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WOOF Clothing review: Customer service literally does not exist

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First of all, let me say that I absolutely love the products that this company sells. However, you cannot reach an actual person or leave a message or an email or anything of that sort if you are unable to log into your account which is exactly what has happened to me. every time I reset the password link it just brings me back to the login page. It doesn't actually reset my password. I placed an order for three pairs of shorts, and have received two of them. the third one did not come and it says on the receipt that the other is in a seperate package but did not include a second tracking order number. I cannot get a hold of anybody because I cannot get into my account. It is a just a loop and i am left to think that it’s done on purpose to scam people out of the $85 shorts people purchased. it’s very frustrating.

Also to say that you are a small company and cannot manage to have customer service is just not an excuse when your company is worth $6 million dollars and you charge $90 for a pair of shorts. Hire some people please. This is unacceptable. All three times i have purchased from this company i have had an issue of some sort because of the lack of support.

Directing people to the FAQ page of your website is simply not sufficient.

Desired outcome: i would like my corduroy shorts that i purchased before the end of the summer.