Utsav SareesPoor customer service


I am very happy with Utsav Sarees, All the product are very beautiful I always suggest others to shop at www.utsavsarees.com but I am very angry with their customer service their talking behaviour is not so good.

They should try new experienced team for customer service. I have more products which shop from www.utsavsarees.com It's very nice, I am happy they have 12000 more designs of Sarees Salwar Kameez, Lehnga Cholis, Footwear and Jewelry also.


  • La
    Lamees Mar 22, 2008

    Do not buy from utsav, they are cheater dogs, that is a insult to dogs they are cheater frauds, they are like " you give me your money and I ignore you even if I send you the wrong stuff." Utsav is the worst company I have ever ordered from and I have ordered a lot of stuff online, my 10 yr nephew could sew a better salwar kameez then the idiot tailors at utsav. Do buy anything from them at all.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Vishal Pacheriwal Apr 08, 2008

    Parvati Exports is one of the best Manufacturer and seller of Designer Sarees, Art Georgette Sarees, Traditional Sarees, Kashmiri Sarees, Embroidery Sarees, Printed Sarees

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  • Aj
    ajm Apr 14, 2008

    UTSAV saree has great website but will NOT back up their guarantee. Their stitching is the worst I have ever seen. They send leftovers and seconds overseas. They sell you one thing then say it is "damaged in processing, please choose something else". This happened at least 5 times. DO NOT shop from them.

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  • An
    Anju Patel May 10, 2008

    utsav saree is great website containing large collection of sarees.



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  • Og
    Oguz Os May 28, 2008

    Utsav Saree is sucks!
    don't believe their inviting web-site.

    we ordered a clothe and paid the money two months ago. they've still not send our order.

    when i want to tell them my problem, they're always saying :
    "we will send your order in 2-3 days"

    that's a LIE !
    they stole my money ! not directly but they have money but didn't send my order!

    if any authorized personal of utsav may read that, i'll give my order number to believe us.

    Order No : UT30929

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  • Aa
    Aaliyah Aug 19, 2008

    I think ustav should either close down or really step up on their services especially their tailoring skills!

    USTAV if you are going to make people wait 6-8 weeks for their order ATLEAST make sure you stitched it properly!!!

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  • Na
    Nara Sep 02, 2008

    Do NOT but from Utsav. They are misleading and do not stand by their products. Their website is full of lies. They made mistakes in sizing for both of my outfits. I was very specific on the measurements and they stitched things too small. It was their error and I have sent pictures with these items on to show the size that they came and what my orginal order said (was 5 inches off). They won't even recognize that this was there error. In addition, beading is already coming off, and I would not have minded that as much if I haven't had such a hard time on the other issue.

    They lie to customers and are ripping people off. I woudl recommend doing your shopping form venues in Houston, Chicago, NY and LA. Ehile these prices for clothing might be a bit more than utsav, at leats you know what you are getting for and can control the situation. Utsav has given me the complete run around and it is very unfortunate.

    They also cannot do anything in less than 6 weeks time. Do not believe this story of being able to ship things in 2 to 3 days. It's not possible and you will just be frutsrated. iw as going to buy all of my families cloithes from Utsav for my wedding, but wanted to see what my experience was. I refuse to do that now given this experience.

    In the United States, Canada or Europe, such a company would be shut down. Not only for misrepresenting themselve sonline, but also ripping customers off and giving them poor quality products or things with errors so customers have to pay again to have things fixed. It's a scam. Stay away.


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  • As
    Ashani Sep 15, 2008

    I did not like the shopping experience with the Utsav team AT ALL. I had placed orders for many salwar kameezs but when I received what I had ordered and what I had asked for, things did not match.
    I had to call india a number of times asking them to replace the orders but their corporation was very poor. Not only were they rude but their attitude towards the my complaints was shocking. I could not get the salwaars to go past my ankle and I was told to have it altered by a local tailor. I sent the items back after many complaint emails and asked for a refund but they would not refund the money. I had to choose items from their web and I am still waiting for a whole month yet I am told that they are still packaging the order.
    Each time I ask about the order, I am told that they could not respond due to back connections with the internet.
    The Jaipur and Delhi locations had their phone numbers up but it seems like the employees do not take customer service as a priority at all.
    I am shocked about the way they have behaved and WOULD NOT RECOMEND any one outside india to waste their time or money at Utsav.

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  • Sh
    Shamli Sep 15, 2008

    UTSAV is the WORST PLACE i have ever shopped at. CHEAP ###!!! they are all liers.
    They suck in all aspects of customer service and they have attitude, they are a complete rip off. You can get better clothes at a goodwill store then at Utsav!!!
    I spoke to their team of Mr Sohan Rawat from Delhi, Hari Kant from Jaipur, Anil Jain from Jaipur... ALL CHEAP ###S!
    Utsave can not stitch for ###... I mean they are full of ###

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  • Na
    Nara Sep 30, 2008

    I reordered a blouse (and had to pay for it) even after they made a stitching mistake and made the blous too short. I called india about 10 times, talked to several people and had ongoing e-mail exhcnages where I was guaranteed the blous would match the lengha and it arrived today, the blouse doesn't match at all. they lie and steal money and i will NEVER order from them again. I made a big mistake.

    I encourage all of you to send daily e-mails or perhaps we can get a group together and start targeting them and writing about them on different sites so we at least get our money back and also warn other shoppers. There is power in numbers and UTSAV needs to know that that just because we are not in india, they can't just take our money and give us poor quality or wrong items and there not be consequences to their reputation.

    If anyone is interested please post a note here and I will send an e-mail address where we can start something up and demand a refund.

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  • Na
    naseema salam Oct 18, 2008

    i paid for a saree over 3 weeks ago and still i have not recieved it, i emailed them several times regarding my order but they failed to reply, the funny thing is when i used to send a query before i placed an actual order they were very prompt in replying!! ...

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  • Vi
    Vijay Vivek Oct 29, 2008

    i have never seen a online which is so fraudulent in my life. They have a very good website and most of the items, they show is not available. They will be first get money and later ask to change the item, change the color etc., which totally defeats the purpose of buying what you want. The typical pathetic replies are

    'your order got damaged in the final stage, please select another item'

    'your item is available only in a different color'

    'our email was not working, so could not reply'

    'your order is in the final stage and will be shipped in 2 days (it has been more than 45 days, since they are saying this and i have not received my item)'.

    We should complain this website to proper authorities, otherwise the cheating will go on.

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy from them? You can take my word for it.

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  • Ni
    NikkiR Nov 15, 2008

    I ordered something a month ago and still havent received they said shipping would happen in 4-5 days but its now 10 days and still they did not ship out. I feel i will be waiting a long time. Also the 2-3 day thing is a lie as well.Its a shame because they have beautiful products and would maybe get new outfit evry paycheck, but they dont deliver on what they portray.

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  • Ni
    NikkiR Nov 22, 2008

    UPdate : NOw after a monththey tell me item is not available in color i ordered, only peach color..Wtf?! they tell me 4-5 more days now they dont have right color...it took a month to notice? they obviously were not working on item...

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  • 12
    123 Jan 22, 2009

    I have not seen this site before...;-(

    I ordered a saree...donno whatz gonna happen OMG..!!!

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  • So
    sowk Feb 20, 2009

    I just received my saree from Utsav which was in perfect condition and was VERY pretty!

    I DID see all the complaints about their services in MANY websites but still decided to go ahead with my order (reluctantly) as the sarees were too gorgeous (and affordable) to resist. I couldn't get the saree I originally ordered because I received an e-mail saying the item was damaged while processing so they asked me to change my order. This is when I got scared because I read about the many people who got the same "damaged while processing" e-mail and ended up not getting any saree! I e-mailed them the code of a different saree and was pleasantly surprised that my order got through and was being shipped! Soon it was in my mail box and I am a VERY satisfied customer!

    My advice to those of you out there: DO order but be prepared to send e-mails enquiring about your order and reminding them when you want it by.

    Once you get the saree, I'm sure there will be no regrets.

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  • Ge
    Geeta Feb 26, 2009

    I just recieved my order. It is perfect.

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  • Ge
    Geeta Feb 26, 2009

    Yes I received my 2 very BEAUTIFUL SAREES AND 1 RED SALWAR KAMEEZ on the 24th February and I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much and keep up the good work I am very impressed with the quality of your sarees they are absolutely amazing. I have never seen sarees like UTSAV anywhere else in the shop or anyother website. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WELL DONE. BEST REGARDS, SHILA.

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  • Ca
    Cartman123 Feb 27, 2009

    We bought a saree listed online for $549.18 AUS. After two weeks haggling over a simple blouse design it was finally shipped. And this was their express ship saree (3 day ship)! When we got the saree it had rips on the border, the stone and zari / wire work were coming out and the blouse was stitched with a completely different design and had holes in it. Looks like it was stitched by an amateur tailor. We Got the saree valued here in AUS at 4 different stores all said it was worth a maximum of $150.00.

    Now we've been bitten, and cannot get money back. They immediately introduced a new policy that they cannot return stitched item. No where did it state that prior to purchase.

    Buyers be extremely careful when dealing with UTSAV, take your money elsewhere and don't waste you time, unless you want to be ripped off with fake and cheap imitations of advertised goods on their website. STAY AWAY from them. I'm sharing my pain, because there is nothing I can do, rather then stop other people getting bitten by UTSAV.

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  • Na
    narangiR Mar 30, 2009

    Oh I did not see this site before ordering. I wish I had. We'll see how it turns out. I should have done better research. I have had many problems with eshakti before too before they stopped selling salwar kameez. They finally got it right after deciding they wanted to open up a different site for indian clothes. I will just harass Utsav if there is a problem. Hopefully there isn't.

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  • Di
    disha Apr 13, 2009

    I totally agree with all the complaints as myself is a victim . I have placed almost 4 sarees out of 4 received only 1 rest all are still in progress as they commited on 1ST apr 2009 that its at the last stage please wait for 3-4 days. Buit till now no news, talking to customer care they are not aware guiding us to contact [email protected] or to customer care ...

    Please thsi is my humble request to all who have not yet purchased not to buy from UTSAV Sarees they are the unprofessional people .( Beena -dubai)

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  • Di
    disha Apr 21, 2009

    I agree with all the complaints done against Utsav sarees . They are the ###s with no responsibility. My items were supposed to reach me with 15-20 days but till now i.e after 35 days too still says under process. called many time s to sohan yes its done will send there after nothing all mum...

    Plesae be aware they are teh biggest crook on this earth...Better do from Onlinesarees.com/Harini silks.com

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  • Tr
    trici27 May 25, 2009

    I have no complaints about ustav sarees, I was very happy with my purchase, any question I had I emailed and I received a reply the next day. I will recommend them to anyone who wants a gorgeous lenga.

    Thank you

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  • Ra
    rachel Jun 02, 2009

    All the bad complaints are true. Please stay away from them as they are bad news and will find a way to steal your money.

    They sent my order, but it was about 3-4 sizes too small. They told me to send it back and they will make me a new one. I sent it back in the manner they asked me to and provided them with the customs number because USPS does not have tracking in India. I guess that was their game all along. I have emailed them so many times and all I get is the same answer. HAVE FAITH IT WILL SHIP IN 1-2 DAYS OR DON'T WORRY IT WILL SHIP IN 3-5 DAYS. Well, I got sick of it and told my credit card. They put a temporary charge back and now UTSAV is saying they will ship it the same day I cancel the claim. I told them to ship it and then I will cancel it when I receive the item.

    I also have another claim against them for not resolving an issue with a saree that I ordered before this stuff happened. The saree was not what I originally wanted and they made me pick another due to the original being sold out. The saree had the wrong size blouse, a shoddy border that was falling apart, and a petticoat too long. Plus it was cheap quality. I asked them to refund my money or send fabric with no stitching as a replacement, but they said they will give me 15% refund (roughly $5) and a new petticoat. Well, I said that this isn't a satisfactory resolution for me and I was IGNORED. So they now have 2 claims against them and I'm pretty sure they won't send the salwar kameez unless I cancel both. PayPal told me it is a bad idea and they have no control over it because it is in the hands of my credit card. They also responded to PayPal with a tracking number and I explained to PayPal and my credit card company that this was the original tracking number of the one I sent back. They should really be banned from being able to practice business in USA.

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  • Ra
    rachel Jun 02, 2009

    Worst company to buy from. Should be shut down. Never, never, never again. They stole money and are very rude. Buy from salwar-kameez-tunics.com or cbazaar.

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  • Sh
    shaz Jun 04, 2009

    i purchased a lehnga from these people on may 2nd 2009.today is 4th june, and they still havent started stitching yet, thay have taken money the first day of ordering, they are the worst place you should ever shop around, , on the other hand i orderd 3 kamiz salwar from radhika sarees it was deliverd on my door stepin 8 days
    ustav sarees are the biggest liers and loosers
    please do not waste your money and your time

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  • Ar
    arya Jun 09, 2009

    all the complains are ture...i am one of the victim...i ordered a sareer for my engagement but got it after the ceremony...i emailed them, reply is same like all are saying 3-4 days, problem is shipping bla bla bla...jess do not trust these guys...stay away from this ...

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  • Bo
    Bosky Atlani Jun 26, 2009

    UTSAV is the worst company ever. I ordered my saree over a month and they still haven't shipped it yet. I complained and they haven't responded. So i have asked my credit company to go after that.

    We really need to get this out more in the internet. There are poor un suspecting buyers that are going to waste a ton of money. I can't believe they can cheap people like this. There has to be a way to close this business.

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  • Ut
    utsav customer Aug 12, 2009

    Utsav has poor customer service..I agree 100% with that. I ordered a saree two weeks before mentioning that I need to wear it for an upcoming party. Of course the saree I picked was eligible for 2-day shipping and still I have't got the saree..I informed the customer service several times and they rarely respond. They mention that they will ship the saree today everytime I contact them..I agree that they have a very good saree collection. But they loose their customers if they dont deliver the items on time. Also they should respond to customers and tell the truth without telling these bs.

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  • I think Utsav is the greatest place to buy saree .I couldn't believe on the others opinion that is bad.

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  • He
    hemant ranjan Sep 29, 2009

    these guys are fraud i ordered 3 sarees from utsav sarees and all of them are old stuff color is dufferent and when i called them they just ignored my complaints ...never buy anything from utsavsarees.

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  • Ch
    charubak Oct 03, 2009

    I am very disappointed with Utsav sarees. We bought an item with express shipping, and the item was supposed to be shipped within 48 hours. It is almost one month and the item has NOT been shipped yet. The online chat service is always offline. I called them to India 5/6 times, and every time they told me that the item would be shipped in 2/3 days. However, I have been waiting for almost 1 month.

    I hope they learn better bussiness manners.

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  • Pr
    prita Oct 07, 2009

    DO NOT buy from utsav sarees. I bought a saree and placed an express order, which is supposed to be shipped within 48 hours. Its a month now the item has not been shipped yet. I have been calling them for last one month and every time I hear "the item will be shipped in 2-3 days."

    I am not tired of calling them and have just gave up. I have never seen such a poor customer service in my life.

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  • Su
    sufferer01 Oct 07, 2009

    I have the same experience with utsavsarees. I placed an express order and expected to get it by a week (they mentioned 2 days in the site). Now one month has passed and they haven't shipped it yet. The occassion for which I placed the order is also over. Whenever I call them, they tell that they are gonna ship within 1 day but they never did that. So my suggession is NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.

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  • Ru
    ruby123 Oct 19, 2009

    very true their service is pathetic, they ask for 21 days & their delivery take more than 60 days... & they never return money. Sick its better to buy locally

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  • Dr
    dr cutee Nov 13, 2009


    i have wasted so many dollars as they did not stitch my dress properly. i also paid them for my shipping charges and the fitting is so worst. DONT BUY FROM UTSAV. the delivery takes 30 days, they dont even response to the mails.

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  • An
    Anonymous124 Nov 17, 2009

    I received my first order today and the zipper promptly broke off the lehnga. It was four inches too long. The sequins were already missing and threads were beginning to show. It looks like I bought it for ten dollars instead of the two hundred that I paid. The shipping took so long that I could have traveled to India and back before it came to my doorstep. I should have ordered from another site or have gone to Houston or New York and personally picked out the style that I wanted.

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  • Bi
    bitu Nov 17, 2009

    Utsav sarees has awful customer service and some of the clothing is bad. I ordered a saree and they didn't have it anymore. I had to pick another one. It looked so good online and looked like I bought it for $10 not $80. The border was awful. It looked so cheap. Also, when you send something back they say they haven't received it. They tried to tell me that they will send my replacement when they receive the return and when I take the complaint off them with my cc. I told them send my outfit and I will take off the complaint. They did.

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  • Ut
    utsavsarees Nov 30, 2009

    I have read some negative feedbacks about Utsav, what shall I make of them?

    To err is human. With so many orders being shipped, errors cannot be eliminated altogether.

    But yes we try to learn from each mistake and try to improve our products and services based on customer experience feedback & repeat customers notice the speed of change / improvement in our ways & speed of change / improvement on our website.

    And yes we try to make sure that unhappy customers issue is resolved to the best of our abilities.

    Possible reasons for negative feedback about Utsav:

    These negative feedbacks do not disclose the full picture. Microsoft products will have more negative feedbacks and hacker attacks simply because it has a very large product and user base. You cannot satisfy each and every whim. If people start believing or acting on negative feedbacks, people will stop buying Microsoft products.

    Our is not an off-the-shelf mass produced product. Most of our items are customized and hand embroidered.

    Utsavs 90% orders are customized as per customer instructions. Unlike competition which deal in only unstitched items or standard sizes. Just like first set of cars from FORD you can choose any color you want as long as it is black.

    Utsav catalog has more than 20000 active items, while all of competition websites taken together does not have more than 2000 active items.

    Utsav handles much more volume of orders, thus its negative feedbacks are more visible. While competition many a times show zero feedbacks, simply because they are shipping very few orders.

    Happy customers are less likely to post positive comments, while unhappy customers make it a point to post comments at times on multiple forums. If all happy customers start posting comments, then it will show the ratio of happy v/s. unhappy customers.

    Many a times customers submit wrong measurements or they gain or loose weight, by the time they get to wear the blouse which is a body hugging garment.

    Sometimes customers fill they want a sleeveless blouse with 6 inches sleeve length or such other contradictory numbers. If you wait to get the clarification from them, their weekend party deadline cannot be met. Either way we are doomed.

    Many do not realize that even if they get something tailored locally, it will take multiple sessions of trial and alteration to get the perfect fit. But when they buy online from us they expect it to be perfect. Double standards what say? Not fair. Still we offer free, no question asked alteration service.

    Many of the customers pay using their husbands / parents credit card and while ordering enter their email id in place of their own id. Now all measurement clarification etc emails do not reach them. Then there are spam filters and auto shift to junk folder. Or typos like [email protected] etc. What can one do in such situations?

    Many of the customers revise their instructionsng andzing and styling multiple times and describe them in such lengthy contradictory sentences. Even senior designer and tailor team leader get headache making sense out of them. No doubt they keep headache pills handy. On top of it they sometime specify neck style from one email id, sleeve style from some other email id, trouser style on phone, to make the dress as shown on mobile text, yet some other instruction on live chat and many a times do not quote their order number and do not quote our response at all making it even harder to put the whole story together. And with so much of customization freedom which we allow, the impossible deadlines for delivery for that crucial party.

    Many customers do not appreciate that details of all changes / special instructions MUST be repeated via email after order. We have recently had cases, where the customer has expected his / her order to be executed, incorporating changes suggested by her via email, weeks even months before actual date of order. We will NOT check email history before executing an order. If no email containing Special Instructions / Changes is received at the time of order or immediately AFTER order is placed, order will be executed without any changes.

    Many of the customers do not appreciate the fact that chamki or sequences or crystals & stones etc sometime come off despite best of handling and packaging in embroidered and embellished items.

    Many customers do not appreciate the fact that colors will sometime look different in different situations camera / scanner / monitor / settings / sunlight / indoors / angle of viewing etc.

    Many customers do not understand the difference between hand and machine embroidery. In machine embroidery every piece will have exact same color stones / thread / pattern. But in hand embroidery every piece will have minor differences based on each artisans creative judgment.

    Many customers start posting negative comments even before giving us a chance to rectify the situation. Even when we resolve the issue to their utmost satisfaction, they do not feel the moral need to write a positive follow up post as to how we handled the issue.

    May be those are posted by competition to badmouth Utsav. You never know.

    So our advise is to use your own head and do not depend on second hand opinions.

    Even if you yourself have had a bad experience with us in the past, we request you to give us a second chance.
    Those customers who have given us a second chance are happy for their decision.
    We thank you them for being patient with us.

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  • Ta
    Take Complaints seriously Dec 16, 2009

    I orderd a custom stich sare with Ustav and though it took along time to come to my door, the quality of the garment was amazing.
    I have seen many other items that I wish to buy however after reading this Iam not too sure
    I have read through the comment that ustav have left and it appears that is nothing but excuses. What are they doing to address the poor customer service and slow delivery. I also have found a website www.vogeindia.co.uk, which appears to be a british based Ustav, exactly the same web site and product. I am trying to see what the delivery charges are and how long they take, there is no way of contacting them and do not indicate where there buisness is. Is this another way of avoiding all these quite damming complaints.
    I am now more inclined to get the train to london and look for my perfict salwar kamese there rather than risk £100 sterling plus what ever for delivery from Ustav, unless thats of course Ustav can reply to this post with what they intend on doing to improve customer survaces


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