Zaxby'semployees kept looking around corner and grinning at me at drive through


Now I know why... I ordered 2 kitty grilled cheese, fries and chocolate milk for my 2 children. When I got home and opened the bags to serve my children I find that 1 of the dinners was fine but the other one only had 5 1/2 fries in the box and the grilled cheese had a bite taken from it!!! You could see the teeth marks in it!!! I have been going to this place 2-3 times per week for years, but tonight was the end for me!!! These employees knew what they were sending out that window, this is why the black guy was looking around the corner and grinning and why the young white girl that was at the window was trying to not laugh. This kind of service is just unacceptable!!! (if these uncaring employees will do this to food and send it out to their customers, there's no telling what they might put into the food... This is sickening!!!)

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