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terrible service!

Frivolous? Trust me, my friend, i'm very earnest about finding out why judson first apologized to my wife and me and then slammed us on his do not rent list. I'm not being playful about him insinuating to the wa bbb that we're nasty people. I'm not being flippant about being upset over him offering to broadcast my ire coast-wide. I'm deadly serious about seeking his attorney's disbarment for violation of the rico act and have written to the oregon bar about it. I'm not playing about seeking judson's arrest for violating the anti-slapp law and have petitioned the appropriate oregon district attorney for it. I'm serious as a heart attack, pal, a heart attack. I'm not backing down & i'm not going away. Seriously.

If you would like to help this 70 year-old disabled veteran with some 'stones' to fight this giant, you may, at: p. O. Box 821201 vancouver, wa 98682.

Thank you,
Dick and sandy.

  • Ri
    Richard Colbeth Apr 06, 2008

    I fully retract and withdraw all of my previous postings on this site concerning Accor, Motel 6 and/or Manager Lee Judson.

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