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I just moved into the property last year and this is the first house I've ever rented. I've heard that Watson was a good corporation and so this is why I've chosen this property. However, I have encountered extremely nasty attitudes with a agent there. Diane Russell, was completely snappy, extremely rude and bossy over the phone. On two accounts and the first time I addressed her through email, respectfully. The second and last encounter on 2/10/2020, I was trying to drop my moneygram order off for rent into the drop box. I couldn't find it so I drove home with my family whom came to visit. I emailed Diane to let her know that I couldn't find the dropbox and I would deliver it tomorrow morning, she emailed me "no" and she called me. Extremely nasty telling me that she did me a favor (in which she did) and she got in trouble with her boss, and rent is supposed to be due on Friday 2/7/2020. Which I understand, but you are not supposed to bring your anger and frustrations out on the resident because your boss got on your case. There are ways to address a situation and approach a person especially when they just lost a very close loved one. Diane wouldn't let me speak and her words sounded slur. My 14 year old niece asked if the "lady" was drunk due to her being on loud speaker. I was so embarrassed in front of my family of how she was disrespecting me in her tone of voice, and spoke to me as if I was not human. My sister asked me "who is she talking to like that?" And I asked Diane if she was drunk or if she had been drinking because, she did not sound normal to me. She kept repeating, "excuse me, excuse me, excuse me" back to back. We end the call and I had to apologize to my family because of her actions. The fact that my niece lost her great aunt to drinking made me even more upset. I had troubles with rent this month due to losing my aunt and paying for funeral cost, I greatly appreciate Diane trying to help me as far as it being financially late. I honestly do, however; I do NOT appreciate her throwing it in my face, and speaking to me like a scum! She lost her professionalism and respect for residents. I am highly offended, first time renting a house and this is what I get. It makes me want to break my lease and never return again or refer anyone to Watson.

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