ViewBug / Golozorefuse to send proper invoices

J Aug 15, 2018

I was probably stupid enough to subscribe to a PRO membership at a "special" summer discount price (70 $). As I have a business, I asked them to send me an invoice.
Know what? They can't ! They say they don't have the "software" to generate invoices, while all you need is Word and a free template you can find in the internet...
So I asked a refund which of course they refuse...
In my opinion this whole ViewBug thing is a scam... Any normal business would be happy to serve their customers, but apparently ViewBug has no customers but only "pigeons" (french for "scammed people").
Living in Belgium, I was wondering where I could file complaint in the US against a company that doesn't want to send proper invoices to their customers?
Isn't it a legal obligation in the US as well to send invoices, at least upon request?

Veuwbug Invoice Id: 753585 on July 3rd, 2018

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