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Reviews and Complaints

a/c service - under warranty

After having an extensive AC rebuild last summer, two weeks ago, I noticed my System was not cooling effectively. I called & was told I had warranty left & to bring in this last Tuesday at 8a. I arrived & explained, as best I could, the circumstances, how it worsened with the escalating heat of the day, etc. I attempted to be as polite as possible, explained I thought there was possibly a coolant leak. The attendant went out to the car & came back in, without any testing or to actually evaluate the car & told me "the variant temperature is below normal & there is nothing I can do for you. You have an active imagination. You do need front tires. Can we talk about that?" Needless to say, I immediately changed my tone & told him to hook the car to every machine he had & determine why it would not cool. Long story short, there was a large leak in the coolant compartment & with parts ordered & 8 hours later, they were forced to honor the warranty, fix the leak & recharge the AC unit.
This is at least the 3rd time the front of the house workers at your store have treated me as if I have no sense. I don't know if you need warm bodies or what but get them in customer service courses or at least remind them of basic common courtesy. There are tire stores on every corner & I will never set foot in this place again.