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Hi, I am a former employee at Zaxbys in Blytheviile Arkansas, and the things I see our General Manager(Stuart Mullins) do is not professional at all. He is not fit to be a manager at all, let alone a GM. He does things that we cannot or is not allowed to do such as 1)Taking about 20 breaks a day just to go out and sit in his car and smoke marijuana and the customers can smell it because of his cracked window. Also making drug sells. 2)Giving away free food everday to several people including his girlfriend and step children, family members, and letting most of the employees take food home when they clock out, something us employees are not allowed to do. I can't give my family free food so why is he allowed to so just because he is the GM? 3)Having sexual relationships with most if his employees, giving them more privileges than the rest of us. He took me home one night because my mom couldn't find her keys, we smoked some marijuana and then he asked me for my phone number. After about a week of talking to him he asked me to have sex with him, after I refused to do so my hours got cut from around 28 hours a week to around 12 hours a week. I know he is upset with me but if I lose my job or get terminated, I will get an attorney and NAACP to investigate Blytheville Arkansas Zaxbys and the unprofessional things thats going on here and I will be sueing for sexual harassment and discrimination against not wanting to be sexually involved with the GM. PS There are other employees that I have asked about the GM and they said he has also made sexual passes at them, touched their butts and that if they frown he apologizes and says it was an accident, something he has done to me.

May 11, 2020 3:58 pm

I meant to say current employee at Zaxbys, haven't been fired YET!

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May 12, 2020 6:37 pm

Omg ive heard anout him, my sisternlaw used to work there and she said he is very flirtatious and said he disgusts her, and also said he had multiple women coming up there fighting, and yes ive pulled up to get her a couple times and he was smoking in his car, cant say it was weed because i never got out but yea she disliked him a alot and quit and went to burger king


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