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Whataburger whole order

Lady working the counter very nice and tried to make it as pleasent as it could be.wasnt busy and 2 cars in the drive thru and we waited 20 -25 mins for our food which was a #6 no onions and #4 with no onions and no pickle witch had both on it and no cheese or no jalepenos fries were not fresh or hot burgers wasnt even fresh . when we took the #4 up theretheyputcheese and jalepenos. And added more lettuce and tomatoe i have pics to showthat the cheese wasnt melted and the extras they added and how slopppey the burger looked was 7/23/2019 and the order was took at 9:03 pm got food at 9:28pm .it is rediculous that we received such poor service and waited all that time for old cold food my name stacy venable email [protected] you can text or callat [protected]

whole order
whole order

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    franco mago Jul 29, 2019

    I know local Whataburger gets bought out by Chicago company. I am starting to see the slack already. I hope local inv bring other franchises to our city.

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