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I have been VBuzzer customer for over 5 years, and I have promoted their services to family and friends all over the world and some of them have their unlimited Toronto calling plan which has been paid in advance, they suddenly have changed their business plan and started charging people based on the country they are calling from which is totally bizarre, VoIP has no limits and that is the purpose of it why people were using vbuzzer, otherwise www.callwithus.com or many of the betamax websites are offering much lower calling rates then vbuzzer.

They wrongly assumed that all of Asia and Middle east has VoIP blocked and only their software can work there so they started charging customer eight times the regular charges and for local Toronto calls they are charging 16 cent per minute. Most of the users were not informed of these HIGH charges and once they checked their accounts were puzzled and thought its wrong billing, vbuzzer did not honored people having yearly plan and switched them to per minute pay as go plans. When someone has tried to inform other customer in their forums about their county based billing which is unethical they have deleted those posts so they can trick more people and make money as quick as possible.

It’s a complete rip off and everyone should close their account with vbuzzer and switch to other alternates who charge VoIP calls as they should be charged.


  • Ya
    Yamdigger Oct 23, 2014

    I was with VBuzzer for over a year and while they were anything but perfect, I was more or less satisfied with the service. Then when it came time pay my monthly fee, I couldn't find the link to pay the damn bill on their website. I emailed them about this and heard nothing. I emailed again and finally got back to me and told me some kind of nonsense that a will have to pay a startup fee or something like that. I said 'forget this' and looked for another provider. I signed up with VOIPmuch this morning and their customer service communication was very prompt. A refreshing difference indeed.

    I'm getting the impression that VBuzzer is now an orphaned business and that the owner isn't interested in it anymore.

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  • Ha
    HateVbuzzer Mar 18, 2014

    I have also been a long time customer with VBuzzer, recently, my line stopped working and I tried to call them... email... contact through the website etc but no reply whatsoever.
    I think (guessing) that they decided without telling me, to change my yearly account to a monthly account and are waiting for me to give them some more money (luckely the credit card info they had has expired already otherwise they would be trying to deduct all sorts of money from it I am sure).
    I am very very disappointed in this turn of events... I was quite happy with them before they did this... the worst is that there is absolutely no way to contact them (at least that they answer anyway). I have already had the number ported away from them, and they still dont seem to want to contact me to find out why... perhaps they are slowly giving up their business.

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  • Vs
    V.Senthil murugappan Jul 22, 2011

    I need to renew my account for balance credit in balance days. My account balance 0.00, but my days are pending.

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  • Vs
    V.Senthil murugappan Jul 22, 2011

    I need to renew my account. Number of days are there, but balance not there to call. How I have to renew the money for this month only as per my valid date.

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  • Ri
    rikkimartin Sep 21, 2010

    also want to add that Softroute corporation has an F rating with the better business bureau

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  • Ri
    rikkimartin Sep 21, 2010

    I agree that Vbuzzer is a scam.
    My number has not worked for a month.
    I have pleaded with their (non-existant) customer service department and recieved not response.
    They are willing to take my money, but not willing to fix my problem.
    Perhaps we should all call the company at:

    Softroute Corporation
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Address: 218 - 60 Centurian Dr.
    Markham, ON L3R 8B5
    Customer Contact: Mr. Mike Mu, President and CEO - [protected]

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  • De
    dealman Aug 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please file your complaint with these organizations. These organizations are extremely helpful and effective in dealing with rogue companies such as VBuzzer.



    All the company information can be found here:

    Softroute Corporation
    Suite 218, 60 Centurian Dr.
    Markham, Ontario
    Canada L3R 8T5


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  • Ma
    marriott79 Jul 22, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. I was hoping my problems were over with this company, but the surprises keep coming. They have charges for everything. I recently made what should have been a local call. I didn't dial a 1 in front of the number, and the call went through without a warning. I later found out they charged me for that call. I asked them why the number was considered long distance when Telus and Bell do not, and all they could say was they'd look into it "later". I also pointed out that their sign up page for my plan said I'd get 250 minutes of long distance a month. They didn't respond to that.

    I also asked why I'm able to place long distance calls without dialing a 1 or receiving any warnings. They said if I don't want to get charged for long distance, then I should just let my account balance decrease to $0. That's nonsense. How the heck are customers supposed to know what is and isn't long distance if they don't apply the same rules as Telus and Bell?

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  • Co
    cod4 Jul 22, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I rarely used Vbuzzer. I was not happy with the quality of their lines. When the charged my credit card again for renewal ($73) I asked them to stop the service so they charged me additional $43 so I ended spending $116 for service I do not and never want to use.

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  • Ma
    marriott79 Jun 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just wanted to post an update: Vbuzzer seems to have resolved my situation by switching me to a phone number prefix that qualitfies for the unlimited local calling plan and applying the $10 charge towards extending my plan by 2 months. For the moment I'm satisfied, and I hope this will be the last problem I have with them.

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  • Ma
    marriott79 Jun 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    It's very troubling when a phone and chat provider doesn't have a phone number, chat line, or email address for customers to contact. It's even worse when they provide contradictory (if not misleading) information.

    I signed up with vbuzzer because I believed I was getting unlimitted local calling for $4.50 US per month. As indicated here:


    Plan Monthly Fee Plan Details
    1 $4.5 Unlimited Local Calling

    After a couple of months without problems, someone in my family made a *local* call that lasted a few hours. Eventually they were cut off, and when they tried to dial the number again, they received a message to the effect that our account didn't have enough credit to make another call.

    The next day, I received an email from Moneris (vbuzzer's payment handler) informing me I'd been charged $10 US. I contacted vbuzzer thinking this was a mistake, but they said my plan only included 250 minutes per month, and once that's exceeded, they consider it "pay-as-you-go", so they "auto-recharge" your account by billing you in $10 increments.

    I checked my account page, and sure enough, it said I only get 250 minutes per month. However, this information is nearly hidden. You have to hover over a "detail" link, and then a pop-up appears with all the countries you can call. The number of minutes in your plan is tacked onto the very end of this paragraph.

    Nowhere on their website can I find a plan that includes exactly 250 minutes per month! There's the information I listed above for the "unlimitted local calling" plan, and then there are the following two calling plans listed elsewhere:

    World Select (33 Countries)
    Select Mothly Minutes/Month Cost/Minute Savings
    $5.00 400 $0.013 N/A

    World Select (57 Countries)
    Select Mothly Minutes/Month Cost/Minute Savings
    $5.00 200 $0.025 N/A

    So which of these three plans do I have? None, apparently.

    Now their website claims you can opt-out of this "auto-recharge" feature at any time, but their instructions for accomplishing this are vague.

    Their "Support" page says:

    "If you want to change your plan, please go to "Service & Plan" and follow the instructions there."

    However, there's no "Service & Plan" page on their website -- anywhere!

    On their "Terms and Conditions" page, it says:

    "(4) Auto-Recharge Default Feature: Unless you indicate otherwise when registering for Your Account (by unticking the relevant box), Vbuzzer will automatically deposit Your Account with an amount equal to your original deposit by charging your designated payment method on a monthly basis. You can disable this auto-recharge feature at any time by accessing Your Account and unticking the relevant box. Disabling this auto-recharge feature will not affect your responsibility for any charges which have already been submitted. "

    As far as I'm aware, the only box on the registration page is the box to accept the terms and conditions. If you uncheck that box, you won't be able to register at all! And there's no so-called "relevant box" anywhere else on their website after you register. It seems there's really no way to turn this "auto-recharge" feature off.

    I paid for a phone adapter and a year of service. I've sent vbuzzer a message indicating I won't be renewing after this term is up. I want my $10 US refunded, and this "auto-recharge" feature turned off. I also want at least the 400 minutes per month -- if not the unlimitted local calling I signed up for in the first place!

    (Note: the information above is from vbuzzer.com on June 19th, 2010 2:13 PM PST.)

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  • Ba
    banda Apr 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have contributed 60USD for two month call plan, but vbuzzer deducted all that sum showing false charges for the calls I had already paid for.

    After 2 months another 60USD charged for next two months, but there is no direction given, how to make a call with calling plan. They give all the directions, how to make payments, but not to make use of them.

    This is realy a highway robbery and the GOD should punish for all who cheat innocent people's hard earned money to make a better life for them.


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  • Ba
    Balvinder Mar 05, 2010

    I also don't want anyone to use vbuzzer because they have taken all of credit as a administration charge. They don't believe in sending any notice before charging and refuse to reverse the charges.

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  • Um
    umida Feb 26, 2010

    Please I don't wish any body use Vbuzzer.com.
    There are cheeting and working not well

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  • Um
    umida Feb 26, 2010

    Please i want to know how to cancel with this bad vbuzzer.com company, because there my bank information wich they blocked.
    And Vbuzzer com working not correct, there are you something wrong.Any way may be I'm small person but one they they will get panish from GOD

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  • Um
    umida Feb 26, 2010

    I"m also very upset about this vbuzzer com.
    I got three account wich they blocked.I wrote them letter last time like

    Hello Vbuzzer team!
    I ask you and write you several time to help me how i can enter to my account.
    but i got only one letter :
    Please download and install the latest version of vBuzzer messenger from
    If this problem persists, please let us know.
    If you do not have a Vbuzzer account yet, please sign up a Vbuzzer account to get better services.
    If you already have a Vbuzzer account, please login your account and send request to our customer support.

    i wrote after again morethan 10 times, second time i got
    I am support from Vbuzzer and I will help you solve your login problem. do you have MSN, GTALK or YAHOO account? please tell me so we can online chat to solve your problem.
    my MSN account is [email protected] you can add me if you have MSN or YAHOO.

    At the end i open one account vbuzzer197328 but when i go in my new account and ask about umka007 account vbuzzer id they again blocked my new account.
    But now i have thirth account like with vbuzzer197328
    stiil i have no problem because im not writing about my problems.
    Now i want just to ask you please please cancel my in vbuzzer with login umka007
    because there is i have still more than 30$ wich i can't use.
    I wish you will reply me, if not i don't no what to do..
    Please i wish you reply me and wish your vbuzzer team all the best.If you have contact number please write me may be i will call your company.

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  • Yo
    yongguo Feb 03, 2010

    Recently we received some complaints about Vbuzzer's pricing and business practices. This post is a response to the complaints. We don't expect it will completely change the mind of those who complained, but we do hope this post can trigger civilized discussions.

    1. SCAM - Charges - Unethical
    In my opinion, it is valid to say it is a wrong business decision and you don't like it. It is not true to accuse the "rip off", "scam", "evil", "fraud" etc. In fact the rates are publicly released on our website 30 days prior to its effective date; the rates are there every second, every minute, every day, week, month; we sent massive emails to notify those who are affected. It is simply not true that we are hiding something, or we attempt to rip off, or scam etc. In addition, we offer calling plans with even cheaper rate than before.

    2. Higher pricing calling from certain countries (e.g. Middle East)

    We heard your voice that you don't like it, we will review our pricing periodically and strive to lower it whenever possible. However, the higher pricing is nothing evil whatsoever. VoIP is a hyper competitive market, in theory, we can set our price high (say, a dollar a minute), and because competition exists (you confirmed this with multiple providers' name), customers will punish us by not using our service. The market will regulate itself and the greedy providers will get no customers, therefore making no penny. While I understand your frustration on the higher pricing, I don't understand why some users are so emotion. You have all the options in your hand, so what's the big deal? For calling from all countries in the world, we offer calling plans, which have better pricing than the pay-as-you-go rates. E.g. If you login to vBuzzer from low rate countries (e.g. Germany), and make a 416 call with your 416 number, you DO NOT get charged a long distance rate of Germany-Canada. If you do have such a charge, please contact Vbuzzer support instantly.

    3. Honoring the contract

    The issue is focused on those who subscribe to an unlimited local phone number and use it in Middle East. If you want to solve your problem and care to contact us, we will either offer you an alternative solution or offer you a refund for remaining period. Here's our take of the issue:

    If a standard technology fails to work in Middle East (for example, Vonage service), you are fully okay, you don't whine, you don't protest, you don't curse the provider, you still need to pay up the full contract period, then you look for something new.

    If an advanced technology works in Middle East countries (for example, Vbuzzer service), you take it for granted, you don't like to pay a little extra to reward the provider. Our suggestion would be you can choose any other providers as you like and we wish you good luck.

    It looks our effort to make VoIP work worldwide at the same price is not a wise business decision. It makes no sense to continue that, as it gives us nothing but all these accusations. In contrast, if the voip doesn't work, people just accept the fact that it is been blocked by local telecom and Vbuzzer is just another "nice" standard VoIP provider, at least not "evil". :)

    4. Vbuzzer sucks?

    Yes sometimes we really suck. A lot of mistakes have been made, a lot of decisions need to be reviewed, and probably changed. We know it. On the other side, we also know we've done a few things right, that's why we are still in business, grow fast, and will continue to be in. For those users who dislike Vbuzzer, this means we will "suck" around for a long time, so be prepared for this annoyance. :)

    5. Billing errors and customer support response time.

    We recently find some users complain about their billing errors. Some are because the users are not aware of the change of the policy. We will explain to these users. For those customers who do have a billing error, we will correct and refund as soon as possible. Our customer service department will take care of each customer inquiries and will typically reply within one or two business day. If we agree to your refunding, we will do so. Typical refund will take about one to two weeks. Not only to your Vbuzzer account, but to your credit card.

    6. Taxes
    If you subscribe a Canadian number, call to Canada, call from Canada, or located in Canada to subscribe any service, you are responsible for the tax. Every penny of the taxes are collected on behalf of Canadian government.

    7. USD
    USD is the currency for Vbuzzer, which is explained well in the website.

    8. 1-800
    It is free for most users. Only for some users who either located in high rate countries (e.g. Middle East), travel to high rate countries, or share accounts with friends in high rate countries, it is no longer as a free feature.

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  • Ax
    axiom Feb 01, 2010

    I am on the same boat man...

    Facts about vBuzzer desperately seeks money:
    vBuzzer forcefully keep money that mistakenly charged from the clients as their vBuzzer credits
    vBuzzer selling Google ads on the front page to generate a few more pennies of revenue.
    vBuzzer started charging taxes on anything, which used to be tax free.
    Yet vBuzzer charges in USD to take advantage of the dollar value
    vBuzzer raised all their rates
    vBuzzer charged 1-800 toll fee calls (which they claimed to be a mistake, and they at best only reimburse vBuzzer credits)
    vBuzzer charges phone calls based on your physical geographical location, not the number you call.
    E.g. If you login to vBuzzer from Germany, and make a 416 call with your 416 number, you get charged a long distance rate of Germany-Canada.
    The list goes on...

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