Walmart Morningside Scarborough Supercentrebad, abusive and threatening customer service

L Nov 14, 2019 Ontario Review updated:

I went to this Walmart to pick up my online order #[protected]. I called the online phone line from the entrance of the store, and got one young lady with East Indian accent on the phone.

She said, "Hi". I first thought I dialed a wrong number, then she said, "Walmart." I had a sigh of relief; I gave my name and began to give out my order number. When only four digits remaining, she stopped me, said, "Which department you're calling for, grocery or non-grocery? I was surprised, I said, "Non-grocery." She said, "I don't work in that department, let me….." then all silent, I had no idea what she was doing. But one thing was clear to me, she didn't have any focus on her job, and/or eating or doing something else. I thought she hang up on me. I told the security girl "I got a garbage dumb customer service." Then the girl who put me on the phone, "Said, I heard what you said." I said, "You learn for this call." She said, "I don't need to." I replied, "If you have an arrogant attitude you can't learn from a call." She hung up on me.

I met one oriental young man around 25 named ‘Caylan', who seemed to me a supervisor on that location. I told him, "The girl who picked up my phone didn't identify herself." Then I told him the rest of the story. He asked, "What's the name of the girl?" I replied with anger, "I told you first she didn't identify herself." He supervisor left.

I was sitting in front of the customer service, then came over one young East Indian man named Raj, Walmart Store Manager, flexing his muscles, extending his hands both sides, which gave me an impression of a physical aggressive posture.
He said, "I heard the story. I like to know from your side." I explained what happened, and also I liked to know why did she hang up on me.

Raj, Store Manager said, "We serve tonnes of customers, it didn't happen." He had bad physical posture and condescending tone. I understood he is an abusive person.

I requested him to listen to the call, he said these calls aren't recorded. He gave me the name of the agent in online desk, who hang up on me, is ‘Ketaki'.
We had a short conversation, and at the end I said, "I complain the way you said ‘we serve tonnes of customers, it didn't happen.'" Raj denied it. I said, "Sir, you're lying." He said, "You're calling me a liar." I said, "No, I didn't call you a liar, I told you that you are lying." But he kept on repeating the same thing.

At one point, I understood, Walmart Store Manager doesn't understand the difference between the sentences, "You're lying" and "I'm a liar." Then I requested him to be honest for at least five minutes. He refused. I got my pack. He said aggressively, "Now, you leave my store." I left the store.

I had some problems with other Walmart Center on products in the past, but the management contained it with honesty, caring etc. and I came home with a memorable experience. But this experience is exceptionally bad and threatening.

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    I like your tautology, you half grown up man or a ‘delinquent’ grown-up man, how will I know over the phone she is a woman or a girl as I mentioned that her words were breaking, seemed to me she was either eating or doing something. Why it’s so difficult to read and understand, because you are another abuser. This is a complete symptom of a genetically retard abusive angry person. You retard, you live in the West for a while to know the meaning of ‘dumb’. Your awkward mama neither taught you manners nor grammar, but how to behave like a stooge, licking someone, bumpy ass, the store manager.

    I can see your angry words. I didn’t make you angry, but you’re angry with me for Raj means you have an anger problem. Go, see a doctor. You, Ketaki, Raj, you have serious anger problems, you’re abusive and rude. See other ladies in the customer service center working so nice, they don’t have a problem like you.

    I tried to explain to the supervisor and the store manager that had I behaved angrily, I must have been given a soft warning before Ketaki hang up. She didn’t. I know Walmart doesn’t know, the store manager doesn’t know, because you’re ignorant about standard customer service in Ontario.

    How do you know Store Manager Raj was not lying? While we were talking at the cash counter, nobody was there, only me and this lying manager. Now you are talking about on his behalf, so another lying abuser licks another lying abuser. How nice is this Walmart! So, like your store manager, you are lying, and you’re looking for a good English! The sky has a limit, your hypocrisy doesn’t.

    Unbelievable this Walmart is, wrong upon wrong, lies over lies, abuse after abuse. Now I see this Walmart appoints dangerous people, some are fascist. Don’t make this Walmart a ‘gestapo house’.

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