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Reviews and Complaints

CVS verified

HIPAA Violation by your pharmacy dept/tech

On Friday 3/6/2020, I visited your Mansfield, Texas location, Store # 10576 to pick up prescription refills for both myself and my husband. When speaking to the Technician Ahmed, I informed him that we had new insurance, and that I needed the prescriptions processed through the new updated insurance. I presented our new insurance card to him. Ahmed preceded to ask me if he could make a copy/photo of the card. I told him that was fine, and he walked away from the front counter, and picked up his "personal cell phone" and took a picture with it. ON HIS PERSONAL CELL PHONE. Before I could even confront him about it, he directed me to move over to the "Drop Off" counter where another technician was standing and said that she would help me from there. I immediately told the female technician, I did not get her name, of what had just occurred. I told her that I was not happy about the idea of him having a photo of my personal information on his personal cell phone and I wanted it deleted asap. She called Ahmed over to the "Drop Off" counter where we were talking, and in a very low voice, she confronted him of what he did, and said "you cannot take pictures of patients information and have it on your phone, you need to not do that!" She told him that he needs to delete it, however Ahmed just walked away and returned to what he was doing. I do not know if it was deleted, I am not happy with this and understand the severity of his actions. I have filed a HIPAA Complaint with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as of 3/7/2020. I am contacting you to make you aware of this infraction by your store/employee.