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scam and cheating

Wells Fargo reported us incorrectly to 3 credit reporting company's that we were 90 day's past due on on mortgage, after we had paid our mortgage account off in FULL! The date the loan was satisfied was in May 2008, but yet they reported us 90 day's late in June 2008... impossible. When calling, the local office, they stated they could not help us and referred us to the home office, 1 hour later and many different customer rep's later, we were told they could not help us and we must submit a written letter to the credit dispute team and await their investigation before they could correct it, up to 30 days.

The problem... we sold our house and paid off the loan and are trying to purchase a new home, however because of this 90 day's INCORRECT report on WFF behalf, we are being denied the loan and good interest rate, and may even lose our chance of purchasing the home because of their uncooperative manner in dealing with their mistake. All we need is a letter stainf tis was a mistake and being corrected and we could get the loan - THY WON'T DO IT! We have submitted the letter and reported it to all 3 credit companies that we need to dispute this matter, urgently.

I will pursue this legally in the event we lose the house purchase because of this. I think this is horrible service and will never do business with WFF in any matter. Not only have they made a mistake which hurt's our credit, they are holding us hostage and are not willing to make any effort to help us. If you are thinking of doing business with WFF - DON'T.

  • Valerie May 25, 2008

    KS are federally regulated to protect both themselves and its customers. However, in Nevada, some bankers find it extremely hard to follow these regulations and make their bonuses every quarter. In order to receive their incentives, they bend the rules so they can get their bonuses and their customers suffer the consequences. How do I know this? I am a former employee of the company and was personally affected by this misconduct.

    The 'trick' is simple, a customer comes into the bank to get a statement, inquire about an account or activate a debit card, the banker looks at the customer profile, immediately notices that the customer has been pre-approved for a line of credit so he/she decides that Mr. Customer needs it and submits an application without even informing the customer.

    That alone violates many regulations, first the customer must always be aware of any credit applications submitted on his/her name, second, rates and disclosures have to be presented to the customer before summiting the application, and last but not least, the customer has to give authorization to have his/her credit report pulled.

    Other great way bankers satisfy their loan requirements every week is with the famous solicitation calls. This happens on Thursdays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm when bankers are required to stay after work to make outbound calls to existing customers to offer products and services they may need. A person or two at my old bank had a great technique to get customers to apply: they call the customer, introduce themselves and offer to mail information about a line of credit, if the customer agrees to receive that information the banker automatically submits an application, if the customer gets approved the line of credit is open and will remain open at a zero balance indefinitely, if it gets denied, it will be hard for that customer to know that an application was submitted (unless they check their credit reports). Usually bankers have a way to avoid denial letters, so the customer never finds out.

    What about signatures? No problem, not need it for a personal line of credit since is a revolving trade (just like a credit card) only installment loans require closing signatures. This issue is only the surface of many unethical things some bankers do. I invite people to check their credit reports and see if there are any unauthorized inquiries from Wells Fargo. If you don't want to go through the hassle of getting that report call a local office and inquire what accounts you have open with the bank or if there are any credit applications entered for you in the past (they will only go back 30 days on that, so getting the copy of your credit report is best). If there are any lines of credit, credit cards or accounts you didn't know about, report that branch. Credit is a serious issue and bankers need to respect the customer's decision to obtain it or not.

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  • Jo
    joe Sep 29, 2008

    Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

    If you have a problem with Wells Fargo or any other national bank, you can make a formal complaint here. They will listen to you after you do this. They do not like to get these kinds of complaints.


    Customer Assistance Group
    1301 McKinney Street
    Suite 3450
    Houston, TX 77010
    FAX: 713-336-4301

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  • An
    anon Oct 08, 2008

    I had mortgage and HELOC with Wells Fargo both were on auto pay (the payments were automatically deducted from my checking account) with Wells Fargo as well. They reported me Late on the HELOC 4x then I called them and they said thier computer showed 2x. I have never been late 30 days. That is why I went on Auto pay. They said I had to file my dispute with the Credit reporting agencies. Not them Are they nuts. They create a problem am won't fix it. Then when I went to refinance they would only offer me subprime. I would not take a Bad Loan so I had to sell my house. They are terrible.
    But B o A is just as bad. B of A would not turn on the disability insurance on the Credit Cards when I got disabled. I paid that insurance every month.

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  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    My husband & I purchased our home from Wells Fargo, located in Texas, however the loan was out of a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage office in Ft. Mills South Carolina with our payments going to the home base at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc, out of Des Monies, IA. We thought something was funny as it took eight weeks to close on the new home while purchasing it and when we tried to turn and sell the home sometime within a year, we found out that the foundation was broken and we could not sell it. While investigating our FHA paperwork, I came upon a really unusual situation. The paperwork for our FHA loan appraisal was actually done on a conventional loan processing paper and Wells Fargo had denied it the first time the brokers tried to have it processed, as it wasn't done right, and then it was submitted again and approved the second time around. Calling on Wells Fargo they admitted that they didn't process it the first time and admitted that they did turn it down the first time. Then I called FHA for an answer, they could not give me the reasons why it would pass and that they didn't see anything wrong. After going through many, many months and three real estate firms to sell it, we decided it was in our best interest to hand the home back to Wells Fargo and we filed all the necessary paper work for a deed in lieu, approximately and timely within the first month everything was done certified, also, letting WF know of the situation and moving out immediately to hand back their home, with Wells Fargo keeping our down payment of over $15, 000, plus the two years of time we paid on it. Then in the mist of the whole thing we found that the taxes on the property weren't even processed correctly it was all fudged. Wells Fargo, never processed the deed in lieu and offered only the reduction of selling which we could not afford and they turned down our wanting the deed and lieu, on top of this the house sat closed up for more then eight months while they were messing things up, by saying they would get someone out there to appraise the home, however, they couldn't even get the right appraiser out there, which would be an FHA appraiser... they wanted a conventional loan appraiser out there... however, we were not able to even afford their decision of a reduction sell. Totally not allowing for the deed and lieu and all along, Wells Fargo kept us at bay by losing our paperwork and claiming that employees were walking off the job and fax machines not getting the material because of all the refinancing that was going on in the USA at the time. The end result was our credit score was destroyed, and being told by a law firm that Wells Fargo was way to big to go after. Then to make things worse, several of my credit card companies wrote and decided to lower my available amounts because of the loss and then upped my rates as high as it could go. To this very day, I have all the paperwork, faxes, dates, numbers, letters to and from that could very well, make your toes curl. This is what one would call The REAL DEAL: A REAL AMERICAN NIGHTMARE! Pebbles of MO

    Remember Wells Fargo bank is not the same division as Wells Fargo Mortgage Company, they do not have the same rules and can not help cross help you in a different division.

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  • Valerie Oct 27, 2008

    I have been with this horrible bank for three years and by no means do I feel like a valuable customer. Wells Fargo has shady billing practices at best. As charges go through they will immediately impact your balance, but will remain in a pending status. For instance, if there is $100 in your checking account, and you make 10 transactions of $9 each, you will see your balance at $10. At that point if a bill payment was scheduled to go out for $110 the system still lets it go. Now what you'll see is 10 $9 transactions, followed by a $110 bill pay, all in pending status. Within 24 hours though, that list will flip on its own. Suddenly the $110 bill pay is in there first and no longer listed as pending, so you're $10 overdrawn. Next all ten of those $9 transactions will become permanent and no longer pending, so now you're $100 overdrawn. Even though on your register you will show the same starting balance, Wells Fargo has just found a way to charge you $340 in overdraft fees instead of the $34 you should be charged. So it's okay to mess with pending money if it's going to make them more money, but if while these are all still pending you deposit $150 in your account to cover it... guess what happens! Yes, that's right, that money will be deposited after all those pending charges are confirmed and you'll be $290 overdrawn instead of $440.

    I have already spoken to several dozen people at my work, a good size number of which have canceled their direct deposit and opened accounts elsewhere. I plan on continuing to cost Wells Fargo as much business as possible until I feel either vindicated or compensated. When I have contacted my local branch I argued with a very rude young lady for 15 minutes before finally letting her know that I would simply cancel my direct deposit and close my account. Her response, in far too cheery of a voice, was "Okay great, that sounds like a fantastic idea."

    I want Wells Fargo to admit that there IS such a thing as a bank error. I know that their employees understand that the bank misbills and mishandles money. At my work I have two employees who both worked for Wells Fargo for some time, and both of them said they would NEVER bank with Wells Fargo after working there. That is not a good sign.

    Since Dec 1, 2007 I have had 23 overdraft fees plus no less than 8 "continuous overdraft" fees. Based on my register and calculations I should have had 5. Over the years I have had quite a number of invalid overdraft fees and I paid them anyway even though I should not have. At this point if I do not get the continuous overdraft fees and the 18 invalid overdraft fees returned to my account immediately, I will close my accounts with Wells Fargo, pay off my car loan with Wells Fargo, and ensure that everyone who will listen knows not to bank there. Don't worry though, after all the many MANY experiences I've had with this company, I'm not holding my breath on getting any response at all, let alone anything actually getting done.

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  • Te
    Terry Oct 29, 2008

    I had a problem with Wells Fargo Mortgage but luckily found a department that helped. It is "Executive Disputes" 800 853 8516. I thought I might give everyone a heads up on it. They helped me immediately.

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  • He
    Heidi Oct 31, 2008

    My husband and I have had many small loans with Wells Fargo in which we had paid off on time or completely before due dates. We took out a small loan to buy a car. It was $2200. We had been paying on it up until this year. My husband was hit by a car while riding a bike. He messed up his shoulder (thank goodness that was all) and was not allowed to go to work until full recovery from surgery because of the heavy lifting he does at work.

    We were just barely making the bills because of the cost of gas and food and everything going up, but we were making them on time and in full. When this happened it completely devastated our finances. We fell behind in everything just to keep a roof over our children's head.

    I was paying Wells Fargo twice a month, as much as I could. I had other bills and creditors that I was trying to make happy also. Anyway, they would call as much as 15 times a day. They called my cell phone and I wouldn't answer because I didn't have the money to pay a high cell phone bill.

    The longer my husband was out of work, the further we fell behind. I was still sending them money, but we ended up having to make the decision to do a debt consolidation or we would lose our home. I called Wells Fargo and explained the situation with my husband's job and the customer service rep I initially talked to was very helpful which I appreciated. It was an extremely hard time and I was about to have a nervous breakdown. He told me to keep doing what I was doing and when my husband got back to work, then we could make a double payment to catch up. My husband was on short term disability, but it wasn't near enough to pay for everything. This man also told me that he would stop the calls for awhile. Within one day's time, I started getting calls again from Wells Fargo. I answered and explained the situation again to them and I was told that the phone calls would not stop and that what I was paying them wasn't near anything what they wanted. I told them I was sorry, but that was all I could do. My kids had eat something.

    They kept calling. Averaging around 10 calls per day. When we started the debt consolidation process, we were told that if a debt collector calls you and you inform them that someone has power of attorney for you regarding the debt, then according to the Federal Trade Commission rules, they cannot call you anymore. I got sick of the calls and finally answered and told her that our lawyer would be getting in touch with them regarding the account. She informed me that they would verify my husbands employment and take us to court if we did not pay. She made me feel like a complete liar. I could not believe it. We always paid our bills on time and had excellent credit. For her to call me a liar when my husband had been seriously hurt, thank goodness not killed. We had medical bills piling up, the person who hit my husband insurance company was trying to get out of paying bills, we were near losing our home and my children not getting enough to eat. She calls me a liar and tells me I will be taken to court. This is after I have told her that someone would be taking care of the problem.

    I didn't hear from them for the rest of the day. I thought the calls had ended because I told her someone had power of attorney for us. No, ...the very next day I received 7 calls. That night, I typed up a letter demanding that they quit calling me. I gave them my lawyer's information on how he could be contacted and faxed it to them. (My lawyer is still getting the paperwork together before contacting them).

    Do you think that stopped the calls. According to the Federal Trade Commission, once a debt collection company has received a letter to cease and decist calling they cannot call. Since faxing the letter and the FTC rules to them night before last, I have received approximately 17 calls.

    What makes them think they are above the law when it comes to debt collection practices. If I didn't want to pay the bill, I wouldn't have been sending money to them every two weeks. Unbelieveable. We will never use Wells Fargo for another thing as long as I live.

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  • Ho
    homeless Mar 21, 2009

    Wells Fargo is the worst mortgage company ever. I never was late on my mortgage and then I got deathly ill. I was close to death two time in 2006. I still was able to keep my mortgage current. I am sure that I have a rider policy on my mortgage to cover issues due to health, but Wells Fargo says they don't know anything about it. They brought my mortgage from GMAC in 2003. Wells Fargo has misapplied payments and had to correct them on my mortgage also. I am still ill and got behind on my mortgage so I requested a "letter of forbearance" from Wells Fargo and received it in December of 2007. Then in January of 2008, Wells Fargo sent my a letter from their attorneys stating that I was being foreclosed on. I told them about the letter of forbearance from Wells Fargo and was told they did not know any thing about it and they could do whatever they wanted. The lady at the attorney's office that I talked with said that if I did not give them $8, 000, she would call the sheriff to come that day and throw me out on the street. I had just got out of the hospital again and they were talking about taking my right leg off because of the illness. I was at my end of the road. It had taken a US Senator and a state Governor 5 emails to get my Social Security disability back payments which was $9, 000. I decided to take $8, 000 of this money to Wells Fargo. I was on crutches and when I got to the attorney's office to pay Wells Fargo the money, they would not even open the door and help me get into the office. They had no handicap access to the office what-so-ever. I struggled trying to get into the office without falling because if I had fallen, I'm sure Wells Fargo would probably just step over me and keep walking. I gave the lady in the attorney's office a certified check for the $8, 000 and she wrote a receipt, I thought. She would not help open the door, so here I go again trying to get out of the office without falling. When I looked at the receipt, she had not put the amount that I paid on the receipt and it did not have Wells Fargo name any where on it. In fact it did not have any business name on it. I was sure I had been taken, because it took Wells Fargo three weeks to post the check. They kept calling me and asking for the money even through they had it. They said they had no record of ever receiving any money. I am now been foreclosed on by Wells Fargo and I am out of my house and homeless. I am 60 years of age and the illness I got will get me sooner or later if what the doctors tell me. One thing I did leave Wells Fargo through, is a house that has the super bug I got in it. It is in the carpet and woodwork. When Wells Fargo goes in, and they will, Merry Christmas.

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  • Sa
    SANDY May 22, 2009


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  • Ck
    ck1 May 31, 2009

    They seem so good so far for me.

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  • I have a mortgage loan with wells fargo. For some reason, they will not allow automatic or online payments for my loan (they told me they could not be processed for my loan). The statement calling for my October 1, 2009 payment arrived at my home on October 3. In other words, it was already late. I phoned the 800 customer service number, and because it was Saturday I had to leave a message which was never returned. I phoned a bunch of other departments before someone finally admitted that "there had been a glitch" and all the statements were sent out late, so payments won't be considered late. This person assured me that the next months statements had already been processed and sent out. I pointed out that with adjustable loans, the payment is calculated based on the outstanding principal balance. Because of the bank's "glitch, " customers were basically prevented from making payments for a month and therefore the bank collects extra interest because they calculated the following month's statements on balances that did not reflect these late payments they told me they were honoring. The person I was speaking with, of course, didn't understand why this was a problem. It would be interesting to calculate the magnitude of the benefit Wells Fargo will reap from this "glitch." This, to me, seems grounds for a class action suit to all individuals who did not receive their statement on time.
    The bank representative also told me that statements are sent as a "courtesy, " and that customers still must make payments on time whether they receive them or not. My payments fluctuate every month. It would be impossible to know exactly what the payment is without the statement. My loan info is not accessible online and payments may be made through no other method than by mail (these are their restrictions, not mine).

    This is not the first time I have experienced poor service, bordering on illegal, from Wells Fargo. I have found Wells Fargo to be completely unresponsive, irresponsible, and impossible. I would never recommend this bank to anyone. They should be investigated. They are taking advantage of many customers.

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  • Fl
    FLORENCIA87111 Dec 20, 2009

    When Wells Fargo came to Albuquerque, NM about seven years ago, they bought out almost ALL of our banks. Unfortunately, the mortgage on my home of 22 years was also bought by them. I HATE WELLS FARGO! Although I have 14 days to pay my mortgage from their "Due Date", they also phone me at least three (3) times a day! I have told them that I am totally disabled and I will continue to pay my monthly payment before the 14 days is up, yet they continue to call EVERY MONTH. I do business with a smaller bank. They know my name, will transfer money from a CD with a phone call from me, and will assist me whenever I need them to cover something for me. I BEG EVERYONE TO CEASE DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY THAT IS JUST TOO BIG TO PROVIDE ANY REASONABLE LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. If I could afford to move my mortgage (i.e., refinance it), I would do it in a heartbeat! If we all quit doing business with the HUGE corporation, perhaps they will go away?! I PRAY ALL WHO READ THIS WILL ADMONISH THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO. THEY ARE "OUT OF CONTROL"!

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  • So
    sophia lawson Jan 28, 2010

    Wow!! I had allmost forgotten about Wells Fargo, , ,
    I live in BC Canda and we have those ### here too, I just moved out here to BC from Ontario two years ago after my husband was killed ( by the medical profession)
    I lost my home as I could not keep up with the payments from WF so sold my house
    and got the heck out and away from every thing and everybody to start over by
    myself...Now I own a home in BC worth three times the one in ontario and no problems
    with the bank ( so far)plus have my own little business...its hard but worth it, I am sixty two years young and will continue to work hard to get what i want[ biggest lesson I have learned never go to a bank like WF What a night mare I lived through...
    I think they are run by the Mafia !! who agrees with me ??

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