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D Nov 23, 2017 Review updated:

Had my first nose job with V Grigoryants.
My nose went from being normal sized to less than half the size. He rotated my nose to the extent one third of my nose is nostril holes!
This inexperienced physician did a style of nose I didn't want.

The nose I have now 10 years after surgery with this physician is 2 x width of nose I was born with!
11 years later, I'm left with catastrophic disastrous damage to my drainage tubes. Nose is totally bodged and I have to fork out money looking for a physician who can reverse the damage Grigoryants did.
STAY AWAY from him.
He's not an ENT. He failed the exams. He favors the Zsa Zsa Gabor nose, only single boarded. Inexperienced with the brain size of a cent.

Went to his office 6 months after my op and there were 3 women moaning he bodged their noses.

He forks out money for RS to remove his bad reviews.

Can't even take pics for thanksgiving becos nose is a disaster!!

Vladimir Grigoryants MD
Vladimir Grigoryants MD

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      Jun 12, 2018

    Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants Butchered my nose and I’m still having surgeries to repair the damage he did.
    Horrible vile surgeon with zero experience. Should be in JAIL. Period.

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