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CVSCovid 19 test results

on July 14th and July 15th a co-worker and I were tested in CVS Minute Clinic Winnsboro. SC.

Today August 1st No results. This is absolutely Malpractice, and a great example of why the pandemic can't be controlled.

My co worker was retested at a hospital and received his results in 72 hrs. I have not been retested and weare PPE. I have no symptoms now why I left the house after 14 days.

I do all i can to help keep the USA strong, promoting humanity, ethics, and integrity. This is an example of pure greed, and inhumane practices not a political issue. A greed issue for money and power.

Think everyone...What is truly important in life...

Chris Lee
Chapin SC

Covid 19 test results

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    • Ly
      LynnHoward Aug 04, 2020

      And, I had mine done on 7/15 and today is 8/4 - a full 21 days and no results. Web site says 6-10 days. False advertising. No help by calling the 1-866 number. ANd, I tried communicating with a chat line to no avail.

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