SUBMIT A COMPLAINT irresponsible billing on credit card after termination


Bad software and always lagging. Worse is after we proceed to terminate its service - they continue to charge our credit card, in which after that we had to proceed to ask for the refund. And then they still proceeded to charge us a SECOND time. I don't recommend to use Wix, its not so great of the software, especially if you are going e-commerce, i can't understand how anyone can live with their sluggish platform. For your information, they did refund us but I still lost money due to exchange rate or bank charges - its ridiculous! Bad experience. This should not happen as once termination is submitted no charging should ever take place again, even more so that they store our credit card info. It is lucky that I check my statement bills to identify this problem else we would never known this had occurred and wix would have simply pocketed our money without our knowledge.

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