I was trying to locate a person. When I went to the website, and was offered a "free" search, and was advised that a guaranteed result had been found. In order to get results on the "free" search I had to subscribe for a trial membership ($9.95), or a regular membership for one year ($44.95). I was so happy that a "guaranteed result" was found that I got a one year membership.

When I tried the same search after I paid my membership fee, NO RESULTS WERE FOUND.


  • Da
    Darcy Baker Nov 25, 2007

    I, also, was taken in by Web-Detective.com. I signed up for what I thought was a "3-day Trial Membership" for $4.95. I, also, did not get the results I was looking for. In addition, the fine print on the bottom of the order form states that, in addition to your 3-day Trial Membership" you are signing up for a recurring monthly membership for $39.95 a month! I purchased the "3-day Trail" in July and received a receipt in November! When I checked my credit card statements, they had charged me $39.95 for the past 4 months. I have disputed the charges with my credit card company, but Web-Detective's response to my issue has been basically - bummer that you got scammed - but you should have read the fine print!

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  • An
    Andrea Hughes Jan 10, 2008

    Just two days ago I too ,was dumb enough to sign up for the Web Detective's phony 3-day trial membership. I received an error message which stated that there was a problem with my credit card but it would not let me cancel the transaction nor would it give me the confirmation number which is needed in order to stop pqyment on the credit card.

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  • Am
    Amie Lee Johnell Snodgrass Feb 02, 2008

    I signed up for the 3-day trail paid by credit card and did not get the information that I was looking for. Then they failed to mention you can only recieve 2 checks per day. I dont recall that being any where in the deal. To make matters worse, I go to sign on the very next day, And guess whta...... NOT POSSIBLE!

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  • Ru
    rudy Mar 05, 2008

    These guys are ripping eveyone off. Let all your friends know.

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  • Ke
    Kelly Apr 18, 2008

    Had anyone of the above people had contacted us via email at [email protected] we would of been able to help them in their searches or with their log in problems.

    If you try searching with the Live Search feature and a match or records were not found this does not necessarily mean a match or records are not available within the service. When we search our databases as well as multiple resource links PRIOR to any client ordering, we are looking for "Positive Matches" but not exact matches. For example, you may do a search prior to ordering for "Joe Smith" and our service will find 250 Joe Smith's in our database -- but we do not know for certain whether the Joe Smith YOU are looking for is one of these 250! So, our service returns a "Positive Match" code. Since we do not know exactly what it is you are looking for, ANY exact or partial matches to your initial search criteria will come back as "Positive Match".

    There is a vast amount of information within the site and many links contained within the service that may be of assistance to you.. Down the left side of this page you will see a very large menu divided into logical investigative categories.

    This is really the "heart" of Web Detective and where all of your searches will originate. Please follow the menu on the left hand side to guide you through the many online investigative websites and databases. You will quickly see how your Web Detective membership enables you to access thousands of search possibilities around the world!

    As you begin to explore the site, you will see that we have clearly separated the free and fee-based links. We want to provide you with access to the top free resources on the Net, but we feel this service would be incomplete if we did not also include some of the most useful fee-based online investigative services available.

    Some information belonging to third parties is just not obtainable without paying a fee for it. Fees would depend of the individual sites you were interested in accessing. Many fees you'll run into are centered around obtaining hard copies of documents or access to private, third party databases.

    You'd have to do some research, of course the quality and success of any search is based on a combination of the search engine being used and the information being input into it. We obviously have no knowledge of what resources are available to you to pursue your individual needs.

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  • Ch
    Christine Bryant May 06, 2008

    I signed up for the trial period March 21, 2008 ~ I was able to use it but none of it was useful ~ they just send you to other sites that "might" have the information that you are looking for but then you have to pay those web sites more money to use them~ so web-detective is more or less a yellow pages for sites that can really give you the info your looking for ~ with a little hard work on the net you can find those sites without web-detective.

    so anyway ~ I canceled the trial membership within 2 days ~ sent them an email like they requested ~ I sent my cancel request to [email protected] explaining my dissatisfaction with their product and I have a copy of that email ~ it was $4.90 ~ waste of my money ~

    then three days ago ~on a FRIDAY !! May 2, 2008 I see a pending transaction for $38.83 from web-detective on my bank account! Of course it's the freaking weekend and I can't get a hold of anyone at web-detective. So I called the two numbers I could find on the site 305-671-3165 and 877-207-0626 ~ I could only leave a message on the 305- 671-3165 and it kept cutting my off ~ so I ended up leaving three messages explaining my complaint.

    then I emailed [email protected] and explained my complaint in detail.

    then I went to the web site http://www.web-detective.com/cancel.aspx and canceled again.

    So Sat I get a call from Shelby who says that she is from web-detective ~ she explains to me that my subscription to web-detective was canceled but there was a "checked box" on the site that I DID NOT "UNCHECK" for a "privacy chest" product to help me protect my identity so that was also included in my trial package but I would have to call a separate number to cancel that ... WTF???

    first off If there was a box checked for that I would have unchecked it because I have no use for a identity theft protection product ! and second why would they make it so difficult to cancel everything all at once ?? ~ third maybe it was so freaking small I didn't see it ...

    Shelby said that I was supposed to get some sort of package from them via snail mail but I never got anything ~ never used the privacy chest thing ~ never even knew I was subscribed to it ~ nothing until I saw that pending charge on my account ...

    Shelby said there was no manager that I could talk to and that I just had to call 888-432-4378 which was the direct number to the privacy chest ~ she said they were the only ones that could help me with my complaint...

    so I called 888-432-4378, I was on hold for 33 minutes before I spoke with Darwin ~ I explained my complaint to him and he said that all he could do was cancel my subscription to privacy chest so there wouldn't be anymore charges but he could not help me with the pending transaction. He also said there was no manager that I could speak with but I could call 877-769-9323 and ask for help with the pending transaction. ... WTF ????

    so then I called 877-769-9323, I was on hold for 28 minutes before I spoke with Jesse. He informed me that the only thing he could do was write a help ticket for me and submit it to the billing dept... which would get back to me via phone or email within 48 hours... he could not give me a confirmation number ~ he could not give me means to contact the billing debt directly ~ he said that his manager Maria wasn't even there ~ and wouldn't be in for a few hours but of course she would tell me the same thing he had already ~ that there was nothing else they could do to help me ~

    so this freaking charge in going to go through my account tonight ~ I didn't authorize it ~ I didn't want it ~ I didn't use the product privacy chest ~ I never received any type of information that I was subscribed to it ~ I didn't even know I was subscribed to it and I can't get a hold of anyone in this company to help me get my money back ~

    these people suck

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  • Ma
    mary May 14, 2008

    big time rip off. never could reach anyone there
    by phone so i'm going tomorrow to my bank
    maybe they can help i've been charged last two
    months for something i cant use
    like i said big rip off

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  • Sa
    sally lusk-robles May 29, 2008

    today, i was defrauded by web detective. my son d.j. gave his credit card information to you people for me to search for my family, and you took his money, and gave us nothing . i want you people to reverse the transaction on his credit account immediately, or i will go to the police and file criminal charges against your web site. please do this right now. thank you mrs. robles.

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  • Dh
    d.hopsn Jun 01, 2008

    so these people think this sh*t is funny! well it isn't, you people will pay for the evil lies, stealing, misrepresenting and anything else you people are doing to harm another person life and there means for why the hell they and i would trust someone like you! i believe in the lord and i believe in law! i also believe in karma and what comes around goes around and will come bite you right in your ###. and to be honest it will happen real soon someone is watching very closely to what you guys are doing and you guys are going to get B.U. S.T.E.D you are going down sooner than you no and will have a fat ### ticket to all the monies owed to these innocent people. is all this lying and stealing worth the jail time you guys are going to endure?

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  • An
    Andrew Murphy Jun 04, 2008

    That website for web detective is a bunch of ###!!, and there are many sites out with same intensions, " stick there hand in your pocket" . F***ers. i cant blame them im one of the many idiots that order it also, but im not gonna blame myself Im still gonna blame them since there services are useless, and make multiple withdraw ments from accounts without confermation!!

    Ive tryed all the #'s that they gave and all recordings no operater to talk to, what good service, they listed sites to go to and emails to send complaints to but they never responde anyways!!

    So I went to this site to CANCEL membership: http://www.web-detective.com/cancel.aspx and suposedly my membership will be canceled in 48 hours, then i had remopved myself from mailing list. Hope thios solves my problem.

    Just for personal referance DONOT sign up for any trial version of anything!! ANYTHING!!!
    And Never send money through WESTERUNION expecting goods!! They will not be held responsible for any transactions or items recieved!!

    The World Wide Web, is one of the best and worst think invented!! access to anything and everything, even things that no one should access!!

    And i siggest that wehn you do sign up for any website membership use Different password for every site so they cant try to access any of you info on othersite using your info!

    [email protected] My email.

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  • Bp
    B. Pearson Jun 07, 2008

    Oh, what a tangled web... My complaint is so similar to those above, it's not worth rewriting the same sad story. Cancellation requests ignored. money charged to my account. Telephone numbers that lead nowhere. No response from anyone. A dirty, crooked mess !!

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  • Ol
    Older and Wiser Jun 11, 2008

    Same story in May 3, 2008 - lured by promise of many search hits, I signed up for Web Detective Pro, 3 day trial for $3.95. But when I used the site, there were not hits at all. I mmediately contacted them within the hour via their website cancellation link. I received an email from Savannah Richards, Client Relations Mgr., Web Detective Pro - Razoreye Media Group confirming my cancellation, and there was no charge to my credit card. However on June 4, 2008, I received an email for a $38.83 recurring monthly charge to my credit card for The Privacy Chest. I never received anything in the mail during the "30 day trial", so my position is that I was never in the trial period and own them nothing. Finally reached them on June 6th via 888-432-4378 number to cancel The Privacy Chest, and i demanded cancellation and a credit. The call center rep confirmed the cancellation but said she would refer the credit to their billing department. On June 7th, I received the following email:

    Refund Request
    Our Answer

    6/7/2008 2:05:12 AM

    Thank you for contacting the Razoreye Media Group.

    At the time you made your Web D Pro purchase you also opted in for a trial subscription to The Privacy Chest which includes a monthly newsletter devoted to education and prevention around identity theft, as well as a proactive identity theft protection service. The Privacy Chest and Web Detective Pro are two completely separate products.

    The order information for TPC was on the same order page for Web Detective Pro. If you signed up for a trial membership, you were also given the option for the free trial issue of The Privacy Chest.

    You chose to accept the free trial issue, and as clearly stated on the order form, receipt and confirmation email, your trial subscription does roll over into a monthly recurring subscription if you do not cancel within the 30 days after the initial signup date.

    The Privacy Chest was delivered via first class mail to the address you provided at the time of purchase. On that issue were clear instructions to cancel The Privacy Chest if you wished to do so.

    As indicated in the newsletter and the greeting message, you had the option to cancel your Privacy Chest subscription at any time by calling our toll-free number.

    The Privacy Chest membership was not cancelled so you were charged accordingly, these charges are non-refundable but we have removed your subscription from the recurring billing feature so no further monthly charges will be placed.

    We are truly sorry to hear you have not found our product to be useful for your purposes, any feedback you may have that would allow us to improve our product for future clients would be greatly appreciated!

    Should you wish to remove your email address from our database please visit:

    http://support.razoreye.com/ and use the link provided.

    Thank you. Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Johnny James

    Note there is no apology for their deceptive business practices or acknowledgement that I never received a trial copy. So I called American Express customer service and they gave me an immediate credit, opened a dispute, and told me they would take care of it.

    LESSON LEARNED: NEVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH RAZOREYE MEDIA GROUP, which according to their website is based in Calgary Canada but uses Florida phone numbers and is part of Pandomar Management based in Miami FL.

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  • Sh
    Shelley Jun 14, 2008

    Oh, oh. Have I been scammed, too? I signed up for a free 7 day trial and received the Privacy Ches Special Bonus. Now the ways they told me to cancel don't work.

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  • Je
    jesse p. pratt Jul 22, 2008

    I want to cancel my membership. I could not find what I was looking for. Thank You Jesse Prattad

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  • Je
    jesse p. pratt Jul 25, 2008

    As I stated several day ago I want to cancel my membership as I could not find what I was looking for. My last name was spelled wrong the last time. It was listed Jesse Prattad. It should have been Jesse Pratt. Not sure how this happened. Please advise. Thank you. Jesse Pratt

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  • Il
    Iletta Hopper Jul 30, 2008

    I have a same situation; my brother died possibly in 2005/2006 and possibly 2007. Not sure where he died or what from and especially when he died. My father is gone now and it is really important for me and my mom to find out or at least have an idea. All I can say is I'm trying to get my money back and I cant get to the site to cancell.
    support @razoreye.com does it really exist?
    did find the 1-8000 number so i will call.
    This is defininitely, what you call a scam! My opinion only.
    there is a toll free number to call, I will see what I can do.

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  • Ma
    manny Aug 18, 2008

    so freaking annoyed! i signed up for a free trial and canceled three hours later, yet here i am three months later still being charged 38.83, for anyone reading the same stories call your bank and have them refuse the billing this is fraud on their end .

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  • Ma
    Mamie E. Surline Aug 25, 2008

    My story is the same as the above stories. I wanted to check on a person that I knew had been arrested several times. The Web-Detective site showed it had information on this person. On August 8, 2008, I took out a $2.95 trial membership. After much searching, the final result was there was nothing on the person I was searching for. I was not pleased. I also was not aware that two searches are the daily limit. On August 10, 2008, I cancelled the trial membership via e-mail using the "unsubscribe". I did not ask for a refund on the $2.95 that I had paid. On August 14, 2008, my bank showed a deduction in the amount of $37.00 for a monthly membership payment for Web-Detective. I was peeved!! Then the circus began. I spent the entire day, literally, trying to get this resolved. I could not get through to a human via any phone number I ran across. Finally, after many e-mails that I sent, a person called and said that they never received my "unsubscribe" notification. I was told to copy and paste my copy that I had unsubscribed and e-mail it. I could not fax it. Neither my spouse nor I are computer savvy enough to do this although we tried to figure it out for over two hours. I received an e-mail that my e-mail had been received but, there was no attachment. From then on, I never spoke to another human - I could not get through to a human or by insisting through e-mails that someone call me. The last e-mail that I received stated that all memberships (Privacy Chest??) had been cancelled but a refund would not be forthcoming. Now, I was p_ssed!!! The next morning, August 15, 2008, I went to my bank since I had used my debit card to purchase the trial membership. After looking up the $37.00 charge and making a phone call, I was told that this charge had raised some eyebrows because the transaction had come from Australia. I was also told that I had been called to authorized this transaction but, the caller could not get hold of me. (I question this because I had been home all day, I have call waiting and an answering machine.) It was recommended that I cancel my debit card and get a new one and register a complaint regarding this transaction at the bank. I did this. The bank credited my account the $37.00 within four days. I spent less than 1/2 hour at the bank taking care of this mess. When I got home, I sent an e-mail message to Razor Media starting offf by saying, "Is this a scam??" and ending it by stating, "You ought to be ashamed of yourself!!" and a whole lot inbetween. I have not received a reply back.

    I have never posted a complaint on-line before. I have never had any problems like I did with Web-Detective. Their deceptiveness really riled me up. I am also going to report them to the Attorney General's Office here in Texas. I am not an advocate for revenge, but, these people need to go back to the hole they crawled out of!!!

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  • Ri
    rippinski Aug 25, 2008

    I too have been had I got my bank statement last month and I cancelled my account I got this months bank statement and was billed again whats up with that

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  • Mi
    michelle smith Sep 02, 2008

    cancel now

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  • Jo
    Joe Sep 15, 2008

    I signed up for what I believed was a 3 day trial for $ 2.95. My charge card statement had charges of $39.95 twice for Web D Pro and $ 38.83 for the The Privacy Chest. When I contacted them, it was the same routine, that they had me on the fine print and have a page that points to it all with red arrows. It is a Canadian company, so I guess the US FBI internet scam group cannot investigate them, but I don't know.

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  • Ho
    hopeilearnedmylesson Sep 25, 2008

    I stupidly signed up for Web Detective on September 24, 2008 without checking out the site first. Afterwards, when I tried to access the infomation that they TOLD ME THEY HAD, I couldn't access anything that was helpful. It was then that I saw I had used up a certain number of searches for that day (something I hadn't seen in the sign up info). When I got out of the website and tried to go back, I noticed all the complaint websites regarding Web Detective. I immediately called my credit card company and cancelled my card (the original 4.90 charge was pending, and I am willing to pay that--if nothing else than for my own stupidity). I tried to call the number to cancel, but all the voice told me was to e-mail my cancellation to the address given. I did that, but after reading all the above complaints, I have little hope that they will cancel my subscription. This place should definitely be shut down.

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  • De
    Debora Herrera Sep 25, 2008

    I could'nt find the information I was looking for, and I'am requesting a cancellation on my membership ending with the card #1301/Transaction#821602460. I'am done with my trial membership, I do not wish to continue with your services at this time. Membership started on the 09/22/08, and I'am requesting termination as of 09/25/08. If you have any questions you can reach me via email, or by calling me at home#(323)296-2176.

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  • Ki
    Kim Helgeson Oct 10, 2008

    I could not find the information that I wanted, I am canceling my trail membership ending with card # 4495, transaction # 835930020. I no longer want your sevices and do not want anymore charges on my card or to be billed for any services. I started my trail on 10/10/08 and wish to end it on 10/10/08. You may reach me via email or 503-746-7913.

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  • Ca
    carol liddell Oct 15, 2008

    I was needing information from outside U.S.A.

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  • Ka
    Karen Wyome Jul 20, 2016

    I was searching online records and found several that offered free credit report(s). Next thing I know I'm getting a charge from out of the country from a company name I do not recognize. Enrollment was not authorized by me. As I searched online to see if they were legitimate, I ran across many other complaints about the company and similar occurrences. "razoreye.com" or "web-detective.com" is a scam and a sham! Karen W in Seattle.

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