Zaxby'sthe service

Y Jan 08, 2020

I was basically hired at zaxby's and they called me in like 3 times to feel out paperwork every time I went the manager never had the paperwork, He always made me come back the next day still never had the paperwork, So he said that he would just contact and me tell me when i'm on the schedule then he will just have me fill out the paperwork, when I went in for work he almost slipped up and said he didn't even have my uniform or the paperwork, first off when I showed up he looked like he didn't actually expect me to show up. But anyways he said something about I didn't have the correct shoes to work they had to be non slip shoes which I totally understand but I know that wasn't the real issue so he sent me home said he would call me I never heard from him again after he got my money & my social security number

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