White Castlevery dirty location

E Oct 10, 2019

Came here with my son 10/10/2019 around 4:30 P.M. Used the restroom before ordering. The restroom was dirty and nasty. The sink was clogged with brown water. Went to order. Girl behind counter just looked at us and walked away. It was several seconds before anyone came to take our order.We went to get our drinks. The machine had pop residue all over the front of the machine. My son noticed white stuff all over tip where the drink comes out. I was going to wipe it off but there were no napkins. We decided to skip the drink. Got our food. Order was to eat in and they placed it in bags to go. ( They did offer to put on plates which was only positive thing about the visit at all). The floor was sticky, drink counter was nasty and almost every table was dirty. My son refused to eat and I ate one and through the rest out. This White Castle never was that great but this was disgusting and nasty and I will never return. I am also going to contact the County Health inspector because I truly believe this place should be torn down.

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