Woodsprings Suitesgeneral manager lety rocha

Be Oct 02, 2019

I am very upset. First things first, I stay there every weekend, so the fact that the general manager lied so many times is crazy to me. I stayed there Sep 22nd to Sep23rd. I book through It is also funny to me that after my first conversation with the GM she was VERY rude and proceeded to tell me I need to pay $13 for getting new towels. I told her that I didn't know because I get towels every time I stay and have never been charged a dollar. Conversation ends... I stayed there and left. When I leave I get an email saying "sorry your plans changed" and I find out she put me in as a no show. What makes it even worse is that I had call her AGAIN and she claimed I never showed up. Then I called her myself and she told me to email her the proof that I got charged for the 3rd night. Not only did she see the email and never bother to call me back, but when I reached out to her she told me that she did not see the charge for the 22-23rd on the screenshots I sent her. That is a LIE!!! After having numerous conversations on so many different phone numbers I was finally able to get someone from customer service to call her and she told them the truth. Even after swearing up and down to me and that I did not say. They have it on record in their files that she told them I did not stay, and because I did not let this one go, she finally had to tell the truth. The person from your guys customer service did not believe that she was lying to and so I hung up on them, had call her right after, and another employee finally told them the truth. How is it that after NUMEROUS conversations, after Lety telling me she NEVER charged me the $62.10 multiple times, after her not being able to find ANY proof of my stay or check in for that booking, that someone else can look it up and confirm I stayed there. I sent Lety proof and she denied it all. I am so upset because that hotel location is a great location for me, and I like it a lot. EVERY employee there besides the GM is wonderful, I love them and have always been joyful with them, but now I hate it there. Because of her!! There has to be some kind of reciprocation for being able to lie for so long and then being forced to tell the truth. I have spent so much money at that hotel and intended on spending more. Which depending on how you guys handle the situation, I will continue to stay at your hotels just not there at that location where she is. I wasted so much time to finally be credited back for that night through but at the expense of a lot of my time at work, at being lied to multiple times by the same person. As a GM you are always supposed to satisfy the customer UNLESS they are wrong, and I had all the proof and she lied, lied, lied, lied!!! DAYS later and she went from "I did not charge your card for that booking, you were never here, you never showed up" to "Allysa was there that day and was charged". NO!!! I want to know that she will have to answer for this situation. And I want to be compensated!! I didn't deserve this. She was rude from the start and has absolutely so sense of customer service. She needs to be gone!!! If you want to call and have proof that she lied multiple times about how I was a no show, then they finally got the truth out today, you can call them and ask them, my account number is [protected] my name is Allysa Williams and they have it all on their files, THE FOOLERY THIS WOMAN PUT ME THROUGH. I am giving you guys a chance to make it right. If a GM can screw you over because they did not like the fact that you told them that you have never before been charged for something and it was the first you hearing it, then that is messed up and I WILL take this further and further. I will go to cooperate, I will leave reviews EVERYWHERE, I will go to BBB I don't care. You guys can find out how to pay me back for all of this and let me know that this was AT LEAST addressed with her if anything or I will tarnish that locations name and leave on every website what she got away with and how you guys let her do it. YOU CANNOT USE YOUR MANAGEMENT TO SCREW PEOPLE OVER. Never once had an issue there, never once had a cancellation, every employee is wonderful and after meeting all of a sudden I canceled my booking, even though I had the card charge to prove I was there and she still said I didn't stay AFTER SEEING MY BANK STATEMENTS HERSELF AND KNOWING THE ONLY WAY TO GET CHARGED FOR BOOKINGS AT THIS LOCATION IS TO PAY AT THE FRONT DESK WHEN YOU ARE CHECKING IN!!! Fix it. My phone number is [protected]. My email is [protected] I have ALL the proof you need. Please do not let her get away with this!!

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