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My husband and I live in Brown Summit, North Carolina, and purchased a home suited with Window World Windows in 2016. The windows were installed at our home in 2010.
Over the last 3 years, we have watched our Window World windows rapidly decline to the point of being non-functional due to seal failure. We have 12 Window World windows in our home, and 8 of those panes have completely gone bad, making it impossible to see through the glass.
We have the receipt and documentation for these windows, that was found in a storage space in our home last year. The documentation is in the previous owner's name. Unfortunately, we were not made aware of your warranty policy upon the purchase of our home. And more unfortunately, after reaching out to our local Window World franchise, we have been offered no solutions to our problem.
I am requesting that our 8 defective panes be replaced by Window World at no cost to us. I think this is a fair request, given the young age of our windows, and your lifetime warranty policy.
I was told by our local WW store that we should have been informed of the 30 day warranty transfer policy upon purchasing our home. Unfortunately, we were not. This discrepancy is not a failure on our part, the purchaser's; and we feel that we should be not excluded from replacement of a defective product.
After making contact with our local WW franchise, the representative offered to sell us new windows at a slightly reduced price, but would offer no warranty with that purchase. This is not a viable solution to us, in light of our failed trust in your product. With so many defunct panes in our home, it is clear that your product is not one of quality.

If Window World cares about maintaining strong consumer trust, and a lifetime warranty policy, the company has a responsibility to customers that have unsightly and unusable WW products in their home.
As the reputation of your company is on the line, I implore you to find a solution to this problem, and stand by your lifetime warranty. We are happy to transfer the warranty to at this time, to get the ball rolling.
Thank you for your time, and your concern.

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    footballs Oct 06, 2019

    I could not agree more. Our windows are about 10 years old and failing. Broken sliders and can’t see through a couple panes. Unfortunately, we were not aware of the transfer policy or the form required to be submitted within 30 days when the home was purchased. What a cheap way to void a so called “lifetime” warranty. They do this since they know their product quality is poor. If you are thinking of buying new windows... run as fast as you can from this company.

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