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WALCO Funding review: Warranty on vehicle

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Walco contacted me in November 2022 and said they were calling on behalf of Mercedes and since my warranty was complete they wanted to offer me extended warranty . I own a 2920 Mercedes model GLS 450. They started telling me what it costs to replace certain items on my GLS 450 and that it would be cheaper to have this policy which was $495.00 up front and $290.0 per month. I gave them my credit card and noticed the $495.00 charge up front but never saw the $290.00 / month. A few months later I was talking to my Mercedes guy and he told me that I have a 4 year warranty at no cost and I have since taken it in for service and replacement of parts which I was not charged for. My 100% warranty is up on November 13,2023 and I have bought a new 2924 Mercedes GLS 450 which I will not receive until January 2924. Yesterday I was checking my Visa Bill and noticed a charge from Walco for $290.00and when I checked them out I found out it was for the extended warranty.

I want to cancel this contract immediately before they charge me for November as I do not need an extended warranty and with my new 2024 GLS 450 I will have 100% warranty for the next 4 years.

Can you help me cancel this contract as I am throwing away $290.00 / month that doesn’t help me in any way.

Kind Regards

Tim Carnell

Email: [protected]