WES (World Education Services)incompetent, lazy, sabotaging (crooks!)


WES is the most incompetent company I have ever come across. Of course, I haven't got my documents evaluated from any place else, but my gauge is the relative professionalism that every other company can at least boast to have.
I will enumerate...

1. Customer Service (telephone) - Most customers find the wait times to be obnoxious (I gather from other complaints). I am forced to agree. I've been on hold for half an hour or more on several occasions.

2. Email. Ok, so they aren't allowed to discuss completed evaluations and the only other avenue to get in touch with them is email.( Well, there is postal mail, but that will probably get you a reply by the time your grand children graduate!) ... and contrary to what one might believe, email isn't faster than postal mail... It's been 3 weeks I wrote them an email. I've been calling their helpline to remind them to reply. But I'm still waiting. (BTW - They tell you that they will reply to you within 7 business days = load of Cr**)

3. They are a little out of sync with foreign credentials. Notice I say a little. I am fair so I wont completely tarnish their already in the dumps reputation. But there was a tiny period for when my university ran out of its accreditation before it renewed it again. Mine is one of the best universities in the country and there probably was a little slip. But that does not warrant my degree from being unrecognized. Which is what WES is doing, completely sabotaging my career and education. The least they can do is reply to my email, explaining their position. I am open to listening to what they have to say but I am not alright with their nonchalant attitude, after I have paid them hundreds of dollars for the evaluation, copies, sealed envelopes, etc, etc!!!

Well, most importantly, I spoke to a customer service representative today(yes, again!) and she said that I should get a reply by the end of this week...(it's a Thursday today so I asked her if that meant by the end of Friday - and she said yes) and when I asked her what I should do if I don't get a reply by then, she pepped up and chirpily said "Well, call on Monday if you'd LIKE!"

So, I am going to give them this last chance, and if they still continue to enforce my disappointment, I am seriously considering suing them. This is where I need help. How can I go about it? I'm a US Resident but not a citizen (if that makes a difference).

Thank you!



  • Po
    pochtarenko Feb 06, 2013

    Hey man, how did it go? Did they get back to you then?
    I've read couple other comments saying the same, and myself - I am evaluating credentials from the best university in my country as well - I see what you are talking about. I hope my case will go okay, but if not - I am ready to cooperate with you on the suing thing, unless you've lready done it.
    So please let me know how did it go. My email is [email protected]

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  • Af
    Afa77 Dec 07, 2015

    Hey guys, I have the same sh..t with WES. Going back and forth for over 4 years. Let's get together and sue this agency. I am really ready for that. Let's bring customers from Customer Affairs ( ) and put together all docs to file against this WES. My email: [email protected] Let me know.

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