Winn-Dixie Storessale items not imported into computer

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That's right, this store is famous for not changing the sale price into their computer, it happened to me on numerous occasions and we are not talking about a few cents on 2 occasions it was 26 dollars and 20 dollars, I have had to return to the store to get my refund but the frustrating part is that the argue with you that it is not on sale before they check it out. Spoke with the manage ladt time no apology nothing just handed it to an employee and said check this out and walked away, I don't think anyone changed the price on the computer, how many poor people are getting ripped from by this store, well it is back to Publix for me better customer relations Kevin Hussey. [protected]@tampabay.


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      Dec 07, 2019

    Since my store always has the proper sale price the problem is not because they aren't putting the information into the computer. Only time I've seen this problem from a large grocer like Winn-Dixie is the day the sale starts. Why is it only this day it happens you might ask. It's because the End of Day was not performed the day before which makes the register only ring the prior week sales and not the sales that started this week because the register doesn't know it's the new week yet. Before you throw out accusations about a situation make sure you know what you are talking about. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. This had nothing to do with "not changing the sale price into their computer" because they are actually changed in the computer, it's just the register doesn't know the changes has started.

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