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Whataburger location and size of store..

Yes, I was sad to hear that y'all going out on Bike company out of Chicago. But all in all as long as the food quality stays the same we will be extremely happy and will continue to patronize your restaurants. Ask for the store in Decatur Texas, the food quality is always awesome the staff that works there is phenomenal, especially Chrissy waddle. They take care of us. They know what we like. My only complaint about this location is the store is Antiquated and somewhat small. The last 11 times I've been to this location the parking lot was completely full and the Starbucks parking lot next door was completely full as well. I looked into the Starbucks there's only 3 to 4 in the Starbucks. But I looked the Whataburger every seat is taken, and there's a long line at the register. The restaurant is apparently too small to handle the volume of customers that fled their door. Most anytime night or day they are packed... Again, if they were the only restaurant in town I would understand. But apparently they're blowing away the McDonald's, the Dairy Queen, the Taco Bell, the Arby's, the Brahms, the Jack in the Box, the Burger King, the windies, the Panda Express, and Taco Casa, all of which have a much larger seating area than the Whataburger does. Please consider either enlarging this restaurant or scrapping it and moving to a larger location. People are getting really pissed and driving away as today at 1:10 p.m. I was one of seven vehicles to just pulled into the parking lot and upon finding no parking we just drove straight on out and went down to the other restaurants in Decatur Texas.