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Reviews and Complaints

Pep StoresPaxi Courier service

I would like to lodge a complaint against Pep in Welkom Goldfields Mall. Cashier: Shwaney Senakgomo

I visited Pep, 26 February 2020, to send a document to a business in Bloemfontein using the Paxi service.

I had a letter with me, showing the address of delivery. I did not know how this service works and asked the cashier if the parcel will get delivered to the business.

She said she will ask me the questions as we go along with the process. Firstly I had to pay the R99-95 for the 3 to 5 day delivery. Then she scanned the Paxi bag, my ID and requested my cell phone nr. After that she wanted the cell nr of the person receiving the parcel. I told her it was a Business, and showed her again the letter with the address on. I had to phone the business to get a private cell nr. Then she asked me which Pep in Bloemfontein I want to send in to. I don't know Bloemfontein. (I understood that the parcel will go to Pep and then send from there to the business). I had to google the closest Pep to the business.

After that they took the parcel and said that the person will receive a sms when the parcel arrives at Pep in Bloemfontein. I told her that a Business is not going to collect a parcel from Pep, this is not correct, we must reverse the transaction, the parcel must go to their offices.

This transaction was non refundable and I lost my money and they gave me the closed Paxi bag.

I suggest that the cashiers working at Pep obtain a better knowledge of how Paxi service works and communicate better with the public when asked questions.

I will never make use of this service again and had to send the parcel again with another courier service paying for the same parcel again.