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Reviews and Complaints

Taco Bellordering issues

I was missing a burrito in my order. Went to the counter and told the woman I was missing it. She told me she had put it in my bag. I showed her the contents of my bag and the burrito was not in there. She argues with me about a burrito and continuously said she had put it in there. I asked the cashier her the name of the woman I was speaking to, and the cashier after a few minutes said Danielle. I then asked the cashier if the manager was there and she pointed towards the drive through window. I looked and the manager was just standing there watching all of this going down.

  • Updated by Kmarket · Jul 10, 2019

    Danielle finally made me the burrito I had ordered. I told her “Thank you” and she just mumbled that she had put it in the bag.