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VIV3Terms and conditions hidden in background of advert

On line advert offering a free trial of Acai berries and Colon Cleanse both priced at $5.93 . The terms and conditions - which are extremely difficult to locate state that after 15 days and you have not cancelled your " free trial ", then in my case £ 70 was taken out of my credit card amount for the two " separate products making a total of £ 140 ! That is nothing short of obscene and a deliberate attempt to extort monies from the public and this company needs to be stopped from fleecing others


  • Ki
    kickinside Aug 15, 2016 is the site I used

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  • Aa
    AAAlexander Aug 15, 2016

    I realised right away, after signing up that the whole thing was a scam. I called to cancel, but they wouldn't give me a ref no. for my call, so I had no proof. I bombarded them with emails, but all were returned stating that support not avaliable by email. However I finally sent an email to the address recorded on their company registration details at Companies House. The address is [email protected] I did get a reply from this (though I did send a strong email) and they have confirmed that they have cancelled. Though I do not trust anything they say, and maybe they will still steal money from my account. Hope I have escaped the scam, but time will tell.

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  • Di
    Disgusted5 Aug 15, 2016

    See my August 8 complaint. I sent my emails to [email protected]

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  • Sa
    sarah fisher Aug 15, 2016

    Again i am writing to complain about VIV3 i have tried to reach them i am put on hold forever and a day! Has anyone got an e-mail address or some other way of getting in contact as every one i have tried is no longer working. I am now trying the old fashioned way and writing to them, even though that will not do any good im sure. I cancelled my credit card so they could not take anymore money and they had took another £ 145.00 off there the day before i cancelled it how lucky is that.!!! Please could you let me know a.s.a.p .

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  • He
    Helpme000 Aug 04, 2016

    I ordered the colon clease for a free trial and only had to pay for postage. I thought it was only a free trial and that was it! It did not say on the receipt that this products are monthly and will get charged into your credit card! They debited $150 out of my account without my consent. I cant ring them and they dont have an email i can contact them...
    Does any one know how to get your money back? and should i cancel my account would they try to take money from my account again??

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  • Th
    thomas moreau Aug 02, 2016

    I am an ex Local Billing Limited employee, the owners of,, and another sites with these fake diet products (colon cleanser, acai berry, resveratrol). They are operating using various companies: Viv3Labs for Europe, FMW Laboratories for US And, lately, to avoid the problems caused by the scam using Viv3Labs, they are using Trading Planet Ltd for Europe and Information Tech Systems LTd for US. Also, they are using PurpleSky LTD at Cyprus for Europe. Lately, they are using some companies opened to process credit cards for the porn industry (LB Pride Studios, LB Envision Net Worldwide, etc.- all of them are Local Billing Companies – LB stats for LB).
    The business model is to offer a FREE SAMPLE, only charging you the postage (this is an excuse to get your credit card number) and, then, due to HIDDEN Terms and Conditions, charge people incredible amounts of money for pills and nutraceuticals (in some cases more than 80€ /bottle), which in any retail place cost less than 6 US$ per bottle.This business model is, basically, A SCAM.
    The owners of those sites are Deepak Argwal (, who, apart from this business –contactcenter, legal-, is running more than 2.000 Porn Sites –see, Clay Douglass ( and Mitch Platt (
    It is easy to find them through the information that appears on the site registration of
    Now, they discovered this hole on their ability to remain hidden and are registering the new sites using a Marketing company located in the US, Moniker OnLine Services
    ACAIBERRYEXCLUSIVE.COM - Whois Information
    Douglass, Clay [email protected]
    Viv3 Lab Limited
    Unit 5, Mill Road Industrial Estate
    Linlithgow, WL EH49 7QY
    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    viveraglobal, Hostmaster [email protected]
    Viv3 Lab Limited
    Unit 5, Mill Road Industrial Estate
    Linlithgow, WL EH49 7QY
    Another evidence that Local Billing is behind those companies is consulting the impressun of the web pages (for example, and seeing that is a Local Billing company behind them:
    LB Pegasus Limited
    29 Wordsworth Gardens
    Co Durham
    DH9 9LG
    United Kingdom

    LB is for Local Billing….
    And also resveratrol product site,, the impressum of the page ( is the following:
    Trading Planet LTd.
    56 Thorton Close
    Chester Le Street
    Co Durham
    DH2 1QH
    United Kingdom

    Also, they are using a company called Phytoscience, located in the same address than viv3, to make the handling and the postal distribution of the products. The manager of Phytoscience is called Chris Swanson and his email is [email protected]
    Other addresses to find those sca...ers:
    Local Billing Ltd, Pau Claris, 100, 08009 Barcelona, Spain (they are operating from here under the name Tucana Corona, it is an useful contact for the police)
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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  • Jo
    Joanna Ray Aug 02, 2016

    I've bought Acai Berry and Life Cleanse pills from Company (Viv3Labs) and cancelled within 15 days. This was in August. In October I've received a delivery for both products at a charge of £82.95 each (165.90). On the invoice the company name was no longer viv3labs but the Trading company LTD. I've called them and was told that they will not refund the money because I've only cancelled on October 17th which is the date on the invoice!. I do not want the pills and I didn't want them in August when I've cancelled. The guy on the phone just put the phone down saying there is nothing he can do about it. I want my money back. What can I do?

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  • Kl
    klara Aug 02, 2016

    purchased Acai Berry and Life Cleans for$1.69 on the 6th July 2009. and charged me $7.66 and $1.29 who knows why
    And on the 22nd July 2009 I was charged another $150.57 twice by viv3 labs
    be very carefull with orders, allways read the fine print
    i didn`t ...
    now i am trying to get my money back
    wish me luck

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  • Pi
    PISD OFF Jun 13, 2016


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  • Co
    Connny Jun 13, 2016

    Hi there,

    I'm in the same boat but I have no email address for the. The [email protected] doesn't seem to work anymore. Which one did you use? So far I have only spoken with the customer call centre with no success.


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  • Ch
    christne ann Jun 13, 2016

    rang 2day 2 tell them not 2 take anymore money from my bank, dont what anything more 2 do with them i want my money back but its not going 2 happen bad poeple like them making a fast buck sad, very sad, and 2 make it out it is us saying we did not look at the small print was not there 2 look at when ordering i ha ve not had any pills yet but taking money from me surely they cant do that come on someone do somethink about poeple like these keep on going i will not go on face book, and many more 2 get things done we work hard 4 the money we get u, just come on in and do this??????????????????????????????????????

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  • Un
    unhappyCarol Jun 13, 2016

    Finally, I got all my money back. I share my whole story here to give you guys some ideas and timelines.

    On July 24, 2009, I ordered Acaiberry Exclusive online, then I got an email from them said CAD$1 will be charged by Viv3Labs. They didn’t mention any additional changes
    On July 25, 2009, my credit card was charged USD$1.43 (CAD$1.60) by VIV3 +[protected]
    On Aug 11, 2009, my credit card was charged USD$118.63 (CAD$132.35) by FOCUSCLEANSE [protected]
    On Aug 26, 2009, my credit card was charged USD$119.02 (CAD$134.14) by FOCUSCLEANSE [protected]
    I received my first bottle of Acaiberry in August, I don’t remember the date but there is nothing in the envelop indicated I would be charged additional.
    I called my credit card company (CIBC Visa) and they told me the FOCUSCLEANSE is the same company of Viv3. As I gave Viv3 my credit card number, they cannot do anything.
    I called Viv3 on Aug 31, 2009, asked them to cancel my membership and they did it for me. Then I asked them to refund, but they refuse to refund the transaction on Aug 11. And they said the 2nd bottle is on its way to me, and I need to contact them for return after I receive it.
    On Sep 3, 2009, I received the 2nd bottle of Acaiberry. This time they put the invoice of () in the envelop.
    On Sep 4, 2009, I called them for refunding. They said they will send me an email in 72 hours to tell me what to do.
    On Sep 6, 2009, I received their email which told me why they charged me twice, and confirmed my account is cancelled. So I wrote back to ask how to get a refund.
    On Sep 7, 2009, I received the 2nd email, they said they cannot credit me as I accepted the terms and conditions. So I wrote back that I didn’t accept the terms and conditions at all, there is not checkbox for me to check. And I attached the original email they send me of charging $1 for shipping the free trial, there is no terms and conditions in that email.
    On Sep 8, 2009, I received the 3rd email. They said I did agree to their terms and conditions, but they were going to give me a refund of 118.63 USD, as they prefer not dispute with clients. I wrote back I never accepted the terms and conditions, and if they will refund me, the refund amount should be 118.63 USD + 119.02 USD.
    On Sep 9, 2009, I received the 4th email. They said they credited 118.63 USD and 119.02 USD to my credit card.
    On Sep 15, 2009, the credit transactions appeared on my credit card (The transaction date is Sep 10). I got my money back.

    Good luck to you guys.

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  • Fr
    Frankthetank198711201 Dec 02, 2009

    Brends, you are a bot ### and should be hung with the rest of your scamming family, in public, for us to spit at as you give your last breathes.

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  • Ha
    hall7274 Oct 21, 2009

    ahhh! we have a new technique of giving people hope that these companies are respected and should be trusted by saying how the product works really well... hey TOM M. H i said i was going to find the next one and i think i just have... everyone click on TOM H M's profile and see how he repeats the same statement over and over and over these vile people get everywhere, so SharilynR and Shane2 have stopped saying how they are so sorry for the inconvenience ... blah, blah, blah and we now have Tom MH how long are you going to stay here...see you around

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  • To
    Toniamaria Oct 08, 2009

    As the same as many others i have also been scammed by this company, saying 1 free months trial and they take your money 15 days later, but you need 1 month using this product before seeing any results???????
    When you realise the product does not work, it's to late!!! They've had your money already and claimed they have sent the 2nd and 3rd batch out therefore claiming more money.
    I am still awaiting these products to date??
    If anyone is tempted, PLEASE rethink.DO AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.
    It will cost you big time at the end of the day.
    Could anybody PLEASE help me claim back my £300.00

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  • Ni
    nikw Oct 02, 2009

    Please can someone give me some ideas on how to STOP money coming out of my account!! I have emailed this VIV3 company on the [email protected] and recieved a prompt email back telling me to ring CANADA (which mind you has 6 primary time zones so i dont know where to start there!!!) i mean its MY ACCOUNT here and if i cancel the card and they try to take more money then im lumped with a dishonours fee as well... any ideas are welcome!!

    Im a single mother who cannot afford this!.. thanks

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  • Gi
    gill Sep 29, 2009

    this company has not only stolen money from my bank account following cancellation of the order but also not sent any products since the original free trial was offered. TAKEN MONEY AND NO PRODUCT

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  • Ci
    cinreign70 Sep 23, 2009

    Can anyone beleive this... I have finally got in contact with this bogus and bloody outrageously rip off company and they informed me that I have just paid 141 dollars for a FREE TRIAL!!! They have no compasion for the fact that they are miss leading the public and informed me that i should have read the ten pages of fine print...( that even when i did read it I still thought that I would receive more of their product) But alas I was wrong and YES THEY CHARGED ME 141..2 DOLLARS FOR A FREE TRIAL... I am so mad that this company is even still aloud to trade...- STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Wi
    WILLIAM BAIN Sep 05, 2009

    I ordered the free trial then cancelled it but to my surprise they still took money from my account i contacted them by e-mail and telephone they have said they are going to refund me my money i have still not received it so please be aware of this scam I am now taking a small claims action against they as they have sent me e-mails to say that i will get the refund.

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  • Le
    Les Barrett Aug 24, 2009

    I forgot to mention...there was no box to tick regarding the terms and conditions.

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  • Le
    Les Barrett Aug 24, 2009

    Yes I'm a poor sucker as well. I spoke to Barclaycard the first time I noticed the postage was charged for in US DOLLARS CYPRUS and told them that I had no idea who this company was. I was refunded straight away by Barclaycard, but was hit by another bill from Focuscleanse. for £73.64. I spoke to BC again and told them the same thing . I have no idea who these people are but they refused to stop my card or give me a refund, just offering to send out a form of complaint to fill in. To add insult to injury, not only have I not recieved anything from the scammers...BC tried to sell me credit card protection. Talk about subtle.

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  • Me
    melodiehunter Aug 24, 2009

    dial this number as it appears [protected]. this is the companys consumers service. i too same thing as you and they have refunded 1 charge though refuse to refund the second charge. i cancelled in the appropriate time and they state that they have no record of me cancelling. hope this helps. all you can do to pressure them is call your credit card and explain with them and ask them to call the company with you. it states on their terms and conditions they do not accept returned product in exchange for refunds.

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  • Li
    lilian*.* Aug 20, 2009

    as in the above the email wasn't shown completly i post the eamil again...and clearly you can see :
    "This cancellation implies future charges will not be made by our company"

    [#SUM-237343]: Viv3Labs Customer Support-your inquiry‏
    De: Viv3Lab Customer Service ([email protected])
    Você pode não conhecer este remetente.Marcar como confiável|Marcar como lixo
    Enviada: quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009 16:55:19
    Para: lilian

    Dear Customer, Thank you very much for contacting our customer service at Viv3 Labs. We would like to confirm to you that your account has been canceled successfully. This cancellation implies future charges will not be made by our company. Best regards, Viv3 Labs Customer Service

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  • Li
    lilian*.* Aug 20, 2009

    [#SUM-237343]: Viv3Labs Customer Support-your inquiry‏
    De: Viv3Lab Customer Service ([email protected])
    Você pode não conhecer este remetente.Marcar como confiável|Marcar como lixo
    Enviada: quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009 16:55:19
    Para: lilian

    Dear Customer, Thank you very much for contacting our customer service at Viv3 Labs. We would like to confirm to you that your account has been canceled successfully.

    what happened right the next day???this...

    19 Aug VIS INT'L [protected]
    USD 118.63
    @ 1.6011

    this was taken for the second time from my account...i had been charged already for the same amount so i called them asking the reason and the answear i got and realised is that the "free" trial all of us think we're having is actually a your "free" trial turns out a nightmare when after 15 days you pay for your "free" after i've canceled the menbership and i clearly asked if for sure everything was canceled and i wouldn't be charged for anything else??the answear as also clearly positive, i wouldn't!and got the email you can see above to confirme that...i also asked for a refund i even would send the bottles back as i never actually have taken any of it...they're sealed as i have received...the answear was very promisse as well and she said in one week tops i would be contacted to have my refund as i wasn't happy with the not that i'm unhappy because i haven't tried but this scams made me sick when you see your statement and there's money coming out your account that you're not expecting especially when you have all money counted for your bills...right but then right the next day they charged me the amount you can see above as well...i called again sure and the answear i got this time was the payments are made 4 days before is actually charged...WHAT IS THIS???after i asked, after i got the clear when i asked where was my free bottle then as they promissed she asked me if i have read their terms and conditions...thats not what is asked!!then i asked if i could send the the bottles back and be refunded then and this time the answear as clearly NO!! so what is right then???they can really still charge me after i have cancelled??isn't that theaft???and i really can't be refunded when they clearly put in their costumer services this?:

    Our refund policy is as follows:

    1.You may receive a refund of any Product that you ordered up to thirty (30) days after your order is placed.
    2.Customers are restricted to receiving a single refund per product ordered. Repetitive refunds are not permitted unless the product, as delivered to you, is defective. We reserve the right to refuse a refund to any customer who repeatedly requests refunds or who, in our judgment, requests refunds in bad faith.
    3.In order to process your refund, you must supply us with your name and delivery address. If you provide us with insufficient or incorrect information your refund will be delayed.
    4.Depending on the bank that issues the credit card, your refund can take up tothirty (30) days to appear on your credit card statement. If you have any questions about whether a refund has been issued by us, please call Our Customer Service Department.
    5.Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.

    i'm confused then...this just makes us think...if we have robbed money from somewhere else we would go to prison straight away and this kind of company make milions robbing innocent people with this scams and they're allowed to keep do it as no one do noyhing to stop this and even make people have they money back as i believe mostly of this people is actually in need of this money...we're talking in loads of money isn't just the £3.90 they first my case was nearly £150 but there's actually lot of people that was lot more???will we have our money back...well probably not but wouldn't you be happy seeing one of this days this people be charged for all this incovinient???i would one has the right to play with people life and money...
    my advise??don't take this pills they're not secure i believe in that...and first of all don't fall down again in one of this scams ...and if you already have please please block your bank card as soon as possible...i certantely have learned my lesson...
    take care all of wishes

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  • Oz
    oz lady Aug 20, 2009

    I too fall into this trap..Just today, I got a shock of my life when they debit my credit card in 2 lots 0f A$149 each. I never recall seeing the 15-day trial period...So, I thought I gladly pay for the postage & handling. Please is there anyone out there who could help me to contact these company. I am happy to send back their products as they are still not been used as yet. I think this company should be looked into for scamming people and be prosecuted accordingly.

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  • Gi
    girlieannie Aug 15, 2009

    I recently also signed up for the trial of the Acai and colon cleanse, and have just realised tha tthey have deducted 2 lots of payments from my account without my authoriuty, 1 lot in the name of VIV3 and another under the name of vitalityclean.

    Watch out this is a huge scam, No one answers the supposed help line.

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  • Ca
    cathie45 Aug 11, 2009

    I to have been had by these con merchants. They have taken all the money from our credit card and have even tried to take more payments I never received any products so couldn't return them. The credit card company have put a temporary block on our card but say that we have to raise a dispute now as they can not cancel the payments or help us aas its a contract!!!
    Does anyone have any suggestions or addresses I can contact to report these thieves.

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  • Ak
    ak47 Jul 23, 2009

    VIV3 labs have now deducted over $300 unathorised from my account. I applied for the free trial of Acai Berry and Cleanser and were to pay only P&P. No product has come but VIV3 has hekped themselves to my account to the tune of $151 and $149 respectively.

    After the first $151 removed from my account (and no product) I have asked VIV3 to cancel any order or agreement I may have entered into without reading whatever devious small print they are hiding behind. I got a 'Dear Valued Customer' automated emailinforming me I am important to them ( I guess my money is anyway) and someone will be in touch with me - naturally the silence is deafening!! The next thing I find is another $149 has been deducted from my account.

    Does anyone know what recourse we have? What are the next steps because this is clearly a scam or some kind.

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  • Sh
    SH1 Jul 22, 2009

    I also have been taken in by this scam!

    I am annoyed as working for fraud I checked both websites before ordering this so called free trial and never saw any small print indicating I would be signed up for any subscription!


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  • 03
    'DISGUSTED' from slough, uk Jul 22, 2009

    These people are ripping off vulnerable people.
    Charge £1 for trial the have billed me £74.20 twice in same day.
    My bank are now investigating and they have been reported to 'Fair Trading Standards Authoruty' so all further info is being traced.
    How can you let this company continue to advertise on internet?

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  • Ke
    kerie driscoll Jul 17, 2009

    my name is kerie driscoll i applied for the trial of accai berry and paid the postage for the product i havent recieved and now youve taken 75.22 from my bank account which you werent surpose to and now i have occured a bank charge of 35.00 and i would like a full refund please. i was never notified of this, i didnt receive your product and i wouldnt want to now either.i would like this sorted as soon as possible thankyou

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