Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Companydoor was locked at 9:55 pm

St Sep 29, 2019

I pulled up to the restaurant at 9:55pm and the door was locked so I had to go through the drive through. There were 3 vehicles in front of me. I only wanted a large drink. At this time the food truck was there and the back door was open so I could see all the employees. I waited for about 8 minutes and the line hadn't moved. So since I could see the employees I walked up to the back door and asked if I could just purchase my drink now instead of waiting because I had to get to work and was running late. A short, stockier, younger black woman told me that the line is now moving. I explained that it was only a drink and she told me once again that the line was now moving. I got back in my vehicle, waited another minute, the line still hadn't moved so I had to drive off. I understand that I shouldn't have went to the back door to ask for my drink but if the front door hadn't been locked early this whole situation could have all been avoided.

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