]. I hope these people get caught.

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  • So
    sorror Nov 22, 2010

    There is not enough info.

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  • Au
    aurelia11 Sep 19, 2010

    I also received a check of $ 4875.00 by those criminals. I immediately noticed it could be a fraud; so I put it away. One year later, as I was cleaning, I found the fake check. Then, I took it to the bank and they said it was a fraud and that they were going to investigate these people. Thank God I ignored that check and I also took action by consulting with the bank. My advice to you people is to stay alert!

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  • To
    Tola Jul 07, 2009

    I received my check tonight, dated 05/04/2009, after driving over 50 miles to get this scam! I am so thankful that this information was available and would really like to see this person prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I would really like to know how they got my information! In times like these, this is just a terrible way to make people feel even worse about their prospective hardships! Thanks for the 'heads-up'

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  • Er
    Eriko Jul 06, 2009

    My elderly Japanese mother-in-law is one who fell deeply into such scams (that she has won a lottery )until she has to borrow a large sum of money to clear her credit card debt. I am frustrated and angry at the fact that the authority doesn't look into such con artists and I certainly wish to their unscrupulous activties be exposed once and for all so that others wouldn't fall into such traps tha make them lose their life savings and pensions.

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  • Th
    the treasure ace May 18, 2009

    I received a check a couple of weeks ago and it makes me wonder after reading the dates of some of these comments if this person will ever be caught. Also, i would really like to know if there will be a class action lawsuit. Can the victims of this scam really be compensated under the law? Is there someone out there who can answer this question for the victims? Thank you.

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  • Or
    Oregon Firewalls Apr 30, 2009

    I specialize in fraud prevention and information technology security. This is a Scam. It is called advanced-fee fraud.


    In this company's case - the BBB rated them a "F".

    They cycle names, banks and amounts, but the basics of the scam are the same.

    You get a check that is Non-Sufficient funds (NSF). You deposit said check. Bank holds it. You WT (wire transfer) $$ to them. Bank returns NSF check. You are out WT'd $$$, and the return check fee from your bank.


    If you need real information security services, you can hire us www.oregonfirewalls.com for managed security services.

    Thanks, and good luck everyone.

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  • Sa
    Saviour Apr 18, 2009

    I receive this letter today from Zenith Trust. I knew straight away that it was fake, whenever some stranger asks you to pay/deposit money there is something wrong. Just out of curiosity I called up the so called 'Agent' Annabell Martin, I thought it would be a lady and a guy answered, he did not even know proper English and put me on a fake hold, came back few seconds later and tole me to call him back once i have deposited the check. I asked him where he was located he told Wisconsin, I told him the latter says Texas, then he changed the tone telling me that's what he meant. I told him Wisconsin and Texas sound the same? I laughed my ### off and he put the phone down...don't fall for this garbage and stay away from such letters.

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  • Do
    DONT GET MAD, GET EVEN! Apr 07, 2009

    United States Postal Inspection Service
    CHICAGO IL [protected]

    Send copies to this address, they will go after them!

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  • Do
    DONT GET MAD, GET EVEN! Apr 07, 2009

    let the attorney put it in their escrow account like i did

    now the attorney is going after them for fraud

    it is a felony if the check is written over $1, 000

    when they send you lemons, send them lemonade! :)

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  • Pi
    PISSED OFF! Apr 07, 2009

    I gave the check to my bank. It bounced! Should have known right? BUT now they have my info.
    I had my attorney call these people, they hung up on her.
    Going to call the police in Canada to get these people STOPPED! and in Dallas! They seem to be everywhere!
    Don't see what the police will do about it though, they have other and better things to do right?


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  • Sa
    SAUNDRA THOMAS Mar 30, 2009

    I received a check in the mail for 4, 930.00 since I was employed in a bank for a number of years in the fraud department my antennas immediatelt went up. I called the number given in the letter and explained to the young that I had gotten this letter and gave him the claim number as he put me on hold I began to think about what I was taught going through fraud classes that if you win anything you do not have to send or pay anything to receive your winnings. The young man came back and congradulated me on my winnings and preceeded to tell me to deposit the check and call him back when I did. I told him before I would deposit the check I was going to my bank and have the check verified first. By the way the check was drawn on citibank south dakota P. O. Box 6500 Sious Falls, South dakota. The young man got real quiet. I also told him that people where being scammed out of their money and that I felt that this was a scambut I woulkd get back to him after I check thing out he had no rebuttal to what I said and bidded me a good day. THIS IS A SCAM AND I WILL BE TURNING MY CHECK AND LETTER OVER TO THE POLICE AND THE DA. BEWARE PEOPLE THESE ARE NOT HONEST PEOPLE.

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  • Le
    Lester Allen Sr Mar 30, 2009

    I received a letter today 3/30/09.. And I called and spoke with Larry Benson, I then Called and verified info with Key Bank, They have no Records of Zenith Financial And Trust, I then called back to Larry Benson and asked him about it, and he said do I believe him or the Bank and then Hung up.. Tried to call back and then got recorder..

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  • Ra
    randl Mar 30, 2009

    we just finished straightening out a short burst of credit card fraud... (our stolen card number used to purchase mostly junk and some itunes gift certificates.) all online. whew. that's done. now we get this in the mail... a check from zenith trust drawn on a citibank account (our charge card is citibank) for $4, 930.!!! huh?? so, we go directly to google. thanks everyone, for your testimonials. ... and by the way: y'know how the post office cancels the stamp on an envelope? they print across the stamp. sometimes with numbers or lines. sometimes with words. the canadian stamp on our envelope was cancelled with a post office message: "fraud - prevent it"

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  • Fi
    fight scammers Mar 26, 2009

    I got the same check, I contacted my local FBI office and was told to submit complaint through www.ic3.gov

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  • Da
    daisy Mar 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My dad received this check for $4970.00 which seemed very real, I called the number and a man who didnt speak very good english answered, wanted him to deposit check and call him once it was deposited so he can tell him when and where to pick up his $350k
    asked man if this was a scam then he hung up on me.

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  • Ti
    timson Mar 19, 2009

    wow lol i got this check to and it was $4930 but my dumb ### thought it was real b/c of a contest i enterd a while back and my dumb ### went to go cash it in my bank and if i find out who these ppl doing this ill ring there neck lol this is ### im a hard workin man workin for pay check to pay check and when i got this i was so happy and now to find out i was a scam really angers me but that gose to what my dad says aint nothin in this world free but salvation

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  • Sa
    Sarah Witter Mar 17, 2009

    Oh my gosh, what a horrible bunch of people, after my husband opened the "letter"(which I must say was horribly copied) I called the woman Annabelle Martins at the number provided and was summarily insulted and told to "open my mind to my winnings" and that "she totally understood the idea that I might feel like it was a scam" well after that very unprofessional conversation and her slip that I obviously had some of the credit cards or purchased product with my credit card from the stores listed on the letter I pretty much knew she was a liar and they were theives. I don't have credit cards... sooo I am calling the local scam busters and I believe I am going to push this as far as the legal system will allow. In these very trying economic times no one should be allowed to tamper with the emotions of any hard working American. Thanks for your website.

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  • No
    NotMyRealName Mar 16, 2009

    yeah this is a super scam, my "check" had VOID written on it in a very clever way of fine dots right b4 the date. now ill never get my $85, 000 boo hoo XD

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  • Bo
    Bob Mar 07, 2009

    I received a check from Zenith Finacial and Trust. I had won $125, 000.00 and the check was for $4, 875.00 to pay the taxes. I told my wife that I would call and if they want the money I would send them the check for the $4, 875. and they could send me back the change. The check was from a bank in MD. The bank name is Suntrust Bank Rockville MD. I found a Suntrust bank on line and sent them an email asking about the check. I think I'll send the check to the bank let them deal with it.

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  • De
    Debbie Whitlaw Mar 03, 2009

    Received mine today, thank goodness for the internet. And thanks for the posts. I hope this scam gets cleaned up soon...

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  • So
    Solangela Pena Feb 28, 2009

    How this scam works??? I received a letter today and Did not like it at all. It sound like money laundry..

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  • Sa
    Sandy Lemaster Feb 28, 2009

    I received basically the same letter today. Decided to check out names and addresses for Zenith Trust and Aetna Insurance. Couldn't find them at address on check or letter!! Looked for Canada zip code and found this site...THANK YOU ALL for rep0rting! I figured it was a scam, but not sure until this site!

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  • Be
    ben fasavalu Feb 26, 2009

    We (wife and I) received the same letter today (02/26/09) and my wife was so ecstatic she wanted to look in to it right away. We called the number and the mail box was full so, we got on the computer and googled it and lo and behold, we see all these comments and sure glad we did. How these criminals do this without getting caught is beyond me. They need to be taken to the cleaners. I'm turning this letter over to the post master and the police so they can go after these sick people...

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  • Ju
    Juanita Vasquez Feb 26, 2009

    I received a fake check from: Zenith Financial and Trust
    International Claim Dept.
    1885 Wilson Ave, Toronto ONT
    M9M 1A2

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  • Gi
    gigi Feb 26, 2009

    how can we all be so lucky? i m just wondering how they randomly choose the individuals that recieve this scam...
    addresses: 262 mckinnon st, ste 725, dallas, tx, 75201
    address:423 st agnes ave.agnicourt, ontario, m1s5j7

    telephone-[protected] or [protected]
    contact: nancy woods and promotions-richard moore

    beware and dont waste your time!

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  • El
    Elise Walton Feb 24, 2009


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  • Ni
    nino Feb 23, 2009

    yea i gotten a check for 4, 930 also and it said to call between 8am-6pm it was 7pm already so i said to myself let me call so i called and you know when something is closed its closed lol they end up answering the phone asking me to deposit the check in my account i never did but for anybody that has second guess on it let me tell you first u will owe the bank that you deposit it in the amount shown then the bank will charge you over charge fee then you will get locked up for money laundry and embesselment thats federal time so dont do it

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  • Th
    This SUX! Feb 23, 2009

    Yes we too got the check and unfortunately I wasted my time looking into it instead of going out into the rain and waiting for a bus only to ride it for two hours to get to school, late.
    However if you look real closely on the front of the check you too will see the mirage of letters that spells out "VOID". A quarter of the way down from the bank and business address as well as underneath the written amount of the check in words.
    This is some serious fraud because it's written on real check paper with real watermarks and real heat sensitive ink, this is such a shame.
    I wonder if it's some people that worked for banks that didn't receive any of the taxpayers monies and they're trying to get revenge. Or the usual scam artists of Africa or just some stolen checks.

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  • Su
    Susie Feb 22, 2009

    I just received the same letter and check. The only difference is my so called contact agent is Linda Robert.
    I immediately came to the internet to research and very glad I did. I will be taking my letter and check to the post office and report the fraud.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Evans Feb 20, 2009

    Yes, I too recieved a check for 4, 930.00 from Zenith Trust. And it was true I was a little excided, I showed it
    my wife and she said be careful this could be a scam.
    Anyway we went to clean the church, I told her when
    we get back I'm going to google this bank and yes it
    is a scam. Thank you all for your letters.

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  • As
    Asian gurl123 Feb 20, 2009

    I received the same thing lol I try to call the [protected] and claimed the money but they told me i have to pay. The FBI should investigate right away. I'm suppose to win $85, 000 and went to the bank and look like a fool. This is so wrong and the should get arrested!!!

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  • In
    intestinalfortitude Feb 19, 2009

    Today i wen't to the mail box to retrieve my mail, and after thumbing through the usual junk mail and bills, i came across a blank envelope with only my name, address and cancelled postage stamp on it (no return address). Suddenly i got a tremendous urge to take a dump. Rushing back to the house to get to the rest room i cast aside all of the expected mail and cradled this mysterious envelope in my hand as i dashed to the restroom, dropped my pants, and mounted the toilet. My physical relief was followed by an excited hope as i opened this letter that stated i had won $450, 000 dollars, and had an accompaning (authentic) check in the amount of $4950.00 dollars from Zenith Financial Services (drawn on a Plantation Federal bank business account)...as my head swirled between ambiguity and excitement i was filled with anxiety. But being confined to nature's process, i couldn't immediately confirm or dismiss this letter of hope. Having a little time on my hand, i attemped to find the catch that would signal this being the usual gimmick that informs you that you're only a finalist and will be "eligible" to recieve the grand prize "if"!!!...But to my sursprise, there was none. Only the vague mention of maybe having to use the check i recieved to pay some kind of taxes before i recieve the life changing portion of my winnings...that's all!!!
    Finally the chains of nature released me from it's bondage, i flushed, and in anticipation bolted from the restroom to inform my wife and kids (with a sorta sarcastic hope) that we may have won nearly a half million dollars, showed them the check for $4950.00 thinking if all else fails we have a check for 4950.00 for sure, which in these tough financial time would be a welcomed consolation. So, despite the fact that it was after the business hours stated in the letter, i Pick up my cell phone and called the contact number provided in the letter (it was 9:45pm EST/ 6:45 PST, some 45 mins. after the business hours provided in the letter), And after a recording prompted me to dial the extention provided, lo and behold a women answered saying that she was susan stover a claims agent, asked for my claim number, i read it back to her, she asked me to hold on until she pulls it up. After a brief pause she then comes back to the phone and says: "you'll have to call back tomorrow", that i "should be very happy" and good bye...???
    My daughter suggested that i go online and check it out, and so i did. needless to say, we found this site (thank god for the internet!, not that they would have gotten a dime out of me anyway! I'm way too cheap for that) and recieved the sobering truth through testamony after testamony from others on this site who may not have had the opportunity that i had as i sat on that toilet.
    Had i known when i sat there, i would have flushed it along with the rest of the sh#t! because it certainly wasn't worth even the effort to find out it was... :)

    THIS IS A SCAM FOLKS, AND IT'S NOT EVEN A SMOOTH ONE!!!...the people on the other end of the phone are way too stupid and unprofessional.

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  • Ma
    mafe Feb 18, 2009

    I just received the check over the weekend and thought it would be a scam. The thing is that I called the number listed on the letter and did not block it. Can they use my telephone number for something? What is the purpose of this scam? Now I am all nervous...

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  • Sa
    Safwat Salahieh Feb 17, 2009

    I also received a check for $4, 875.00 today check dated 02/09/2009. I emmidiatly contacted SunTrust Bank for verivecation of the account and they said that such an account does not exist and no such branch at the address given by these criminals. This is a fraud and these people needs to put behind bars. I hope that goverment official will go after these people and put in jail for a while. So they will be deterant for other devil minded to think twice before they attempt to rip-off people.


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  • Bo
    Bob Bilka Feb 17, 2009

    Received a fake check from Zenith Financial and Trust, 101 Krestel Dr. College ville, Pa. 19426.
    How can we put a stop to this and this guy arrested ?

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  • Ti
    Tired of Scam artists Feb 15, 2009

    I want to thank everyone who posted their comments. I too got a check the other day in the mail for 4, 930.00 and was told not to do anything until I called them to talk about the details. They said that the check was to be used for taxes on the winnings of 85, 000 dollars. I almost immediately came online to check out the validity and saw all the comments about this being a scam. I agree with everyone else...these people should be prosecuted!

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  • Co
    Concerned Feb 12, 2009

    I too received the much talked about check today from Zenith Financial Services, $3, 950.00 was the sum printed on there "Official Check"! I too was told in the verbage of the letter to conatct either Peter White or Sandy Stevens. Playing along with the scam I decided to call just to hear for myself the scam. It was defintely funny that he could not tell me his name in broken English until I gave him the so called winner's claim number. It's a true shame that there are people who look for the easy way out of earning an dollar. I hope whom ever is behind this is served there poetic justice!

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  • Af
    a friend Feb 10, 2009

    I RECEIVED A CHECK FOR 4, 875 IN THE MAIL TODAY 2-10-09 FOR THE SAME AS ALL THESE OTHER FOLKS, THEY SHOULF BE ARRESTED FOR SOME KIND OF MAIL FRAUD. The money was not to be deposited until you called this woman in Canada named LINDA ROBERT.After checking the internet, it all boiled down to a scam. Buyer beware!!!

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  • Je
    Jean Nelson Feb 07, 2009

    We recentley recieved a check from Zenith Financial And Trust in the amount of $4875.00. Mailed Jan.26, 2009 for a so called drawing held on Nov.25, 2008.I was told to deposite the check, and when it cleared to pay the government taxes by Western Union directley to the tax agent in CANADA!! There were never any funds in the account the check was written on, so my bank put a hold on the funds. The Claim/Disbursment Agent LINDA ROBERT said give it a few days, they would be there. I was then given the name, address and phone number of the "Tax Agent" DAVID WILLIAMS(Also in CANADA) He was polite but rather adament about sending the money IMMEDIATELY so I could recieve the remainder of my "Winnings."$120225.00 The check was sent back NO FUNDS AVAILABLE!!! I am out $7.00 for a returned check fee, but thankfully no more than that. Needless to say this is nothing more than a SCAM!! I advise anyone who recieves a letter like this to report it to your local post office as Mail Fraud. They can and will investigate and hopefully help put a stop to LEECHES like this!!! BE CAREFUL!!! Yours Helpfully, Jean Nelson

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