Whataburgerentire lunch and service

Su Sep 29, 2019

Yesterday @ 11:13am, I went through the whataburger drive through which I do as often as once or twice a week... With no problems. However, my order#519375 was a problem for several reasons. When I arrived, there were only three cars ahead of me and yet, I was in the line for well over thirty minutes before reaching the window and getting my order. I was told they were short-handed. At the order microphone, I ordered only a whataburger jr and a small coke... Nothing more. After I paid and drove away, I realized that my order included fries (which I didn't want) and the burger was ice cold from the cold bun to the cold patty. It was inedible and I was in a hurry to get elsewhere, so I didn't have time to return to the window. The lady who made my change is there often and she has always been nice... But the wait and the quality of the food was inexcusable. Furthermore, on prior occasions i've been unable to eat the burger because there was a huge amount of seasoning salt on it and i've had to throw it away several times. Now, I ask them to please leave off all the seasoning. It didn't ever used to be that way until just a few months ago. I like seasoning... But they've gone over the edge. I've never placed a complaint on this site before, but yesterday was ridiculously bad. I don't know what to suggest, but my husband and I are in our 70's and we both go to that location often after exercising or before a grandchild's athletic event. Please get these issues attended to as soon as possible. Short handed or not, the food should at the very least be hot and the order correct. Constructively, susan gillette

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