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The company operates under the following websites

Phone: [protected]
Fax: [protected]
Address: 2600 Lake Lucien Dr Ste 201
Maitland, FL 32751

Randall J. Warren - CEO
Mr Michael Gross - President
Mr Jim Gritz - Member Services Manager
Michael A. Gross - D.
Ms Michelle La Plante
Mr. Randall Warren - CEO

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Tel: [protected]
Tel: [protected]
Tel: [protected]
Tel: [protected]
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Buyers be aware, do not ever be lured into Valu-Pass Promotional Offer, it's a total SCAM. Their Promotional offer states $100 Walmart gift voucher JUST FOR SIGNING UP and try their service. It's a SCAM, do not fall for it. Scam tactic 1) Once they get your credit card, they are in control. they will not mention at all about $100 Walmart gift voucher and really hope that you'd forget too Scam tactic 2) If you call them about the $100 Walmart gift voucher, they will tell you to fill out paper work first, and the paper work says that they will not issue you a gift card after 30 days (AFTER TRIAL PERIOD ENDS AND YOU'VE FOUND OUT THAT THEIR PRODUCT IS WORTHLESS BUT IS STILL CHARGED $99 MEMBERSHIP FEE) Scam tactic 3) Even if you stay on and get charged, they will ask you to make required purchases through their link each month for 4 months before you're eligible for the $100 Walmart gift card, by that time, they've ripped enough profit from you as well as your purchases through their link that they MAY consider issuing the gift card. Scam tactic 4) Even though they say you can call their 1800 number to cancel before the 14 trial period expire, the 1800 number is corrupted and THEY WILL ONLY TAKE CANCELLATION ON LINE, that's when they've already charged you the $99 dollar fee.

If you've been scamed, please file a complaint with Florida BBB

Their customer service is [protected] / [protected] /[protected]
They are registered as Global Travel International AKA
Phone: [protected]
FAX [protected]
Address: 2600 Lake Lucien Dr Ste 201, Maitland, FL 32751

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Nov 07, 2019 2:14 pm
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Thought I was calling to refill a prescription at Meijers for my dad; the 'gift card' was offered and I thought it was through Meijers. Turned out I dialed one number off and didn't realize it until after the call. Thought it was Meijers people making the offer and I was safe to give credit card info. Halfway through, it just didn't feel right, but they were persistent and persuasive. I got a fraudulent charge notification from my credit card company, thank goodness. I tried to take as much info from the scammers as I could, I tried to log into the website '', but it didn't recognize me; so I called my card company and already three other fraudulent charges of small test amounts were on my card. Those were removed, and a new card with new numbers is on its way. Whew! And I thought I'd never fall for giving my info out like that, so glad I could stop it before it got deep. Thank you Comenity for watching out for me!

Some one can help me out what steps I should take? Got off the phone with them like 20 min ago

Oct 07, 2016 5:05 pm
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They got me as well. I shop at Walmart all the time. I done a brief yes or no survey about medical troubles . Was 1 for yes and 2 for no then was connected immediately after finishing survey. Tge servery seemed ok . Was medical ?s, such do u or loved one suffer from pain or need affordable dental care. I continued when I heard dental . I was ask if I knew y I had been selected for gift card. Was told from all the shopping I'd previously done At Walmart acclimated. U want to know what to do ! I think I am going to just report my card ilost or stolen. All I know to keep the out j

Jan 30, 2015 5:12 pm

They got me too. They called saying since I entered the jackpot sweepstakes that the call was to give me an extra entry.I asked her if she was with publishers clearing house as they were the only sweepstakes I entered. she said yes. then she asked if I was interested in a 100 gift card for answering a survey that would take 20 minutes. I said ok. I've done paid surveys before figured it was the same thing. The next women they transferred me to came repeating how if I said yes I would be charged 4.95 for the card to come fed ex. I said what about the survey? She said the survey would come in the mail with the card. If I wanted the program I would be reviewing I could sign up over the phone. If I didnt then I could keep the gift card and buy myself something special. Good lord she repeated her self a dozen times and then transferred me again. This next person asked if she explained what was coming int he mail. I said she explained I was paying 4.95 for the gift card and that I would be reviewing a program. But I didnt know what the program was. He said it a program to help me with my shoppings. I said ok. He took my cc number and then transferred me to a recording that repeated the details again. Asked me to verbally agree. I did. Then it said the name of the program was valupass. And it hung up. Yesterday my cc company called and said valu pass tried to charge several small charges like they were testing to see if it would go through and then a 22 dollar one. I said nope didnt authorize those and she cancelled my card and sent out a new one. It's been a week nothing has come in the mail. I'm glad all they got was 5 bucks out of me but geez. someone needs to stop these people.

I agree totally that this is a SCAM RING! I signed up yesterday, and so glad I looked up their website to find all this information. I immediately called to cancel my membership. With no help from the phone contact, I requested to cancel online. I received a email stating the following: Just saw your request to cancel but you did not complete payment. We would love for you to be one of our customers, so I went ahead and generated a discount for your cancellation. I also included some testimonials from recent happy customers for you to check out.
I would like to know when is there a charge to cancel an offer after stating you can cancel anytime? THANKFUL I SAW THIS ALERT! I have learned a big lesson!

Nov 20, 2014 7:00 pm

Please how do I get out I just got my visa plastic help me


So... how do i get out of this scam?!

Jul 08, 2014 6:25 pm

I totally agree this business is a scam, I fell for it because I shop at Walmart all the time and use their gift cards and coupons to buy things. I never expected something like this to happen to me. I got suspicious after they asked for my info like 5 different times during the so called "sign up" process. The only way I found out it was a scam was through this website. Thanks to whoever organized and put it on the web, I now know what to look out for. Thank you!


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