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D Oct 20, 2019 Review updated:

11.30 am approx. waiting in line, a women behind me pushed her cart into me, when I looked at her she said nothing, than did it again a second time, at which point I told her to watch what see was doing, her replay it was hard,

when I got to check out Donte, intentionally spoke with the women, on a friendly basis, when I asked him why he didn't greet me, he said if I am being rude he wont check, my purchase out, I asked him again he said no, I walked to the other end of store to check out #ref1042000314

walked back to Garden spoke with Glenda, who said she was his manager,
asked me what took place explained the above, Glenda showed no interest in my complaint?,

USA has a real racist problem, Black Americans against white people, all 3 of the people involved in this complaint, are Black, evident by Donte's action me telling the women to watch where she was going, than refusing to check my purchases out, the job you employee him to do?

Why would I ever shop at Walmart again, I'd like too hear your response.


  • K
      Oct 20, 2019

    Why did you go to the other end of the store to check out? He would have been required to check you out regardless as to whether or not you were rude or not. You should have just said shut up and start scanning, and then just stood there till he was finished. I don't understand why you would want to be greeted to begin with, I prefer my cashiers to remain silent to begin with, which is why I use self checkout. Way I see it people talk too much, always on a cellphone talking.

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  • Q
      Oct 25, 2019

    Some Walmart's do not have self checkout. As for the idiot that kept pushing her cart. Too bad a baby was not in the cart, because little Sally or Johnny would be on the floor and mommy would be screaming. The first time is an accident. Second time, it's on.

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