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Youthology Eye SerumFake cream


This company is selling eye serum which is not working as expected and claims available on their website this is already experienced by many unfortunate customers.

I am also one of them, i ordered this product based on the lucrative ads, finally i found majority of the reviews as negative. Immediate i had thought for cancellation of the order and i did same. (I bought it on 15th Mar night through their website and on 16th March early morning i requested for cancellation). Customer care assured me we are forwarding and taking your cancellation request and will get processed within 24 hrs. To written communication evidences at the same moment i logged a cancellation request using their email support option, finally i received a response from support officer enclosed below which contains my cancellation request also: (How is possible to ship a product within 12 hours where as they are claiming on their website to ship in 1-2 weeks also i found that data from their website is getting downloaded manually and there is no automated system for invoicing or shipping which means if someone buy product late night from their website cannot be shipped next early morning till the time staff resume their duties! I got response from support team during my cancellation request that we are not able to see your data because data is not downloaded so far, also i have not received any order number from them after online purchase which is defeating purpose of cancellation and further communications. They are running complete scam and no body is taking initiative for closing their business. Please read the mail carefully and experience the pain here.

Dear Kapil,

We apologize for any inconvenience; unfortunately, we are unable to cancel your order as the package had already shipped out. If you wish to return the package upon receipt, for a refund of the purchase price, please contact customer service at [protected] to request a return authorization number and proper return instructions.

Thank you,

Juan Penaranda
Customer Service Specialist

From: Kapil Jain [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2009 8:13 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: Re: Thank you for your Youthology Research Institute Purchase!
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Please cancel my order with immediate effect. I have not received any order number. Please search with my email id [protected] and Name - Kapil Jain Address 150 Meadowlands Pkwy Secaucus NJ 07094
On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 11:06 PM, <[protected]> wrote:
Thank you for your Youthology Research Institute order.

Your order has been submitted and is being reviewed; if we have any questions about your order, we will contact you via e-mail for clarification.

Your order will typically ship within 7 - 10 days of receipt. If you have paid for RUSH Shipping, your order will be rushed shipped and the 7-10 days does not apply. If you have questions regarding your order, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at: [protected]

Or via phone toll-free at:


Thank you for your order and welcome to the Youthology Research Institute Family!

The Youthology Online Support Team


  • Ow
    owenbr Dec 23, 2010

    this is a scam -- this stuff is almost like a filler wax and rubs off when you try to apply makeup over it -- they shipped a second box, i tried to return it but they claim they will not accept a return the "subsequent shipment". going to file a dispute with my credit card.

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  • Mo
    Mongolian Apr 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work for the government ordered this product even though product is ok I totally disagree with the cant return if it is Auto shipped. So buyer beware as for the no returns for autoship I will pursue that further from inside of government to see if it can be stopped.

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  • Ke
    keiffer Apr 01, 2010

    yadyoo above is phoney, and works for the company. They pay people to make fake good claims, as they know the product is a scam.

    Advice to all, any company with "auto ship" is a scam... make that a red flag for the future. They would not need auto ship if the product actually worked.

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  • Ke
    keiffer Apr 01, 2010

    Contact the better business burea and make a complaint. You can get the autoship refunded... I did...

    This company is a complete fraud.

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  • Pa
    Patty Weihert Apr 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What a joke this company is and their product. I unfortunately ordered the product on 2/3, was charged $64.98 and then an additional $39.99 a week later. I called them and they said the product was actually over a hundred dollars, not the price that was advertised on TV. And by the way I had been charge for an additional automatic charge of $49.98 two weeks later as an automatic refill, I called the company and they told me they I can not cancel my product, since it already shipped and there is no refunds even if I return it. They will still be billing me $39.99 in addition, however offer me a $19.00 discount for my dissatisfaction. The product is the same as sudden change that you can buy at a pharmacy for $12.99. removes wrinkles for a few minutes. Do not try to cover with makeup, and it flakes back off...JUNK and rotten company!

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  • Ca
    cancelthecard Mar 25, 2010

    The simply and easiest way to stop being charged is call your cc company and report your card lost or stolen... It might be a little trouble at first but they cant take your money if they don't have a good cc number.. believe me i've had time were i fell pry to scammers and had to do this very same thing.. but in the end its worth it ...

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  • Ca
    Catalina Brede Feb 16, 2010

    I have been scammed by'Youthology since August, 2009. I have tried repeatedly to contact them by phone and they never answered after waiting an hour several times! One can't cancel this product without all of the 'planets being in alignment!

    I received an e-mail today saying Youthology was being shipped out on February 15, 2010 again! (They had already charged my credit card for half in February and the other half in March!) We are talking about $100 a shipment (for something I have no use for!)

    I finally got through to 'Nicky' and Courtney' at Youthology today, (February 16, 2010), but they made all kinds of lame excuses why I couldn't stop all future shipments of this product! I still have to call them when the product ARRIVES, in order to get a PARTIAL refund!

    This is so disconcerting! It is sad to think that there are companies like 'Youthology', that don't care about the consumer or being honest!

    I have wasted another hour of my time trying to get 'Youthology ' to quit 'dipping into my charge card'!


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  • Ya
    yady0612 Feb 05, 2010

    all of you guys are idiots...listen carefully to the things you are purchasing ask questions so that they could explain the offer i purchased this for my mother and she loved the prdct it really does work =] !! and as well online they clearly have the offer written before you place the ord... stop blaming the company for your mistakes... youthology is a great prdct for the people who are looking into purchasing its a great prdct all you have to say is no to their offer...or call to cancel...which is exactly what i did... and read your invoices...seriously you guys sound like grown ups...act like it..


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  • Ca
    Cassie Feb 03, 2010

    I'm another who fell for this scam. Don't believe any infomercial. I believed the cost was just $39.99. I ended up being charge $39.99. Tried the product and did not see any results. What it does in some cases, swells up a bit making you think your wrinkles are gone. I should have thought it over, researched, and checked for reviews. The woman on phone did not tell I would be charged another $58.99 +$39.99. I complained and emailed them and they responded--no returns or refunds. I canceled my account. Now, the best thing to do is to cancel my debit card and notify all authorized people that I will be getting a new debit account # and that I'll give them the new number. P.S. When I finally did speak to someone at Youthology, they were extremely rude. So, another lesson I've learned. I've been had! Ronnie

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  • Li
    lindajo1950 Jan 21, 2010

    The lady in this picture supporting Youthology says she lives in Nacogdoches, Texas. I live in Nacogdoches, Texas and have never heard of her.

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  • Hu
    Hurt, but Hope-FULL Jan 02, 2010

    Wow!...I am so greatful I decided to do some "snooping" before I yanked out my credit card. But, without the help from the comments from all you nice folks; I too, would have been scammed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Now, let's talk to the folks at Chrysler Corporation for allowing one of their salespersons to curse me, threaten to " take you outside and beat your ----ing -ss, and call me a MF!!! All this happened in front of customers, other sales personnel, the local mail lady, and my best friend of 30 years!!! This occurred because my friend heard the salesperson say something about me that was incorrect. My friend politely and calmly told the salesperson and those standing with him that the statement he had just made about me was not true and he did not appreciate him initiating hate and and gossip. This incited the salesperson to the point that I feared for our lives. I have received death threats, my car has been painted with VULGAR grafitti, and my phone rings at all hours of the night. I do not know with 100% accuracy that this is the salesperson, however, it has never happened to me in my 48 years in this town, and it just so happened to have started the very day I filed a formal written complaint. Since 1990 I have spent $140, 000 dollars on Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep vehicles for myself and my family and this is how I was treated. Had I not just completed a round a chemo and had 42 staples removed from my chest from an open heart surgery three weeks prior to this incident, I may have taken the gentleman up on his offer to, "step outside". Whatever happened to decent, honest, respectful, appreciative, customer focused businesses that felt greatful that we had decided to spend our VERY hard earned money with them, so that they too could afford to pay their mortgages, tithe their churches, raise their children, save for college and retirement?
    I know, I ranted on a tangent. I apologize, but if only one person reads this and sends an email to Chrysler LLC, then we have done our part to preserve the moral fabric that our ancestors so proudly handed us, and that is deteriorating daily because of people like the Chrysler salesperson at Sterling Marlin Chrysler in Dickson, TN. I truly hope that sad, unhappy young man can open his eyes, his heart, and his mind, so that his children won't treat other living things the way he treated me. I wish him the best and will keep him and his family in my prayers.
    Again, thank you all for helping me steer away from a not so trustworthy company, and allowing me the chance to not only vent my frustrations with Chrysler, but to help this young man understand that once he has acted like this, so shall his children, and so will their children, and so will...

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  • Ck
    ckovarick Dec 18, 2009

    Everytime I call the Youthology number, I'm told for "Returns" to press #4.
    The recording keeps coming on periodically saying the lines are very busy or the like.
    After an hour (on speaker phone) of nobody answering, I gave up.
    I don't believe they even answer calls regarding returns.

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  • Du
    DuckyD Dec 11, 2009

    Thanks folks for your warnings here. I almost ordered but decided to do a little research first. Thanks for saving me from a big headache. I know because I almost got scammed by another product. Same scam, different product. Watch out for CleanseProX too.

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  • Wm
    W M Nov 30, 2009

    I was listenning to some relaxing piano music for 1 1/2 hours awaiting custumer service representative to answer the call... Still waiting... and waiting... and waiting... They are to busy to answer my call while "assisting other custumers"... Just trying to cancel next shipment...

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  • Ke
    keiffer Nov 20, 2009

    How to Cancel and get your money Back. File a complaint with the beter business bureau. But First call the customer service number, use a cell phone so you can prove it, however you will use up all your minutes, as they will never answer. Also send emails, they won't respond, but you will need proof to dispute with your credit card. After you contact the BBB, and file a complaint, the BBB will respond with the info to return the product. Don't expect anything without their help

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  • Ro
    Robin Durling Nov 17, 2009

    I have tried to contact this company for several months by phone to cancel this order. I have waited on the phone for hours at a time with no one responding, after hanging up I would try the number again and the line would then be busy. I have tried to get a return authorization number to send the product back and still have not been able to get this number. It has been approximately 2 months of requesting reimbursemnt of my money and an authorization number. I finally had to cancel my credit card so no more money would be taken out. I have just received a correspondence from this company threatening to place my account in collection if I do not pay in full. This company is a BIG scam and someone should do something about this so no one else gets scamed...

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  • Ds
    D ST James Oct 11, 2009

    I was told (Oct 7) in late hours that this product was $39 dollars US, plus $14 for RUSH SHIPPING only (3 days) They failed to tell me that they would be charging the account monthly until AFTER they procured my Credit card info I attempted to cancel the order in the same call and they did Not comply. Instead they charged my card $73.63 for a first charge with a commitment for monthly charges of $49.+ S/H there-after...
    I called my Credit card company and reported them and I called the company relentlessly with a 72 hr period and finally got through on day four (10/11)to cancel the order and any subsequent orders
    Even though they charged my cc for 3-day shipping & no product arrived and they still charged me $73.63 in the wee hrs on 10/7/09

    AS A FORMER BANKER, I urge the Scammed to call their Credit Card Companies give them the complete Youthology info and SCAM notices on the Internet and your Credit card company can issue a refund for charges and or pursue fraud measures if it is appropriate...worse case Cancel your card and have your bank issue new Credit card acct numbers!!!


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  • Sc
    scambusters Oct 09, 2009

    I had the same scam on me through their site, I saw for $39.00 then went to order page and fill out the info then showed me final cost $98.49 and I back up with out submitting the order, and they say you ordered when you input your information regardless you click on submit or not, a BIG scamer so did not cancel my order, which is due to ship out tomorrow, I will report this site to all so they stop this scam operation and DA will be on their case too, just do not visit this scamer site...

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