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I came into the store to get my Daughters wic on September 1, 2019 at 1:30. The cashier wrote on my wic voucher her name the date and the register number. She went to customer service to get the milk and came back to me and informed me they didn't have. I went to the manager on duty and asked him when will they get some in. He informed me he didn't know there was nothing he could do. He walked off from me and said he don't know and went back to stock the self with some products. I could not use my voucher for the mouth of September and my daughter who is 2 mouths old could not get her milk. I was very disappointed in the customer service from this store and the manager on Duty.

Sep 11, 2019
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      Sep 11, 2019

    Do you not know that the manager pays taxes. That his tax money goes towards feeding your daughter. If it were not for people who work, your daughter would never get milk. Instead of badmouthing someone who pays to feed your child. I am sure that there is someone who would feel sorry for you and buy the milk for your daughter. Do you know who her father is? If so he is inclined to help you pay to feed your child. Cannot feed your child, you should not have spread your legs. He may not do the job to your liking but unlike you at least he has a job. The fact that you posted this shows that you are paying for internet. Why not use that money to buy milk for your daughter. What is more important, social media or feeding your daughter?

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  •   Sep 12, 2019

    Can’t you go to another store for milk? Can’t you buy extra and freeze it for situations like this?

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