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account freeze / no refund cancellation

It's the same story I have seen all over the Internet. I am not the only one by far who has had this happen. Massage Envy takes out $49.00 per month out of my checking account for each massage. If I happen to not get a massage treatment in a given month, it accumulates. Like roll-over minutes on a cell phone. I had a dozen or so after a couple years that were prepaid and I could go into Massage Envy and use it and pay only for the $15-$20 gratuity that they shamelessly put on signs for their clientelle to follow. I am one for tipping, but don't tell me what amount I need to tip. That is just rediculous. Anyway, after a while, with the economy and all, my business wasn't doing well at all and I had to cut back on a lot of things. I asked them what I could do to get reimbursed for the massage treatments that I haven't used. They said that the only thing I could do was to put my account on hold, so that more auto-withdrawals wouldn't come out for 6 months. However, after that six months, the auto-withdrawals would resume. I told them that I didn't forsee my financial situation being any better in 6 months, and I would just like to cancel my membership and get the money back for the massage treatments that I had not used. Nope... That was not possible. "That is not our corporate policy." I was always told. So, I just decided to put my membership on hold as directed and wait to see if in 6 months I could begin reusing my prepaid massages. Basically I have repeated this process 3 or 4 times with them and they tell me everytime the same thing. If I cancel I lose everything. Stupid me, I kept putting it on hold to see if I would be in better financial situation later, but my financial situation hasn't gotten any better. Each time they would begin taking the $49 out again, I would usually get a few overdraft fees to the tune of $35.00 each also. It has become a nightmare because I am TRAPPED into this thing that is worse than a credit card with high interest. The way they have this scam set up makes it so that people using their service can never cancel their membership and get all the money that Massage Envy has auto-withdrawaled from people's bank accounts. Unless we want to just cut out losses, but that is rediculous and a SCAM. After years now, I have 30 massage treatments credited to me that I have prepaid for by way of their auto-debits that yes I signed up for, but could no longer afford to keep doing because my budget couldn't even afford the tip to give the therapists. I called the Better Business Bureau and have submitted a formal complaint. Massage Envy responded by saying they would give me 4...FOUR!!! gift certificates for $39.00 that i could use. WHAT ??? I told them they were going to have a law suit on their hands if they didn't give me back my $1, 470 that they still have withdrawed from my checking account that I haven't redeemed. I still haven't heard anything yet, so who knows what I am going to do. Plus, I could really use my money back at the moment with this economy. I don't know what to do next. I hope the Better Business Bureau can do more than just but a bad report on them. I really hope I am not going to lose almost $1500 in this deal. It is my money. I have not received services for it because I cannot afford to go in. I suppose I could go in and get massages and not tip the therapists... I could use my massages and each time stiff the massage therapists and not give them a tip. But I can't do that. it's a moral thing with me. I have worked in the service industry before as a massage therapist myself and as a server and as a valet and bellman. I just couldn't in good conscience stiff the therapists. They work hard and deserve a gratuity. I just wish corporate Massage Envy would take that policy away. It is really a terrible and almost unlawful policy. So many others have had this same experience, including them showing up for a massage and having prepaid massage credits and Massage Envy won't let them get a massage until they give them a new credit / debit card if the one they have on file has expired. Even if the person has credits for massages built up. They won't let the person use their credited massages until they submit a new account number that they can auto-debit. These people are criminals in my opinion. SCAM.

  • Qu
    quityercomplainin Nov 16, 2010

    you are an idiot. if you join a gym and don't go, you don't get your money back. at least there the massages are still available to you. you sound like you just want to complain. you joined without really making sure massage was something you wanted, would use, and could afford and now you just want to make it like it's not your fault. get a life.

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  • Ka
    Karol1218 Nov 20, 2010

    They are a rip off! Their customer service is horrible and I just cut my loses with them owing me 8 massages. If you do as they say you will never be able to stop the membership unless you get a massage everyday to finish what you are owed in that month. I would not recommend this company to anyone. If you want a real massage to someone who is certified because you are paying the same amount for a better service! It is only a matter of time before this horrible company files bankruptcy! They ticked many a customer off!!

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  • To
    Totally agree Dec 07, 2010

    my ex girlfriend works at the altamonte springs location and said the same issues go on regularly with every client. Its a scam to get you frustrated in trying to cancel or get refund. No one will call you back ever. They say they cannot cancel when they can. They tell you they cancel then dont. Its the wait you out game so you will give up. They are franchised but sounds like a corporate game to me. She gave me so many stories especially one where the womans son died and they still did not refund the money. Its hard sell on contracts and they will tell you its easy to cancel but if you dont after 3 days you never will have any luck. they work on commision and they will be fired if they do no thit 15% attach rate. they get 850 and hour plus a tier bonus for 15% and so on according to their memberships. thats why its hard to get out once you sign it. thats why you dont get all the info up front. thats why you shouldnt give your credit card number as you will never be able to get out of the contract. if you move somewhere where there isnt a massage envy within a 25 mile radius you can opt out. and rates arent honored in other areas of the country of what you signed up in. plus if you miss your appointment and dont cancel youre charged. again your credit card will be charged.

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  • Aa
    A&K Jan 20, 2012

    Last week I went to cancel my membership (this is after my wife called twice to cancel) and after going rounds on the 29 prepaid Massages I obviously don't have time to use, the girl told me they will actually refund the prepaid when you cancel...its just that they aren't allow to tell clients that. After looking on the web and seeing all the negative comments on Massage Envy...makes me wonder if they will actually give me a refund. Has anyone gotten their prepaids back???? Can't imagine it is legal to keep money for services not rendered.

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  • Cl
    CLJSanDiego Aug 15, 2018

    @A&K did you get your money? what location did you deal with???? Please let me know - I'm in a similar jam

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  • Ma
    MaggieLP Aug 06, 2019

    @A&K I am in this situation as well and really need the money. My husband has cancer and I have health issues as well. Please let me know if you’re able to get a refund! Thank you!

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  • Re
    RealisticlySpeaking Mar 12, 2012

    every complaint on this site is included in the agreement every client signs. thats unfortunate for all you members or past members that you chose not to read all the fine print. if it was a scam like everyone is saying then why does massage envy continue to pop up new locations every month? 750+ locations with another 100+ pending open doors. Ya'll are idiots.

    -1 Votes
  • Ly
    lycappy Sep 05, 2016

    they raised my free from 39.99 to 59.99 effective immediately. I have 21 unused hours and was told I could do a freeze but have to use the hours in 6 months and what I don't use I lose. What can be done?

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  • Ji
    JillieM Sep 27, 2016

    I've paid the 59.99 for my entire contract. I was told that after the year membership was up that I could freeze and still use the unused sessions. I just went in to freeze my account, since I have 11 unused sessions, and was told that I would lose them if I froze my account. If I cancel I have 2 months to use them all. Even if I gift them to people they would have only two months to use. RIP OFFFFFF! I'm mad at myself for ever getting sucked into this scam.

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  • Jo
    JovanNapier Jan 27, 2017

    I have $1, 600 in pre-paid massages and I can't use them until I unfreeze my acct, once it's unfroze, they continue to take money out of my bank account and I get another massage I can't afford.

    I am presently unemployed and cannot afford the monthly fee and tipping after any massage.

    In my opinion, if I paid for something, it's mine. If you hold my purchases for ransom until I give you more money... sounds rather shady, doesn't it?

    Is there ANY way I can get out of this rut without losing my prepaid services? $1, 600 is a lot of money to just hand to a business to walk away from a contract.

    I could easily use my pre-paids, but can't afford the tip. I've worked tip jobs before and stiffing the employee is just beyond a cold, calloused thing to do.

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  • Ta
    TanjaD Mar 29, 2017

    Even after the dr. excuse to get out they will not let my son out of his contract. They have told him for 5 months that after next months billing it will stop. It hasn't. He is disabled and no job.

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  • Sh
    shelbileigh Apr 06, 2017

    Ugh...I am looking to cancel. My husband was very ill for a while, and there was nothing they would do for us. He has over 30 built up pre-paids, and I have something like 22 or 25. I have a feeling, we are just going to have to go in and cancel in writing, keep a copy of the cancellation documents, dispute any additional charges on the credit card, use as many of the pre-paids that we can in the whole 60 days they give you, and then eat the rest.

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  • Mr
    mrroboot Aug 18, 2017

    I was told I would get a courtesy call before they would start charging me again. I had a surgery and made the mistake of completely forgetting to just cancel. I tried to cancel before I went under the knife, but was talked into just freezing the account. I'm just going to do what my friend did just get a new credit card number so they can't charge me anymore. Save the number in your phone and block it so they can't call.

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  • Mb
    MBEvs Mar 08, 2018

    What happened with your account cancellation and trying to get your money back? I would like to cancel also... tons of credits and no time. I can't afford to keep paying for this.

    1 Votes
  • Kw
    Kwin102 Jan 06, 2019

    I have about 15 massages built up, and it is annoying that you aren’t allowed to freeze the account and also try to catch up on the unused massages without having to pay an EXTRA fee. However I have come to terms with the fact that I signed a contract and am stuck. I have been trying to give my packages away so they don’t go unused. I decided I would start taking my girlfriend with me and give her my unused credits, since I want to use them up and she can not afford a membership. I took her last month with me no problem. I tried to make another appointment with her today and they told me you cannot gift your unused credits to the same person for a six month period. That is ridiculous. They are my credits, I paid for them, I should be able to give them to whoever I want. It is very upsetting that I M paying 60 dollars a month and don’t even have the freedom to give my massages to whom I please

    3 Votes
  • Ka
    karenmey48 May 23, 2019

    There should be a Class Action Law Suit against Massage Envy!!!

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  • Si
    Sil Harry Jun 21, 2019

    Same with me too...I have 20 unused sessions worth 1500$ and they refuse give any money as refund. I am relocating outside of US and I don't know when I would return. Please let me know if there is a class action initiated.

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  • Ru
    Rusty Hammer Sep 18, 2019

    Well the saga continues, so while I don't feel alone...I don't feel any better either.. My story is this. My Massage Envy location I used closed (in Allentown, PA) and I was told I could go to any of the other locations, more than 40 minutes from my house. When I said that was not possible, I was told to either send an Email to [email protected] or call their closed clinic hotline 480-264-1036 to cancel my membership and get a refund..(I was told this by another franchise location, and was also told that ONLY corporate could cancel a membership and authorize refunds). My first email to the closeclinicmailbox went through, but no response ever came, nor did I get a call back from the hotline phone message I left. I attempted to send another email a few days later and got a bounce-back from their server indicating the email address was invalid..(seemingly I guess removed to stop the flow of cancellations. ) So I started sending emails to their Guest Relations email address - that was provided to me by someone on the corporate Facebook messaging as [email protected] Those emails go through and have continued to go through - every day when I send another request to cancel my account and refund my money. I also leave a daily voicemail message on the closed clinic phone number above... None of which gets a reply from Massage Envy.. I even posted my story on their corporate Facebook page and got a response from their Facebook admin - to DM them and they would take care of it...DM meaning (I assume) direct message - as in email or voice. I've even called the corporate phone number shown on the main Facebook page (not the local franchisee's (as I've no complaint with them, they are just too far from me to use them) that number (480-366-4100) also does not return my calls, nor respond in anyway to alleviate my problem. From the tone set above it is apparent now (and has been reported for years apparently) no response will be forthcoming EVER. If I don't hear something by next week 9/23/2019 I will try the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint with them. Thankfully my credit card company understands my predicament and has flagged their business to stop any further charges to my card. Between my wife and I we have almost $800 worth of sessions unused because I was ill from February to June...

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