Walmart Stores / unprofessional behavior

1800 NE 12th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32641, United States

I went to the WalMart on 12th Ave yesterday to buy some dog food, I use this WalMart frequently and really love it. Yesterday there was an older lady by the name of Theresa, in her 60s who had a name tag on of Customer Host. So I am assuming she is the welcome? But, as I got to the register in the outdoor section, she is standing there leaning against the desk where the register is, chewing gum loudly with it rolling outside her mouth (gross), talking non stop to the register gal. Now the gal at the register was awesome, she was paying attention to us, but was distracted by this Theresa woman who would not stop talking to her. The lady had a limp, she was heavy set, African American. The poor register gal was distracted every time she attempted to count change back, causing a back up of customers, Theresa's behavior was appealing to say the least.

Mar 13, 2019

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