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A Nov 25, 2017

These people legit just take your money and run. They send nothing. They also have removed the contact info that was on the site to get whole of them (not that they answered ever anyway), and their email is not a valid email address. I ordered a free unicorn onesie and just paid $10 for shipping. My order said fulfilled immediately after I placed it, and has never changed to shipped, never have I got an email saying it would ship, because I believe they have zero products to begin with they just created this website to rip ppl off... Point blank period.
They also took all photos down from ig and from facebook business page. Prob right now the same [censor] are pretending to be some other company with deals that are too good to be true and ripping more ppl off. I hate these thieves. May they rott in hell...
Sen me my freakin money back

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