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On Thursday 7/25/19 at approximately 7:30pm, I stopped into the Lyell ave. store to purchase a few items. One of those items was a prepared pizza. I would say that I typically eat the prepared pizzas approximately 2 nights a month. I noticed that all of the pizzas in the display appeared darker than usual and the toppings appeared to be dried out. I ended up purchasing on of the better looking pizzas which I later consumed after cooking per the instructions. The pizza was bland and dry tasting. I also had an upset stomach the next day which may just have been coincidental.

I also stopped into the Pittsford Wegmans on Saturday 7/27/19 at approximately 2:30 pm to get a few things and out of curiosity I looked at the pizzas. All of the pizzas in the display case appeared to be darker looking similar to the ones I had seen 2 days prior in the other store.

This communication is meant to inform you that you may have a problem but also that if this is the new quality of the prepared pizzas I will no longer be purchasing them because of my unsatisfactory experience.

Tom Lake

Jul 29, 2019
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  •   Jul 29, 2019

    Well if the pizzas don't look appetizing to you, then don't eat them. There are plenty of other options available, Tom. This hardly warrants a complaint on a third party independent complaints forum that has no direct affiliation to Wegman's. I can personally guarantee you that absolutely no one here cares about your dietary habits nor whether or not you feel the quality of prepared foods is in decline in your local neighborhood. I have seen C-Span programs more entertaining than your drivel. If you have time to get on here and whine, you assuredly have time to cook your own damn pizza. Get a life, Tom.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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