Virtue Eagle Wing Diplomatic Deliveryextortion

S Aug 12, 2018

Virtue Eagle Wing Diplomatic Delivery is a fake website used by online swindlers to scam and extort money from their so-called 'recipient' of a non-existing parcel that they claim containing thousand dollars worth of cash.

The 'sender' will send a log in info to their victim to make them believe that there's an actual package coming their way so they can track it's whereabouts and status.

Once the non-existing parcel arrives in it's destination country, an agent from the said diplomatic courier service company will call the 'recipient' to ask money for airport clearance. Once the money has been deposited, the will process the non-existing parcel for release and will call you afterwards to inform you that they found a bundle of cash inside the parcel.

In order for them to release the parcel, they will extort their victim as "penalty" to avoid legal liabilities. Failure to do so will lead to investigation for violation of anti-money laundering law. The clueless recipient then will be forced to pay and will realize later on that they have been scammed.

This kind of scheme is very popular among dating sites, where a very attractive man/woman will lure their victims thru chat, befriending them and propose an online affair once they become close to each other. Common targets are from third world countries like Philippines.

The fake agent of Virtue Eagle Wing Diplomatic Delivery is Annan Lago Rauf.


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