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total scammers

I bet you don't even know about this company and it's great. But if you ever find it and decide to invest, I have to say that it will be the biggest mistake you may make.
Why? Because they are scammers.
These cowboys use somebody's billing information and actually pretend to be someone they are not. They don't provide phone numbers and I guess, there's no support at all. You only can use an email, but I doubt it works as well.
The company offers easy money if you invest in their project.
But to do so you will have to establish an office (oh my god, nothing in the world is easier than establishing an office for someone you don't even know), then you will have to manage an advertising campaign and maybe then they will help you.
What the hell is that? And they thought it would look ok?
That's way too weird, guys. What kind of help they are going to offer? Why would someone who already has established an office and paid for ads need more help? With what exactly?
One more sign of a scam is that the website is glitchy as hell. Some pages don't even work. Very nice.
I'm not going to say something like: oh guys, you decide. No, it's decided: you don't have to deal with them, it's clear they are total scammers!