Walgreensunethical behavior - potential fatal

D Jan 13, 2020

My mom who is a senior citizen (she will be 72 years old in april) was prescribed medicine for her high blood pressure and diabetes on 1/10/2020. The medication was sent by her doctor to the walgreens pharmacy in anoka. The blood pressure medicine was mostly important as her blood pressure was up. She went to the pharmacy and was given 7 prescriptions, the pharmacist or pharmacy technician that attended to us never mentioned that her blood pressure medication could not be filled at that time so that we could go to another walgreen that could fill her medicine since this is a life saving medicine nor did she mention her fiber medication was not covered by insurance so she would have a choice to buy it over the counter. My mom had to go back to see the doctor today on monday 1/13/2020 because her blood pressure was up, she is an elderly woman that relies on the expertise of her health care professional to help her out. Taking her in today I had to investigate and realized when we went back to walgreens in anoka that they never filled her blood pressure prescription because they were out of stock but no one thought it important to let her know this information. This could have ended tragically if she didn't go back to the doctor and if I wasn't there to assist her. Walgreens need to train their pharmacists and technicians to communicate appropriately especially to elderly customers as they might not be aware of situations like this if not communicated to them. Today 1/13/2020, we asked the pharmacist to direct us to another walgreen, she apologized that it was an oversight on their part but that oversight could have been fatal for my mother. This is an unacceptable way to practice and changes need to be made. My mother was without her medicine for almost 4 days and her blood pressure skyrocketed because she was not given information to make an informed decision, the walgreens down the street in champlin had this medicine which she could have gone to on friday so as not to put her health in danger. I think my mother needs to be compensated somehow, I will let walgreens decide how they would compensate her for her troubles and also walgreens needs to properly train their employees to provide these kind of information as it relates to their prescription. This could have been a fatal error.

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