Jack In The Box

110 East 34th Street, Tacoma, WA, 98404, US

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Jack in the Boxpaying for an item that you do not receive

Today, July 18th 2019 is my day of the week that I chose Jack in the Box for lunch as I am a frequent once a week customer. Although I will have to say that I may not be such a frequent customer anymore. I have been paying for extra items, and I say paying as the items are on my receipt but are not on my product.

Do the cooks read the ordered menu when it comes across or do they listen to all the words that come from the order clerk? No matter what or how they are taking the order to make it should be correct. I have yet to get any extra item that I have paid for.

I will not call the store and complain and go back to get an item replaced as I fear the retaliation of what might happen to the food before I get it. But I do know that if you have to charge for extra onions on my burger I should at the least get what I paid for.