Whataburgerfood & service

1) told there were NO small buns which I wanted a JR burger
2) cashier could not get anything straight
3) the ticket said we ordered french fries and did not
4) ordered 2 chicken strips and did not come with order
5) attempted to get it corrected and attitude was awful
6) took 3 tries before we got the order corrected
7) 9:10 pm and tea was removed which is what I wanted
8) ordered whataburger with cheese, all the way with mayo and it came to me with no vegetables, I sent it back and it was the most awful burger ever and could not eat
9) Cashier took our receipt so I don't have it, but gave me 2 with the refund of the fries we did not order. Cashiers name is Zarial J and order number on that ticket was 923279
10) Last 3 times we have eaten there it has become worse each time & attitudes of these people are AWFUL!!!

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