Vivint, Incmisrepresentation of contract and unethical sales tactics


A door to door Vivint, Inc. employee used unethical sales tactics to acquire our business in July of 2012 with the false promise of a cancellation rescission period and a free front door key pad lock. We were promised that he would come by our home and pick up the rescission documents the following Monday. After we gave him the rescission papers, he never canceled our policy...after we discovered this, we contacted Vivint, Inc. directly and were told we had to take it up with this particular employee...then we were told, they could not get a hold of this employee...then we were told the time had lapsed and we were stuck in a four year contract...after two years of paying, we have neither used the system or gotten any further help after numerous calls and complaints. We have now sold our home and they will still not help us any further with this issue.

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